Four Strategies for Securing the Tactical Edge

The military has invested significant time and money implementing edge computing on the battlefield. The Army’s efforts to leverage the tactical cloud to process data on the edge gets information into soldiers’ hands more quickly, allowing them to make decisions in near-real time. But these benefits come with significant challenges, particularly regarding security. The more endpoints, the larger the potential attack surface and the greater the risk.

LogDNA | How to Create Screens

The Screens feature displays a series of widgets to share across an organization. Widgets can display log activity, from the number of logs ingested in the last 4 hours, to a line graph comparing today’s to yesterday’s log ingestion. Control the data displayed by customizing a “Screen” with a combination of different widgets, providing your organization with a snapshot of the system’s activity.

K8's Onboarding FAQs

The initial pieces you need to set up and launch Vital are access to the Kubernetes environment and a bit of knowledge and familiarity with Kubernetes. The latter includes knowledge on the environment, your deployment, and the container within that deployment, which is the application. You also need to have immediate access to the metrics. Capturing metrics is crucial to the optimization process.


Monitoring MySQL Performance Metrics

MySQL has been one of the leading open source databases for the last couple of decades, and it underpins potentially millions of applications, from tiny prototypes to internet-scale ecommerce solutions. The beauty of MySQL is that it can be tuned as the application grows. For example, you can add higher availability options like clustering without having to refactor the application.


Reach New Heights With SaltStack Enterprise 6.3!

Saltstack is excited to announce our next major Enterprise release which will be coming your way later this month. From day one, SaltStack has strived to introduce feature functionality and new products, each built to improve the lives of ITOps and SecOps teams. The upcoming release represents our biggest advancement to date!.


Preventing Data Exfiltration: Definition, Examples and Best Practices

As one of the biggest threats to data security, data exfiltration has the potential to result in devastating outcomes for organizations. From significant financial loss to regulatory compliance violations to sensitive asset leaks, data exfiltration is a critical business risk. Although it may seem difficult, preventing data exfiltration is possible with the right security strategies.


A Journey Through Blameless from Incident to Success

Here at Blameless, every aspect of our product has SLOs (Service Level Objects) and error budgets in order to help us understand and improve customer experience. Sometimes, these error budgets are at risk, triggering an incident. While incidents are often painful, we treat them as unplanned investments, striving to learn as much as we can from them. We empower all of our engineers to handle an on-call rotation, no matter how difficult the issue.


Building the best mobile customer experience - do I need an app?

We live in a mobile-first world, and the ecosystem of applications on our phones is a testament to that. In 2019, there were 204 billion app downloads worldwide, nearly double the amount of downloads in 2016. People use apps for everything from groceries and banking to dating and gaming. Despite the fact that apps are everywhere, many companies still struggle with whether or not to create an app for their brand or product.


What is a help desk?

Whether you’re an employee struggling to connect to the company VPN or a customer troubleshooting a product bug, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get help from a business when you need it. In a time-challenged world, both customers and employees expect seamless support experiences that make them feel valued. A help desk is an often-overlooked cornerstone of a great customer service experience, internal or external.


Log Management vs. SIEM

First of all, log management tools and Security Information and Event Management (SIEMs) tools are more complementary than competitive. Yes, they broadly overlap in that they both process event data, however, they are designed and utilized to meet different use cases. And there are those who want the flexibility to design their own SIEM using a modern log management tool.