November 2020


Vabi gains total visibility into its network using OpManager and Firewall Analyzer

Vabi is a Netherlands-based company that provides “real estate data in order, for everyone.” Since 1972, the company has focused on making software that calculates the performance of buildings. Nine out of 10 utility buildings in the country have been simulated with Vabi’s sustainable model. Vabi has widened its scope from making calculations for construction and installation technology to making building data accessible to everyone.


Datadog APM recognized as Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice

Datadog is excited to celebrate our selection as Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring in Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer.” Datadog Application Performance Monitoring empowers customers to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize end-to-end application performance in a single pane of glass.


Highlights from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2020

CNCF’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is the most important event for Kubernetes adopters and technologists. The first KubeCon, which took place in San Francisco in November 2015, gathered around 500 developers and early adopters to discuss the technology and its future. Its 2020 North America edition marked its fifth anniversary and had 25,000 registrants.


ITIL Incident Management: Taking a Structured Approach to Incident Resolution

Business continuity has become a key priority for most management teams and their IT associates. Every single minute lost in downtime can result in potentially bloated overheads and reduced revenues. That said and done, no matter how well-engineered the network is, there will be some issues and problems in its due course of operations. ITIL broadly defines an incident as an unplanned incident that interrupts a service or has the potential to interrupt service if not addressed immediately.


Scaling for Cyber Season: A Monitoring Guide Beyond Black Friday

While Black Friday has, in recent years, bled into Cyber Monday; for the 2020 season we’re not focussed on an advertised day or two of deals. Instead, we’re suggesting that you batten down the hatches and scale up your monitoring for ‘Cyber Season’ because physical retail locations closing for major sale days is just the first wave.


AWS Step Functions Error Handling

If you think it’s possible to accomplish great things without going through numerous trials and errors first – you’re wrong. We learn to become better and more efficient through experience, and gaining experience requires you to make multiple attempts, but it also requires you to fail to learn from your mistakes. You’ll achieve greatness only once you learn how to handle errors that stand in your way, and when you do, everything becomes crystal clear.


Measuring Employee Experience in the Remote Work Era

For companies of all sizes, the struggle to understand and improve digital employee experience (DEX) is nothing new. What is new, however, is the working landscape we’ve all been navigating since the pandemic—where remote work has become the norm, and where the employee experience has become almost exclusively digital. As a result, businesses have implemented significant strategic changes over the past several months.


TRC's IT Director Shares Timely Advice for Execs Facing Remote IT Issues

David Paul is the Director of the IT Service Desk at TRC Companies, Inc.—a leading consulting, engineering, and construction management firm that provides technology-enabled solutions to the power, oil & gas, and environmental & infrastructure markets. David has over 25 years of IT service delivery and infrastructure experience, and he was one of the key figures to lead his company’s shift to remote work during the pandemic.


Element AI acquisition brings better, smarter AI capabilities for customers

Think about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities on something as ubiquitous as search. We all use search in our everyday lives, and our preferred search engine responds with pages and pages of highly relevant information, definitions, reviews and recommendations, history, and so much more. But this type of consumer-life use case can be miles away from how we use search in the enterprise. In that context, what may seem simple gets a lot more complicated.


Production Debugging: Everything You Need to Know

Production debugging, as the name suggests, takes place when one must debug the production environment and see the root cause of this problem. This is a form of debugging that can also be done remotely, as during the production phase, it may not be possible to debug within the local environment of the application. These production bugs are trickier to resolve as well, because the development team may not have access to the local environment when the problems do crop up.

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6 Tips to Enhance Java Application Performance by Tuning JDBC Database Access Mechanisms

While tuning the performance of your application at the code level or sizing the JVM appropriately are important for enhancing performance, it is equally important to look at how to tune accesses to the backend database. After all, response time for a web request is dependent on the processing time in the Java application tier as well as the query processing time in the database tier.

Week of Testing Day 4: Streaming results to the cloud and stepped load profiles on k6

Nicole discusses how to stream the results of load tests run locally to the k6 Cloud and how to recreate a stepped load profile using k6, compared to a load testing tool like JMeter. Note from Nicole: I realized after this video that I was mixing `let` and `var` in this video. They have different implications on scope, and I would recommend you use `let` or `const` in your own scripts. Also, there are other ways to achieve the stepped load profile, but this is one way to do it.

The Modern Data Eco System - How teams collaborate to unleash their data

With data becoming the main asset of a business, one of the biggest challenges is how to successfully leverage data to gain a business advantage. In the modern Data Eco System people with different skills set need to collaborate and work together to achieve their data objectives. How does a modern analytics team with data scientists, business analysts and data engineers work together? How are technologies such as Machine Learning, Big data and Cloud come together in a productive way.

"Catchpoint is the Gold Standard for Customer Success and Support" - Gartner Peer Insights 2020

Last month, Catchpoint was named a Customers’ Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics category. Not only were our product capabilities highlighted in the anonymous set of reviews from our customers, but we were delighted to see our entire customer support team recognized for their round-the-clock assistance and the lengths they go to in order to ensure outstanding service.

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Managing Network Configuration Changes Five Best Practices

Do you know what the most common cause of network outages and performance problems is? Misconfiguration. For as much time and energy as people spend talking about issues such as infrastructure and cybercrime, the truth is that basic low-level configuration challenges are still the biggest “threat” to properly-functioning networks.


Getting Started with Self-Remediation in AIOps

Think of how many repetitive tasks are executed daily in an IT operations environment, from addressing cyber risks, managing over-heads or dealing with downtimes. Most of these tasks start with an event or alarm that initiates the firefighting. It is evident we can have thousands of different SOP (standard operating procedures) so it is important to set a small scope (e.g. Top-5 most common root cause alarms) to start benefiting from AIOps self-remediation or self-triage.


What is Experience Management?

Through novel business optimization techniques that leverage experience management, company leaders can better serve customers, retain top talent and favorably position their organization in a rapidly evolving market. However, doing the above requires such business leaders to acquaint themselves with the concept of experience management – a process that differs starkly from the more narrowly focused varieties that take only customers and employees into account.

Supercharging omnichannel marketing with AI KPI analysis

In today’s uber-connected world, omnichannel marketing is one of the most effective ways of capturing consumers’ attention. With competition skyrocketing and digital transformation supercharging customer expectations, 90% of people now demand seamless, consistent interactions across all digital channels. As a result, businesses that use some kind of omnichannel strategy achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates than business that don’t.


Placing BI modernization at the heart of business transformation

Today’s businesses are moving faster than ever, and that means they need to evolve to better achieve their goals and remain competitive. The world of e-commerce has dramatically changed consumer behavior and is driving new expectations for much of the global workforce. Employees increasingly expect the same immediate access to data and technology in their work lives as they do in their personal lives as the line between them continues to blur.


Step By Step Guide - Measuring ROI of Your IT Tools

There is no argument about the fact that having a robust IT infrastructure is crucial for any business. Having said that, it is also important to understand the cost versus benefit ratio of your IT tools to determine whether they are delivering an adequate return on investment or need further optimization to be more efficient. This allows businesses to ensure their IT budgeting is on point and they are not under or over resourced when it comes to investing in IT tools.


PagerDuty at AWS re:Invent-New Tools to Power AWS and Your Cloud Migration

Leave it to Amazon Web Services to find a way to make their massive celebration of all things cloud entirely virtual, free, and even bigger. Even though we won’t be able to join you all in Las Vegas for Amazon’s celebration of all things cloud, PagerDuty is very excited to be a Gold sponsor of re:Invent again this year. Be sure to stop by our sponsor page for a product demo, the latest on our newest AWS integrations, grab your swag bag, or participate in one of our fun booth activities.


IT Life Hacks for Monitoring

Of all the different sets of hacks IT pros pick up, monitoring may be the most wide-ranging area and therefore the hardest to nail down in a single blog. After all, how many network hack techniques are equally valid here? And therein lies the actual secret—the IT life hacks collected by monitoring experts have little to do with a specific technology or silo and much more to do with the philosophy and discipline of monitoring itself.


What the AWS Kinesis Crash Tells Us About Cloud Co-dependence

On Nov 25, 2020, a little over a day before Black Friday, AWS services in one of its most popular regions experienced a pretty serious flaw in its internal architecture. At the core of the problem is Kinesis, a stream processing service that many other AWS products — e.g., Cognito (API security/sensing), CloudWatch (rudimentary system monitoring) and services relying on CloudWatch such as Auto Scaling — all depend on.


