4 Big Reasons You Need an SSL Certificate

Security and authenticity are at the core of your website's success. These things are critical to more sales and visitors. Having an SSL certificate shows users that your website is secure and that you care about the safety of their data. But, are you still wondering whether or not you need one? Keep reading, and we are sure these facts will convince you to get one ASAP.


Key Algorithms in Machine Learning

Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard plenty of talk about Machine Learning and its business applications, including increased revenue, better customer service, fraud detection, and inventory/supply chain management. However, do you know how Machine Learning works and how it, and its many algorithms, can actually help your business?


27 things enterprises can learn from startups to increase productivity

How do you bring the productivity of small, fast-moving startups into enterprises with massive organizations and heavy regulatory obligations? It starts with analyzing and understanding the workflows and approaches startups use to achieve world-class agility, efficiency and innovation. Then you need to prioritize these “recipes” based on the impact they can have on your enterprise.