How to Migrate Your Enterprise Data Warehouse to a Cloud Data Warehouse

Migrating a data warehouse from a legacy environment requires a massive upfront investment in resources and time. There is a lot to consider before and during migration. You may need to replan your data model, use a separate platform for tasks scheduling, and handle changes in the application’s database driver. Therefore, organizations must take a strategic approach to streamline the process. This article presents a step-by-step approach for migrating a data warehouse to the cloud.


Making Privacy an Essential Business Process

Canada is poised to become a world-leader in privacy regulation and with new regulation comes record-breaking fines for those who can’t keep up. In November, Canada introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act. If passed, companies could face fines of up to five percent of global revenue or $25 million CAD — whichever is greater — for violating Canadians’ privacy.

OnPage Incident Management - Perfect for ITOps, Clinical and Crisis Communication

Consolidate IT alerts on to one platform. Access time stamped alerts with relevant information. Manage incident responders and stakeholders through secure messaging, live ticket updates and postmortem reporting. Rock-solid reliability. Clinical Communications Platform Connect healthcare personnel through HIPAA compliant messaging and alerts. Manage on-call shifts and automate alerts. Real-Time Call Routing connects patients to caregivers.

Amazon CloudWatch Integration

An OnPage high-priority, mobile alert is triggered when CloudWatch detects an anomaly. OnPage notifies the right person using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules. The integration minimizes the time it takes to identify and respond to incidents occurring in AWS resources or applications. About OnPage Organizations large and small, are adopting OnPage's intelligent alerting solution, ensuring that encrypted, secure critical incident notifications are NEVER missed and are always delivered to the right person at the right time.

COVID-19 Pushes Schools to Their Limit, and the Cloud Shows Its Worth

For educators, students, and parents, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on learning has been profound. Thousands of schools across the U.S. closed their doors this spring and made the shift to distance learning. It’s a model many weren’t prepared for. And with schools in full swing and the pandemic continuing, educators, administrators, school staff, and school district boards struggle with the right path forward.


How to Optimize AWS Lambda Costs

Serverless is a great way to reduce the cost of running applications. Lambda functions, by nature, make it very easy to use the exact amount of resources we need at any given point. In this post, we deep dive into Lambda costs, how they are calculated, and explore how to optimize them. Lambda costs are calculated from two parameters (all prices are for AWS N.Virginia, US-EAST-1).

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Top Three API Tips For Network Automation

APIs represent the new frontier for CTOs - offering limitless potential to orchestrate and automate applications, services and networks. In our recent webinar, PCCW Global’s CTO Paul Gampe and AVP of New Technologies Shahar Steiff looked at some of the opportunities and challenges that APIs are presenting for CTOs with the automation of networks. Here we share three of their top tips.

AWS re:Invent 2020: The Sessions and Activities We Can't Wait to See

Needless to say, 2020 has been a year to remember. So it goes without saying that re:Invent 2020 will be unforgettable as well, but this time, in a good way. For starters, instead of hopping on a plane and spending four days in Las Vegas, we get three weeks of it from the comfort of our home offices. As usual, the event will be jam-packed with speakers, presentations, hands-on learning sessions. They’ll be helmed by experts in the cloud computing, DevOps, and the open source community.


How to Expose and protect Logic App using Azure API Management (Part 3) - Exposing multiple Logic Apps in a single API

It has been a while since I wrote about this topic. I didn’t finish this blog series for several reasons, and now, one year later, it is the right time to continue this story. In the first part of this blog series, I have explained how you can expose a Logic App in API Management. It is a straightforward and simple process. Microsoft did a great job on this user experience.


3 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Move From Heroku To AWS

Heroku and AWS (Amazon Web Services) are the two most commonly used cloud services in present times. It lets a business deploy, monitor, and scale mobile and web applications. Both services are great for hosting applications and offer cloud computing resources. Choosing the best hosting service becomes difficult when you take a glance at the plethora of products that AWS offers. In case you are planning to switch to AWS from Heroku, you have come to the right place.

Microservice Authorization with Open Policy Agent and Kuma | Kong Summit

Applications architected as microservices are becoming more prevalent every day, but just like their monolithic ancestors, microservice applications must adhere to organization-wide constraints around compliance, security, performance, etc. Authorization, controlling which people and machines can perform which actions, is a foundational security problem that requires new solutions in a microservice world because of changes in requirements around performance, availability, and even where authorization gets enforced architecturally.

Building complex Well Architected serverless architectures with Dashbird

You’ll learn how to build and operate complex Well-Architected serverless applications, allowing you to layer on complexity in time while maintaining a reliable infrastructure. We’ll be working through the most critical aspects to bear in mind when it comes to the five pillars of the WAF, digging a bit deeper into the Reliability, Operational excellence and Performance Efficiency pillars. Including the challenges, risks and solutions when building a Well Architected infrastructure, as well as how to implement, operate, and test workload throughout its lifecycle.

The complete guide to Xray Test Management for Jira

In 2019, software testing was a $40 billion dollar industry. By 2026, it’s predicted to grow to $60 billion. This signals a paradigm shift in the importance of software testing and quality assurance. With an increased amount of testing and more advanced test strategies, it’s crucial to have a powerful test management tool.


How to Troubleshoot API Errors with Epsagon

In the modern web, an API is a crucial and inherent part of any application. Each time you open a news website, gaming site, or online banking page, or whenever you use any other online service, you make one or more API calls to a server. And yet, this is something you most likely never think about. In this article, we’ll discuss what an API is (or simply remind those who already know) and explain the role of third-party APIs in building your own service.


Agile Software Release Checklist Manifesto

How do you manage to release often without major issues? Create a checklist for your software releases, a list of steps to blindly follow every time release a new piece of software. Here is an example of what steps your list should contain: This list can go on and on, by I would suggest that every team should have a similar checklist. This checklist should be reviewed and updated every 1-2 weeks (doesn’t matter if you do Scrum or Kanban), most likely at the team retrospective meetings.


How to SRE without an SRE on your team

Are terms like “Error budgets” and SLOs roadblocks on your way to adopting SRE practices for your organisation? Our latest blog talks of "How to SRE without an SRE on your team", where we look at some of the most elementary SRE concepts that you can start implementing right away! We help you pick SLOs, identify toil and touch base on Automation for SREs along with few best practices to get you started on your SRE journey.


Event Log Management and Monitoring

Computer networks all around the world generate daily records of events occurring in their system. Some events are routine while others indicate potential security breaches or weak network health. Event log files consist of log information that can help organizations reduce their exposure against malware, intruders, damages and legal obligations.


Best tools in 2021 to do automated testing of your JavaScript apps

It’s no exaggeration to say that today’s internet is built on JavaScript. Around 95% of all websites have been built using the language, according to the latest figures. JavaScript has evolved beyond the client side and is now used to construct entire technology stacks, not to mention support databases like pouchdb and RethinkDB.

Masterclass: Advanced series session 2 - Build a high velocity incident response tool chain

In this session of the advanced masterclass series, you'll learn how to link ServiceDesk Plus to the ManageEngine operations tool chain and how to operate an analytics-driven service desk. You'll also learn about features that will help you separate management and bureaucracy, enabling you to accelerate your service desk operations.

Masterclass: Advanced series Session 2 - Hack your service desk for the new normal (Cloud)

In this session of the advanced masterclass series, you will discover ways to adapt your service desks to the current crisis and learn how integrations with Microsoft Teams, Jira and Slack work in the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus.

Masterclass: Advanced series Session 1 - Hack your ServiceDesk Plus for the new normal

Learn a few advanced features of ServiceDesk Plus that enable you to create a virtual office experience for your requesters and technicians. Masterclass+ is a webinar series focussed on training ServiceDesk Plus administrators on advanced features, configurations, and integrations.  

SupportCenter Plus 11.0 demo: The help desk software for world-class customer support

The all-new #SupportCenterPlus 11.0 brings a brand-new UI, some exciting new features and functionalities that's sure to take your #customersupport several notches higher and provide unparalleled customer experience. In this webinar, we'll be doing a product walk-through while discussing all the key features along with it. Account and contact management: Deliver personalized services with a multi-tenant architecture for managing accounts and contacts.

Setting up a service catalog for your remote workforce with ServiceDesk Plus

In this video, we will be looking at how organizations can streamline employee onboarding with the various features available in the ServiceDesk Plus' arsenal. We'll be looking at a use case where a company is trying to onboard employees in a short time, and build a service catalog outlining the services available to users. Leveraging ServiceDesk Plus' automations, templates, request life cycles, and approvals, the company was able to accelerate employee onboarding and build a process that is easy to monitor and manage.
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Editor X - a Responsive Builder for Your Next Website

Welcome to 2020: the year in which having a business simply can’t happen without having a website. And, in recent years, not just ANY website. Business owners must have THE website: an online virtual space that is so magnificently created and intuitive to use, not to mention flame up emotions we never knew existed that users simply can’t forget. But how do you achieve this in a world with SO MANY WEBSITES without having to spend weeks if not MONTHS creating it?


Causal Inference: Determining Influence in Messy Data

When analysing data one of the biggest questions you may often face is: what is causing this situation? In this blog, we’re going to look at how causal inference can be used to understand in more detail what the biggest influencing factors are across a dataset. Traditionally in Splunk, we talk about correlation; does metric x go up or down in accordance with metric y or is there a relationship between x and y?

Modern Data Architecture to Support Healthcare During a Pandemic and Beyond | Kong Summit 2020

COVID-19 has hit our country hard, and the healthcare industry is still reeling from national attention on the blatant disparity of the effects of COVID-19 in specific underserved populations. Recognizing the disparity, healthcare leaders continue to struggle with interoperability and data sharing; we must free the data and move beyond the debate of public or private cloud. It’s time to prepare for the eventuality of leveraging all available cloud environments to handle the data workload and application needs to end digital disparity in healthcare.

Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges, Part IV: Data Transparency

A crucial step to having efficient DevOps consulting is by being completely transparent with data. By making monitoring data available to everyone in the value stream, everyone shares a common view of reality, which aids in communications, and demonstrates transparency which enhances trust.


Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges, Part V: Actionable Alerts

In our last four blog posts, we have been sharing tips on eliminating DevOps monitoring challenges. In case you’ve missed them, make sure to catch up with our “Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges” series. The next key point is to make sure you’re engaging the right people at the right time. This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it doesn’t happen.


5 Stars on Gartner for Microsoft 365 Digital Experience Monitoring

IT executives, operators, and administrators can quickly assess end-user availability and performance experience based on Microsoft 365 services’ critical data from end-to-end monitoring. This eases their day-to-day tasks by reliable reporting data, troubleshooting information, and end user experience for their Microsoft 365 services.


Why Are You Logging If You're Not Using the Logs?

There comes a time in every developer’s life (or daily routine, we’re not here to judge) where they have to go and fix a bug. Back in the days when I used to be a developer, I distinctly remember how each time I would go face to face with a bug, my favorite method to fix it was to add log lines. I mean, why not, right?


Embedded Linux for teams

A Linux kernel for each developer team, which uses it to bring up target boards. Bespoke, built, issued, and maintained over years by the vendor. Teams that focus on building great apps, rather than figuring out hardware dependencies. Happy developers that bootstrap smart devices in no time. This is what highly productive embedded systems development should look like. Let’s unpack that vision.

Kubernetes Master Class - Cluster Monitoring in Rancher 2.5

With Rancher 2.5, the integrated Monitoring and Alerting system has been improved significantly and is now much more powerful and flexible. It is easier than ever to scrape your own workloads with Prometheus, to create custom dashboards in Grafana and to configure alerts and notification channels to your liking. In this Master Class, Rancher Field Engineer Bastian Hofmann will discuss these improvements and demo how you can customize the whole monitoring system to fit your needs.

KubeCon 2020 in a Nutshell

Despite 2020 and its calamities, and the fact that this year’s KubeCon went virtual, it delivered yet again its fair share of new and innovative cloud-native technologies. After heaps of great sessions on Kubernetes and cloud-native projects and developments in general, we settled back into our daily routine and put together our key takeaways from this event.


How to use data analytics to plan for a holiday sale

The festive cheer is finally here. Holiday sales such as Black Friday and Christmas contribute to a major part of revenue for retail and e-commerce companies. With the massive adoption of online shopping, and greater focus on value, this year’s festive sale will be unlike any other. Even with the uncertain conditions brought on by the pandemic, consumers are resilient and adapting quickly to new shopping behavior. Many are adopting online shopping for the first time.

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5 Remote Working Best Practices and Tips in the Era of Coronavirus Pandemics

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, the need has arisen for workers everywhere to adopt remote working practices wherever possible. Remote working presents many opportunities for both businesses and individuals to make better use of their time and enjoy a more streamlined approach to task delegation. Through the use of specialized software, such goals can be achieved without demanding more of individual team members or managers.


Accelerate Modernizing FSI Vertical's Legacy Apps

In the past 2 years over 25 FSI enterprises have explored CloudHedge to automate modernization of legacy apps. Applications within FSI enterprises are two kinds, the back-office apps and the external consumer apps (end customers or partners/vendors). Most of these applications were built with legacy technologies and are difficult to quickly add/fix features or hot-fixes. Some of the applications even take 3 months before a fix can be released for the end-users.

Optimizing & Simplifying Business Analytics | Part 1 | Snowflake Inc.

Jumpstarting the digitalization of business, Babu Kuttala, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at ABB, details how he came into his role, his influence in different markets, & how he grows and simplifies ABB's use of internal and external data. Rise of the Data Cloud is brought to you by Snowflake.

Black Friday deal: $350 free Managed Kafka credits

Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. For many of our customers, this is one of the most important periods of the year, with more than 189.6 million U.S. shoppers buying up bargains from Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday last year. For them and for us, it’s crucial that internal systems can handle high traffic volume without downtime or performance degradation.


Network Fault Monitoring vs. Network Performance Monitoring

Every IT administrator knows that users are typically complaining of two things: it doesn’t work or it’s slow. When it doesn’t work, it’s usually because something is down and we can rely on Network Fault Monitoring tools to notify us. But where do we start when users complain of poor performance? And what tools are available to help us? In these situations, Network Performance Monitoring tools might be just what you need.


Real device testing best practices [webinar]

The device landscape is as vast as it is complex. With at least 63,000 possible device profiles reported—a number growing at almost 20% per year—the scale of device fragmentation is staggering. New models, operating systems, browsers, screen resolutions, etc., make it extremely difficult for web and app developers to deliver a consistently flawless user experience across all combinations.

Looking for a Successful Digital Transformation Journey?

To hit the expected value mark of your enterprise #digitaltransformation journey you need to keep #planning #preperation and #execution at the best inline. Studies show 70% of enterprises are failing to meet the goals on their digital transformation journey. Only 30% are succeeding to hit the key marks and metrics. The very reason this such a huge failure rate is the lack of a few key factors. Watch this video and get your #digitaltransformationjourney rightly aligned.

Solve storage monitoring woes with OpManager

Data in your enterprise organization doubles almost every year, and data multiplication at this pace requires boosting your storage capacity. But when the magnitude of data size increases, latency or performance lags are inevitable. You can outsource your storage infrastructure management to a third-party, but this might place your data at risk from security threats. The correct approach is to install a dedicated storage monitoring solution in your network. Fair enough! But is it essential?


The WebPagetest alternative you've been looking for

Have you been looking for a WebPagetest alternative for your periodic synthetic user experience testing? Uptrends has the free tools you need to check your websites. We love WebPagetest. Although recently procured and no longer independent, WebPagetest has been providing its free open-sourced testing service since 2008 (almost as long as Uptrends). The testing tool has helped many web professionals identify and fix performance issues, but you have other options as well.


AWS Well-Architected Framework in Serverless: Reliability Pillar

This is part three of the “Well-Architected in Serverless” series where we decipher the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) pillars and translate them into real-life actions. In this article, we will focus on the AWS WAF Reliability (REL) pillar. Read Part 1 and Part 2. We have a Well Architected webinar coming up!


Continuous Code Analysis with SonarQube and Codefresh

SonarQube is a universal tool for code analysis that provides continuous inspection of your code to highlight existing and newly introduced issues. This allows you to “Clean as You Code”, which aims to reach the maximum code quality in your newly written code. This post will: The SonarQube architecture consists of a server and a SonarScanner. The Scanner is a separate client type application that is used to analyze projects in connection with SonarQube.


Network Monitoring Just Became More Secure, Optimized, and Efficient

The entire Motadata team feels elated in informing you that Motadata Upgrade Release 7.6.400 has been rolled out and is available for installation from October 2020. We understand that many of our customers are already generating value, cost-efficiencies, and competitive edge with their existing Motadata version. But the update has been engineered to augment the entire platform’s value-proposition and making it an obvious choice for an upgrade.


Server-side Rendering in JavaScript: A Modern Approach

Let’s talk about SPAs. It all starts from a blank page which is subsequently filled with HTML and JavaScript. If we take PHP pages as an example, they already come bundled with the server, which is an advantage in terms of performance, right? For situations like these, server-side rendering frameworks (such as Next.js) come to the rescue. They process the code on the server-side to pre-fill the HTML result page with something (if not the whole page) before it reaches the browser.


How a Discovery Data Warehouse, the next evolution of augmented analytics, accelerates treatments and delivers medicines safely to patients in need

I met Matthew in New York City about a year ago. We sat in a private conference room and he told me the story of his pharma startup. A small group of researchers set out to solve the black-box enigma of certain kinds of vicious cancers. There are so many cancers, so their vision was to focus on especially heinous ones. Fast forward to their recent FDA approval of their “Hail Mary” procedure and treatment methodology for stage-four patients of a particular cancer.

Demo: Cloudera DataFlow on Data Hub

Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub makes hybrid use cases possible by extending on-premises flow management, streams messaging, and stream processing and analytics capabilities to the public cloud. Watch an integrated demo of Cloudera DataFlow on Data Hub to understand how easy it is to ingest, process, and analyze your streaming data across multiple public cloud clusters.

Powering your APIs with Kong and AWS Lambda

While the concept of serverless applications has grown over the past years there are plenty of instances where the serverless model doesn’t fit all needs. For those coming from on-premises or hybrid scenarios, moving to serverless might look like needing to move everything or building very differently than you have in the past. In this session we’ll demystify the central component of the serverless movement, AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service that changes how applications are built and managed, but only in some ways.

Improving search relevance with data-driven query optimization

When building a full-text search experience such as an FAQ search or Wiki search, there are a number of ways to tackle the challenge using the Elasticsearch Query DSL. For full-text search there’s a relatively long list of possible query types to use, ranging from the simplest match query up to the powerful intervals query.


Solving financial services regulatory challenges in Australia with Puppet

The recent record-breaking fine of $1.3 billion for money-laundering breaches exposed the dangers of poor systems in the banking industry. Now is the time to get compliance right. In my role, I regularly speak with FS&I clients about their security and compliance challenges, including vulnerability remediation. It’s a complex topic with many pieces that must coalesce to create a holistic solution.


#NeotysPAC - How to Start Testing Mobile Performance Earlier in the Dev Cycle, by Sofia Palamarchuk

With the global health crisis accelerating the shift to digital, consumers expect online experiences to exceed face-to-face experiences, even from their mobile phones. In 2020, mobile web visits finally surpassed desktop (54% vs 46%), according to a survey by Statista. With so many consumers relying on their phones to interact with brands, mobile performance becomes paramount. Recent studies show that 80% of people have deleted a mobile app because it had too many performance issues.


Getting Started with Automated Continuous Performance Testing

This is part 3, entitled “Getting Started with Automated Continuous Performance Testing, of a multi-part series on how the NeoLoad platform leads the charge to provide a modernized approach to performance testing in DevOps and automated delivery models. Getting started on your automated performance testing journey can be daunting if you don’t start in the right place. You need to pick the right target, which in the case of many Neotys customers starts with APIs.

Devops 101:introduction To Package Management

When you’re new to an industry, you encounter a lot of new concepts. We tend to use a lot of jargon, the documentation may be written for someone more experienced in mind or rely on contextual knowledge of the rest of the space, and it often doesn’t explain the “why” for the tool. This can make it really difficult to get your feet underneath you in an unfamiliar landscape, especially for junior engineers.

How we eliminated service outages from 'certificate expired' by setting up alerts with Grafana and Prometheus

Here at Grafana Labs we are lucky to work with many partners around the globe. From these partnerships, we get great inspiration into some clever use cases on how Grafana and Prometheus can be used to great effect for service monitoring and availability. We came across this use case that our partner OpenAdvice came up with for their client base, and we thought it was too good to keep secret!


Why Data Analytics Is Important for Business Success

Given the competitive value of analytics and rapid adoption rates across industries, you can’t afford a subpar analytics program. In the late 90s, Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane used data to discover undervalued talent and assemble a perennial playoff-caliber team, and he did so on a shoestring budget compared to Major League Baseball’s heavy hitters. Beane’s pioneering use of data analytics became the subject of the bestselling book Moneyball.


Why ELT Is the Future of Data Integration

Many analytics programs struggle to assimilate data from numerous and unpredictable sources, but automated ELT offers a solution. Why do so many businesses struggle to establish successful analytics programs? A lack of data is not the problem. Data volumes — from hundreds of cloud applications to millions of IoT endpoints — are exploding across organizations and industries.


Cloud-Based Data Analytics in Three Steps

Implementing a modern, cloud-based analytics stack doesn’t have to be hard — you can do it in three steps, actually. Implementing a modern data stack (MDS) — data integration tool, cloud data warehouse and business intelligence platform — is the best way to establish a successful analytics program as data sources and data volumes multiply.

squared up

One agent to rule them all: Azure Monitor Agent

There’s a new Azure agent in town – Azure Monitor Agent (AMA). I hear you saying, “Wait, aren’t there already enough Azure agents? So why another new agent?” A very valid question! Indeed, there are already a few Azure monitoring agents: the Log Analytics Agent, the Diagnostic Extension agent, and the Telegraf agent (and also the Dependency agent if you want to count it separately).

Launch Your ITSM Transformation with Automation & AIOps

In this Spotlight Session from Cherwell CLEAR 2020, Resolve VP of Global Sales Engineering Rob Kelsall explores how AIOps and automation can transform your entire incident management process by reducing alarm noise, correlating events, and automating resolution procedures without any human intervention.

AWS Outage Ahead of Black Friday

Catchpoint detected an AWS outage earlier today, 25th November 2020. Enterprises that had their applications or services running on AWS US East 1 were impacted. Even some of the AWS products were impacted by the outage. We noticed Amazon services such as Athena slowing down at 5AM PST followed by intermittent HTTP 500 errors that started around 5:15AM PST. However, by 5:30AM PST, the fallout from the outage was evident.


A Developer's Perspective on Distributed SaaS Database Monitoring

While application performance monitoring can provide us with metrics on software use and delays, SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor (DPM) was built to tell us stories as to why user behavior is the way it is in the database. Database performance monitoring for developers in the distributed cloud industry is an important practice for maintaining the best environment for your users.


How to Achieve Successful Digital Transformation

Today’s business world is relentless, and competition is intense. The digital landscape is continually shifting across many industries, creating an unprecedented demand for companies to innovate, experiment, and deliver capabilities faster. A robust digital transformation process speeds up business activities, competencies, and models while providing as much value as possible to customers. However, organizations must be cautious in their digital investment strategies.

squared up

Set up Availability Monitoring from the End Users Perspective

A recurring theme of modern monitoring tools is that they focus on the user, not the systems. To put it another way, while monitoring your infrastructure is essential, it matters more when your customers can’t interact with your application. That would mean lost sales, lost time, unhappy people – and unfortunately for us, unhappy people like to share how grumpy they are. It’s bad for business! But that’s why we’ve made Availability Monitoring in SquaredUp.


Streamline your procurement process with Purchase Order Management

In an organization, purchases in IT happen in huge numbers. It is one of the key responsibilities of the IT team to keep track and manage these purchases to optimize spending. But manually tracking these purchases and updating stock using spreadsheets is tedious. It causes blocks in the purchase order process and can lead to discrepancies and human errors. The problem is the lack of an efficient tool to manage purchases.


Keeping CERN scientists around the world securely connected with Mattermost

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, studies the fundamental structure of the universe by examining the behavior of subatomic particles using highly complex scientific instruments, including the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. In 2015, the research institute deployed Mattermost across the organization to consolidate messaging platforms while providing its community of researchers, scientists, and technologists with a self-hosted, secure messaging space.


IT security under attack blog series: Instant domain persistence by registering a rogue domain controller

In this blog in the IT security under attack series, we will learn about an advanced Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC) attack to obtain persistence in AD environments. Dubbed DCShadow, this is a late-stage kill chain attack that allows a threat actor with admin (domain or enterprise admin) credentials to leverage the replication mechanism in AD to register a rogue domain controller in order to inject backdoor changes to an AD domain.


The Building Company: "Building" the future with OpManager

The Building Company serves the full spectrum of the construction industry including the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. The retail activities of the company are provided through 124 outlets throughout Southern Africa. Operations are located in major centers in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland, and are managed as either corporate, joint venture, or franchise stores.


Datadog's AWS re:Invent 2020 guide

In Q4 of every year since 2012, AWS has flooded the Las Vegas strip with thousands of AWS staff, partners, and customers for a week of keynote sessions, announcements, workshops, and more. In a year like no other, we’re gearing up for a re:Invent like no other! As a long-time AWS partner, we look forward to re:Invent every year. We enjoy meeting you face to face, sharing the latest in monitoring and security, and learning a thing or two in the process.


The Secret Ingredient That Converts Metrics Into Insights

Metrics and Insight have been the obsession of every sector for decades now. Using data to drive growth has been a staple of boardroom meetings the world over. The promise of a data-driven approach has captured our imaginations. What’s also a subject of these meetings, however, is why investment in data analysis hasn’t yielded results. Directors give the go ahead to sink thousands of dollars into observability and analytics solutions, with no returns.


Advanced Tips on Managing Multi-Account Setup on AWS with Terraform

In this article, we’ll discover how to use HashiCorp's popular infrastructure as code tool, Terraform in our advantage on AWS, specifically to manage multiple accounts as this is the way AWS wants its customers to consider. Although managing a DevOps team gets complicated proportional to the size of the organization, Terraform's use of managing multiple accounts along with the tools AWS released recently help us overcome this complexity.


Canonical publishes LTS Docker Image Portfolio on Docker Hub

November 24th 2020: Canonical has published the LTS Docker Image Portfolio, a curated set of secure container application images, on Docker Hub. The LTS Docker Image Portfolio comes with up to ten years Extended Security Maintenance by Canonical. “LTS Images are built on trusted infrastructure, in a secure environment, with guarantees of stable security updates,” said Mark Lewis, VP Application Services at Canonical.


Troubleshooting PostgreSQL: How to Use Logs and Metrics to Fix Slow Queries

Imagine some users complaining that querying PostgreSQL is slow (this never happened right?), and we have to troubleshoot this problem. It could be one of two things: I would normally first check on the environment, specifically PostgreSQL metrics over time. Such monitoring shows if the CPU is too high or how many disk reads were buffer reads. PostgreSQL logs also give information about the environment, such as how many statements were run and if any errors occurred.


AWS Well-Architected Framework in Serverless: Operational Excellence

Welcome to part two of the five-part “Well-Architected Serverless” series. This article will discuss the second most crucial pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF): Operational Excellence (OPS). We have a Well Architected webinar coming up! To learn more about the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) through the serverless lens and how to build Well-Architected architectures, make sure to attend our upcoming webinar on Friday, 27 November.


LiteSpeed License Plans with Pay-As-You-Go Approach

The integration of LiteSpeed web server and load balancer within Jelastic PaaS is enhanced with a wider choice of pay-as-you-go license types, as well as implemented advanced automation for issuing the licenses within the cloud platform. “Jelastic is a great channel partner that empowers LiteSpeed technologies with the next-level automation.


Preventing and Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace

As many countries face another wave of COVID-19 cases, organizations around the world are planning new ways to keep their workforces safe. Leading companies have made huge strides in managing coronavirus while keeping their workplaces open. But despite how far we’ve come, many employees still doubt that their organizations are ready to respond to COVID-19.


Are Network Blind Spots Endangering Your Business?

Network blind spots are the things you can’t see and don’t know about. They’re dangerous. Just like the blind spots on your car, network blind spots can set you up for deadly crashes. Problems will seem to “come out of nowhere” and hit unexpectedly. Network blind spots create all kinds of serious problems. A major network crash is one. But other problems can really pile up too.


Scaling your IT Monitoring Solution: Complete Guide

Regularly, every company experiences growth in some form or the other. As it grows in every direction, there is an increase in the number of challenges for the IT department. In effect, it is imperative to be able to scale your IT monitoring solution. The idea is to make IT infrastructure monitoring easy and smooth.

Finding the Bug in the Haystack with Machine Learning: Exceptions in Kibana is releasing its AI-powered Exceptions, a revamped version of our Application Insights, fully embedded in your Kibana Discover experience, to boost your troubleshooting experience and help you find bugs in the log haystack.

The dos and don'ts of picking new BI tools

Choosing a new business intelligence (BI) tool can be a confusing, time-consuming and, frankly, exhausting process. It’s also an anxiety-inducing one: Companies are willing to shell out millions on business intelligence software, yet picking the wrong tool can set their business back months. With so many BI tools on the market now, choosing the wrong one is far too easy. This is a big factor contributing to the fact that 87% of businesses haven’t reached business intelligence maturity yet.


Your lookback at Puppetize Digital 2020

That’s a wrap on Puppetize Digital 2020! Our first-ever virtual conference series attracted attendees from all over the world and brought the Puppet community together despite the pandemic’s attempt to keep us apart. With three events happening across three regions — Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas — all on the same day, there was something for every one of our users, customers, and partners. Let’s take a spin through the event highlights.


What's the Difference Between MTTR, MTTD, MTTF, and MTBF?

We’ve all been there. You’re on an important Zoom call with your team, and someone uses an abbreviation you’re not familiar with. You’ve heard it, but you’re not quite sure exactly what it means. You want to do a quick Google, but you’re sharing your screen! Ugh. Let’s pull apart some of these abbreviations for incident management KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Now, you won’t find yourself SOL at your next Zoom call with the Support team.


The importance of metadata in your Kubernetes observability initiatives

Kubernetes is a popular container orchestration system at the heart of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects. It automates the deployment, lifecycle, and operations of containers, containerized applications, and "pods," which are groups of one or more containers. The platform itself, along with each of these workloads, may generate event data. There are different kinds of data associated with these processes.


Introducing Lightweight, Customizable ML Runtimes in Cloudera Machine Learning

With the complexity of data growing across the enterprise and emerging approaches to machine learning and AI use cases, data scientists and machine learning engineers have needed more versatile and efficient ways of enabling data access, faster processing, and better, more customizable resource management across their machine learning projects.


What's new in Sysdig - November 2020

Welcome to another monthly update on what’s new from Sysdig. Our team continues to work hard to bring great new features to all of our customers, automatically and for free! Outside of building awesome new features and functions this month, we also had a lot of fun running cards against containers for a cause once again. If you missed it, feel free to catch-up on YouTube!


3 Ways How Live Call Routing Increases Care Team Efficiency

Hospitals require a solution to streamline after-hours communication between patients and medical professionals. Exceptional after-hours care helps enhance the patient experience in critical situations. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of dedicated lines and after-hour live calls.

Raw & Real Ep 7 The Tracing You Deserve So You Can Observe

Distributed tracing is key to building and operating reliable services that make your customers happy. Traces pinpoint where failures occur and what causes poor performance. With tracing and observability, you can visualize the entire life cycle of service requests and discover hidden latency, errors, and optimization opportunities monitoring can’t show you. So why doesn’t everybody do it? Setting up tracing is notoriously difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Honeycomb Instrumentation Engineer Paul Osman has the easy-breezy steps for you to get the tracing you deserve.

Practical Implementation of Good Security Hygiene for Mobile Apps | Kong Summit 2020

We all know that we shouldn’t store secrets in mobile apps, but what is the practical alternative? We all know that we should use certificate pinning for our APIs, but how can it be done simply and safely? This talk will describe a real project to explore some of the challenges of implementing good security practice in a large organization and discuss a third-party solution (Approov) which addresses both of the issues above in a relatively simple way using industry standards and working neatly with Kong.

Embracing virtual connections at AWS re:Invent 2020

Get started with Gremlin's Chaos Engineering tools to safely, securely, and simply inject failure into your systems to find weaknesses before they cause customer-facing issues. This year has seen a complete re-imagining of tech conferences. Some were cancelled or postponed, while others have evolved and embraced the opportunity to go virtual. This meant innovating to bring the in-person event experience online.


How I started contributing to the Grafana open source project

My name is Karine. I’m a Software Engineer working with a team that provides monitoring solutions to our clients. A good part of my daily work is creating dashboards in Grafana. Since I started working with this tool, I have been so impressed by the quality and ease of use. I became even more impressed when I discovered it was an open source tool.


Running Operations Is Hard. PagerDuty + Rundeck Are Here to Help

Rundeck has now joined forces with PagerDuty. What pulled us together? Our shared vision for improving the work lives of those who run modern digital services. As a co-founder of Rundeck, I’d like to provide my perspective on why Rundeck becoming part of the PagerDuty family is a perfect fit for our collective user communities. No matter if you are on a “you build it, you run it” DevOps team or part of a centralized Ops team—operations work has always been difficult.


Kong Mesh 1.1 GA Released

After having announced Kuma 1.0 GA with over 70+ new features and improvements (and Kuma 1.0.1 this week), we are finally happy to announce a new major version of Kong Mesh that includes all the latest Kuma features – and more – in a fully supported enterprise package. With Kong Mesh 1.1 we can now deploy the most advanced enterprise service mesh in production across every cloud and private datacenter, on both Kubernetes and virtual machines.


Combine ITSM and ITOM to make your business more resilient

A combined ITSM and ITOM approach can make your business more resilient and proactive in three ways. We’ll start with a stat that most anyone will appreciate: In the average enterprise, about 60% of incidents are generated by machines (servers, storage, network routers, etc.) instead of people, ServiceNow research finds.


Introducing Inputs Data Manager on Splunk Cloud

Splunk Cloud’s ecosystem of apps and technical add-ons boasts a comprehensive set of input sources that enrich customer data insights. Many of these inputs reside in Cloud contexts, such as AWS, Salesforce, Azure, GCP, and many others. The Inputs Data Manager was introduced to aid the ingestion of these cloud data sources. As a result, in many cases, customers no longer need to host their own infrastructure to run scripted and modular inputs.


KubeCon North America 2020 Wrapup

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 Virtual (say that five times fast) was held online, November 18th to 20th. It was the second virtual KubeCon, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I had a lot of fun attending and saw a lot of great talks. If you weren’t able to participate in real-time, the CNCF will post the talks soon to its YouTube channel.


Deployment Rollbacks via FireHydrant Runbook

FireHydrant has a sophisticated set of response actions for coordinating communications, activities, and retrospectives for incidents that affect your services. Relay helps by automating remediations that involve orchestrating actions across your infrastructure. In this example workflow, an incident that affects an application deployed on Kubernetes can trigger a rollback to a previous version automatically.


10 Automated Service Desk Workflows We're Thankful for in 2020

Thanksgiving is just a couple days away for folks celebrating in the US, so what better time than now to share what we’re thankful for? Many of us are giving thanks for loved ones, health, a roof over our heads, and full bellies. We’re also paying homage to the unsung IT heroes and service providers in our organization who make our jobs easier—especially amid the unanticipated shift to remote work this year.


How Sumo Logic's Cloud SIEM Uses MITRE ATT&CK to Develop Content

As cloud applications and services become more and more common amongst organizations, adversaries will continue to evolve their toolset to target and penetrate cloud networks. With the rise in remote employees and teleconferencing, cloud computing for organizations has never been so important. Cloud computing can provide access to resources from all over the world, which is great for both good and bad actors.


Target, Track and Trace your Vulnerabilities

Lock your sights on the black box hiding untold vulnerabilities in your repository and shine a light inside to find out what monsters lurk within. Yes, I'm talking about running on-demand security scans against supported packages within your repository. If you are a Velocity or Ultra customer, you can start making use of security scanning today!


It's a wonderful workflow

Every business has a CEO. And especially in today’s environment, most CEOs face challenges. Business continuity, employee productivity, customer service, to name a few. If they didn’t know it before, COVID has made CEOs realize that outdated, offline processes are slowing them down, frustrating employees and customers, and costing them too much. With winter approaching in half the world, one could say CEOs feel they’re being left out in the cold.


The Future of Work at PagerDuty: Why Go Back to Normal When We Can Go Back to Better?

A few months ago, I wrote about PagerDuty’s mission to reimagine the workplace in the wake of COVID-19, and wanted to share an update. When we look back at the last 10 months of work, one thing is clear: We are never going back to “normal.” Though it might sound daunting, I am excited about the opportunity it offers to forge our next normal and to make it a better normal than the one we’ve left.


Workflow Automation with Human Supervision

IT automation is growing in adoption this year as IT organizations grapple with constantly changing priorities, the pressure of supporting large remote workforces and tight resources. However, IT teams are hesitant to deploy automation workflows on production infrastructure that supports important business applications and services. Trust is an issue – but errors do occur. Unsupervised automation can sometimes create more problems by missing the actual context for issue resolution.


Predictive Real-Time Operational ML Pipeline: Fighting First-Day Churn

Retaining customers is more important for survival than ever. For businesses that rely on very high user volume, like mobile apps, video streaming, social media, e-commerce and gaming, fighting churn is an existential challenge. Data scientists are leading the fight to convert and retain high LTV (lifetime value) users.


Introducing Compute Units. How To Choose Correct Compute Power For Your Test.

Previously Loadero had the same amount of compute power assigned to each participant in every test, but applications that our customers test are different and have different demands for end user machine resources. That is why we added compute units to give our customers better flexibility in test creation. This also allows to run much larger load tests as well as optimize cost of running the tests for the applications that don’t use much compute power.


Accelerate Incident Response and Incident Management with AIOps. 5 Key Benefits in Cisco Environments

Artificial Intelligence for ITOps (AIOps) can help accelerate incident response with all the incident context, impact assessment, triage data and collaboration & automation tools at one place.

Cloud services

Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses work. Enterprises can build, perform, and develop their business and manage operations all from the cloud environment. Cloud technology to reduce operational costs, innovating capabilities, and achieving business objectives at a swift pace. Cloud consulting at ZiniosEdge assists the business with decision making, working upon solutions, cloud management, cloud enablement, cloud migration, and technical business decisions as well. All these factors accomplished help in achieving your determined business objectives.

Welcome to Raygun APM: A quick-start guide for new and returning customers

Welcome to Raygun APM. Raygun’s modern Application Performance Monitoring (APM) beats traditional solutions by providing actionable, developer-level insights into server-side performance issues. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Raygun APM to be the most effective, plus a few key features that we recommend.


6 ways to use analytics to deliver an exceptional end-user experience: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our three-part blog series on leveraging analytics to deliver an exceptional end-user experience. In the last part, we discussed two key points: how to gauge the effectiveness of your support forms using analytics, and how to pick the right metrics that focus on customer satisfaction. In this part, we’ll discuss the next two ways analytics can help you deliver an exceptional end-user experience.


Secure your infrastructure in real time with Datadog Runtime Security

From containerized workloads to microservice architectures, developers are rapidly adopting new technology that allows organizations to scale their products at unprecedented rates. In order to make sense of these complex deployments, many teams are abstracting applications away from the environments in which they run. Because of this trade-off, developers and security teams lose the access to the unified context from infrastructure to application needed to fully secure their services.


OpenTelemetry Python: All you need to know

Hi all, tedsuo back again, dropping a knowledge bomb and a bunch of stale-yet-crunchy pop culture references. Last week we covered Node; this week we are going to dive into Python. If you crack open OpenTelemetry, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a lot there. But, as a developer applying OpenTelemtry to your application, 99% of what’s in there doesn’t matter.

Console Connect by PCCW Global delivers on-demand private network connectivity to RingCentral's global unified communication services

PCCW Global, a leading international communications service provider, today announced a new collaboration with RingCentral, a leading provider of cloud-based unified communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions for global enterprises, to provide on-demand private network connections to RingCentral's global unified communication services.

8 key considerations for choosing an Embedded Analytics solution

Historically, analytics has not always been a priority feature for software vendors. Many applications typically are built with analytics bolted-on later, as standalone tools. But the changing needs of today’s business users has accelerated the importance of providing in-built ways to monitor and explore their data while they use your software.


Exploring ROS 2 Kubernetes configurations

Kubernetes and robotics make a great match. However, as we have seen, robots running ROS 2 can be tricky to set up on Kubernetes. This blog series has explored running ROS 2 on Kubernetes, set up a simple talker and listener, and distributed that demo across three machines. The configurations presented may not quite fit your implementation, and you may want to dig a bit deeper into network traffic when troubleshooting.

Tackling shopping cart abandonment with data analytics

Today, the average shopping cart abandonment rate in online retail hovers at a disheartening 69.57%. To put that into an even more ominous perspective, that’s $18bn lost every single year. All because customers simply didn’t want to check out. What’s going on? There are dozens of reasons why you could be experiencing a high shopping cart abandonment rate. Yet understanding the exact reason isn’t an easy task.


DockerHub vs Cloudsmith Private Docker Registry

We’re a little late to the party. Fashionably late. By now the world knows that DockerHub has removed the free, untraceable goodness of anonymous pulls. How dare they? How dare they build a revolutionary technology, open-source it and give it away for free at a substantial cost to themselves. It’s worth calculating what a couple of petabytes of CloudFront bandwidth would cost, even with a substantial discount. It’s mind-blowing.

Deploying The JFrog Platform To Kubernetes With Ease

In this webinar we will show you how to get the JFrog Platform up and running in no time. Learning a new technology can be fun. It gives you the opportunity to get hands-on experience and get up to speed with some of the latest technologies in the industry. However, there are times that all you want to do is install it, make a few tweaks to match your configuration and ecosystem and be up and running.

Automation Testing Tools Landscape | Test Automation Landscape Report 2020

Welcome back to our Test Automation Summary series. As we progress to 2021, the Katalon team made a Test Automation Summary 2020 video to reflect the big picture's software testing. This 6-minute video presents the current automation testing tool market and various factors that affect the tool selection process. This recap is synthesized from our Test Automation Landscape Report 2020, reflecting 5,000+ IT professionals' opinions across various industries.
super monitoring

How to Estimate Any Website Traffic with These 3 Tools

While there are several different ways to measure the success of a site: one core metric is its traffic. Knowing how well your site performs compared to other sites is crucial in understanding how successful you have been in your efforts against competitors. This is possible if you know how much traffic your competitors are generating. Along with this, some competitor intelligence tools hand over the full list of keywords that bring traffic to a site.


AWS Well Architected Framework in Serverless Part I: Security

Welcome to part one of our five-part “AWS Well-Architected Framework in Serverless” series. In this article, we’ll give you a short introduction to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and dive deeper into the Security pillar to explain it and some actionable ideas related to it. To learn more about the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) through the serverless lens and how to build Well-Architected architectures, make sure to attend our upcoming webinar on Friday, 27 November.


AlertOps Automates Ticket Lifecycle with ConnectWise Manage Integration

Chicago, Illinois — November 23, 2020 — AlertOps has integrated its major incident management platform with the ConnectWise Manage professional services automation (PSA) software. The integration empowers end-users to forward ConnectWise Manage tickets to AlertOps as alerts and increase visibility across the ticket lifecycle. With the integration, users can automatically create an alert in AlertOps and a ticket in ConnectWise Manage at the same time.

pandora fms

Remote working monitoring: A breach of privacy or a gateway to a work-from-home culture?

One benefit of the lockdown triggered by the coronavirus epidemic has been a renewed enthusiasm for working at home. Forced to let millions of employees work from home to avoid contagion, companies that had been hesitant about taking this step have concluded they can benefit from moving to a remote workforce.


InfluxDB Cloud is on AWS US East

We’d like to let you know that InfluxDB Cloud is now on AWS US East, also called us-east-1, based in northern Virginia. This is our third AWS region, after initially launching InfluxDB Cloud in AWS Oregon and later AWS Frankfurt. This brings InfluxDB Cloud’s effortless scaling, flexible usage-based pricing, AWS marketplace integration, and a broad range of AWS connectivity points to customers that want to manage their time series data in the eastern United States.


What Is Data Analytics?

Learn the how and what of analytics and data integration. This is the first in a two-part abridged version of The Essential Guide to Data Integration. Read Part 2 here, and get the full book for free here! You can also watch the webinar. What is data analytics How do you integrate data? Should you build or buy a data analytics solution? What are some business and technical considerations for choosing a data analytics tool, and how can you get started? Let’s start with the first two questions.


Seven Ways to Scale a Data-Driven Culture in Your Organization

Without an overarching company data culture, even the best technology tools won’t get you where you want to go, say the co-founders of Data Culture. Data isn’t just a tech solution. For Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss, founders of the consultancy Data Culture, it’s also a “people” solution. Even within companies that enthusiastically embrace a cloud-based modern data stack, a substantial gap often exists between the business and data sides of the organization.


Using Github Actions to Run Django Tests

I recently found out Travis CI is ending its free-for-opensource offering, and looked at the alternatives. I recently got badly burned by giving an external CI service access to my repositories, so I am now wary of giving any service any access to important accounts. Github Actions, being a part of Github, therefore looked attractive to me. I had no experience with Github Actions going in. I have now spent maybe 4 hours total tinkering with it.


How to Define Your Security Posture, and Why it Matters

Not only do cybersecurity organizations need to deliver the level of security required to protect corporate assets, they also need to align with the strategic goals and objectives of the business. By defining, establishing and managing your organization's cybersecurity posture, you can deliver the results needed for the business to be successful.


Splunk AR: Taking Remote Collaboration To The Future is Already Here

The Splunk Augmented Reality (AR) team had an amazing experience developing all the new features we launched at .conf20. If you haven’t seen it, we highly encourage you to watch the AR .conf session and see the new features in action. After, you’ll probably share it with your colleagues because of how cool it was! :) Today we want to highlight Remote Collaboration in Splunk AR — we’ve taken “collaboration” to the next level.


Zoom into Kinsing

The Kinsing attack has recently been reported by security researchers, and it is well known for targeting misconfigured cloud native environments. It is also known for its comprehensive attack patterns, as well as defense evasion schemes. A misconfigured host or cluster could be exploited to run any container desired by the attacker. That would cause outages on your service or be used to perform lateral movement to other services, compromising your data.


What's new in BigQuery ML: non-linear model types and model export

We launched BigQuery ML, an integrated part of Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse, in 2018 as a SQL interface for training and using linear models. Many customers with a large amount of data in BigQuery started using BigQuery ML to remove the need for data ETL, since it brought ML directly to their stored data. Due to ease of explainability, linear models worked quite well for many of our customers.


Aberdeen Joins the Spiceworks Ziff Davis Family

You may have heard that Spiceworks Ziff Davis (SWZD) has acquired Aberdeen, a leading global provider of behavioral-based marketing solutions and research. As the SWZD and Aberdeen teams begin to work as one entity, it is important to us that we remain transparent with you, our Community. We're very excited about this next step in an ongoing strategy that emphasizes the opportunity to showcase our data-driven solutions that will ultimately reshape the tech playbook.

Make Go Builds More Reliable With JFrog Artifactory And GoCenter

Golang (Go) has emerged as an increasingly popular programming language for developers. It is fast, safe, easy to work with, and allows for high levels of concurrency. In this webinar, we will explore the different ways of working with Go. How can you control the source of your Go module downloads and assure that your builds are deterministic and secure? Why is your choice of server for your Go packages important. What is JFrog GoCenter, and how is it used with Artifactory? What are your GOPOXY configuration options?

CI/CD Automation Using Rundeck and Kubernetes

Rundeck is a fantastic tool for enabling your operations automation. It is also great at development automation and bridging the gap between deployment and operational management. This quick tutorial provides a framework for integrating Rundeck with a CI/CD toolchain deploying to Kubernetes with the added benefit of easy management of your containerized applications in flight.

Simplifying Canary Deployment | Ingenia | Kong Summit 2020

Canary deployment is a helpful tool that allows companies to put in production multiple versions of its products to control flow and access based on different sets of rules, clients, amounts and operations. In this session, we will discuss best practices for canary deployment and share our experiences using Kong Enterprise — supported by Kuma capabilities — in achieving this.

How Accenture drives digital transformation at speed with the Now Platform

Accenture is renowned as a global leader in technology consulting and outsourcing, with 500,000 employees serving clients from a range of industries, across 51 countries. The organisation uses the Now Platform to transform how it gets work done and is also a long-standing partner. At Knowledge 20, Accenture was named ServiceNow’s Global Partner of the Year.


Planning for Cloud Migration as a Permanent Condition

When you complete your big cloud migration project, by all means celebrate, but don’t party too hard. The job’s not done. Digital transformation is never finished. Technology will progress. Customer expectations will evolve. The competition will advance. And your business must grow. This means that the transition to hybrid and multi-cloud is not a one-time event—it’s an ongoing process.


New Total Cost Savings Estimator: Estimate your savings when you run Humio vs. Splunk or ELK

Cost is a critical factor when evaluating log management platforms. If the cost of your current platform prevents you from collecting all the logs you need today, then you don’t want to face the same problem a few months or years from now. Our new Total Cost Savings Estimator estimates how much you can save when you run Humio versus Splunk or ELK, both today and tomorrow. CIO


Best 5 Tools for Node.js Monitoring

Application developers are turning to Node.js as one of the most popularly used Javascript frameworks for microservice development. Node.js tops the list of most utilized frameworks amongst the developers worldwide in 2020 by 51.4 percent. With the increasing demand for Node.js technology, it has become crucial to monitor the performance of the applications, servers, and other metrics.


Getting More Business Value from Your Automation Investment

Automation was already well on its way to becoming a ubiquitous investment in 2020, then the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated interest and adoption. Organizations started deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and other automation capabilities en masse, which interacted with mission-critical systems, legacy applications, and workers in both the front and back office.


Data World Highlights: T-Mobile Netherlands, Anodot Discuss the Future of Network Monitoring

During the Data World event, Erwin Halmans, Project Manager of Data-Driven Network Operations & Assurance at T-Mobile Netherlands, Shounit Lax-Swisa, CEO of Company Booster, and Anodot Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder Ira Cohen got together to discuss the future of network monitoring.


8 Common Elasticsearch Configuration Mistakes That You Might Have Made

Elasticsearch was designed to allow its users to get up and running quickly, without having to understand all of its inner workings. However, more often than not, it’s only a matter of time before you run into configuration troubles. Elasticsearch is open-source software that indexes and stores information in a NoSQL database and is based on the Lucene search engine. Elasticsearch is also part of the ELK Stack.


The Importance of Hardware Health Monitoring

A networking problem can come from almost any fault within the infrastructure, whether it’s a bandwidth bottleneck, configuration issues, or a faulty networking component. But more than half of IT system outages are caused by hardware failure. The ability to quickly identify and resolve hardware issues goes a long way toward ensuring optimized performance.


How to Send Behavioral Emails with Mailgun and Moesif API Analytics

In this guide you’ll learn how to send Moesif behavioral emails with Mailgun. Moesif behavioral emails is a service that sends emails to customers based on their requests to your API. These emails can be used to notify users about technical issues, such as API limits or broken integrations, as well as business-related events such as how many items you’ve shipped. If something can be mapped to an API call, then you can send an email on it.


The Importance of Tying Monitoring to Business KPIs to Improve Customer Experience

On par with the bottom-line profits generated by a business, customer experience is one of the top goals of any organization. In fact, a great customer experience is what enables better and more sustainable revenue growth. While business leaders and CXOs are keenly aware of its importance, Ops teams can lose sight of the importance of customer experience.


Kuma 1.0.1 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Kuma 1.0.1 with a few improvements and fixes, and we suggest to upgrade to start using the greatest and latest. This is a minor update on top of Kuma 1.0 that shipped last week with over 70+ features and improvements. For a complete list of features and updates, take a look at the full changelog. Join us on our community channels to learn more about Kuma, including our official Slack chat.


SELECT ApacheKafka WITH StreamingSQL FROM RealTimeData

In another life, I taught the Book of Genesis to high school students, including The Tower of Babel excerpt. It struck me ironic that God’s wrath strikes down the tower, cofounds the universal language and scatters humans around the globe to teach King Nimrod a lesson in hubris; meanwhile, the boys in my class were texting their girlfriends across the country and playing video games with friends in Europe and Asia.

squared up

Get ServiceNow data alongside SCOM, Pingdom and more

For those on an ITIL journey, ServiceNow appears to be the service to beat. ServiceNow has tremendous flexibility and thousands of different workflows to support your business. And if you’re using SCOM to populate your CMDB, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the average organization. Sadly, that flexibility comes with the cost of being stuck inside of the ServiceNow web interface.


Your re:Invent 2020 Schedule

re:Invent 2020 is here and while you don't have to find Galileo 601 or Hall G it can still be a lot to manage. Our team combed through the massive re:Invent schedule to bring you the the most important sessions related to serverless, architecture, and DevOps. In addition to the Serverless Track and the Keynotes we recommend these particular sessions. If you need help putting your schedule together we love Cloud Pegboard!

console connect

How Private Connectivity Can Eliminate The Fallacies Of Distributed Computing

In the first of our new technical blogs, Solution Architect Cameron Parry explains how network and cloud architects can effectively use Console Connect within their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. More than 20 years ago, Peter Deutsch and James Gosling outlined the eight fallacies of distributed computing.


Introducing: Alert Response as Code

Alert Response as Code is Interlink’s software-based, programmatic model for identifying incident alerts and driving an automated response. IT teams can automate the triggering of recovery processes that would otherwise involve running individual, manual steps across multiple applications, devices and operating systems.


Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges, Part II: Leveraging Automation

DevOps automation solves common challenges that revolve around a lack of visibility to the entire environment. A lack of visibility, non-discrete tools, and a lack of hard data to capacity plan or assess success in your dev environment, often leads to using several tools that tend to contradict each other.


Continuous Fiber Optic Health Monitoring with Centralized OTDR

Fiber optic cables carrying massive amounts of information on pulsating beams of light are a critical part of the physical infrastructure supporting our digital society. By their nature, these cables are highly exposed, spanning huge distances in territories beyond the control of a network operator whether underground, under water or on aerial cables, and popping up in equipment huts.


Effective utilization of AWS Savings Plans and EC2 spot instances

Cloud cost-efficiency is a crucial ingredient for ensuring business success. However, uncoordinated attempts at reducing costs can create even greater inefficiencies and outright cloud waste. In this post we’ll focus on one example of this – using EC2 spot instances when AWS Savings Plans have already been purchased – and how Spot by NetApp intelligently utilizes all available cloud compute pricing models to eliminate cloud waste and achieve dramatic cost reduction.


JFrog Support Providing Next Level Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experience

Let me share with you my story about finding the right AI Solution to improve our support self service. The starting point of my journey was pretty common, many will read this and think “Yes! I suffer the same pain”. At JFrog we produce tons of relevant and clever documentation. It’s all out there, available. And yet, we struggle to get to the right piece of information when looking for something specific.

How to Add a Data Node to your Elasticsearch Cluster

Have you ever had trouble working with Elasticsearch clusters? You’re not alone. In this post, I will discuss a problem I’ve encountered working with large Elasticsearch clusters and how I solved it. I will share a lot of knowhow on major technical Elasticsearch concepts, some diagrams for illustration, and of course a cool solution! In particular, I will go into Elasticsearch nodes, indices, and shards.


Building Service Ownership with Multiple Stakeholders

As organizations began relying more on service-oriented cloud usage, they evolved from focusing on development to emphasizing operations. The focus shifted from R&D and IT to DevOps and SRE professionals. This means that several departments are now responsible for operations, resulting in multiple stakeholders with different interests managing operations. Organizations are trying to find a balance between reaching business goals and completing operational tasks.


How fast should a website load?

Without a doubt, website owners in 2020 have had to reassess the speed of their websites and probably more critically than any other year. Yes, the stay at home directive in force around the world due to COVID-19 concerns made a lot of people gravitate more towards the use of the internet. During the lockdown, people from all over the world tended to spend a tremendous amount of time visiting various websites for both business and entertainment.

Webinar | Effective Incident Management: How to Improve DevOps Efficiency

During this session, Mattermost VP of Engineering Chris Overton and Customer Engineer Paul Rothrock share their experiences creating best practice incident response workflows and demonstrate how real-time messaging enables DevOps teams accelerate incident response times.

Close to wrapping up 2020

There are 6 weeks left of 2020, which means it’s about time we wrap this year up, focus on what’s most important, and leave the nice-to-have endeavors for next year. For Monitive, that means finalizing all the features that our users need to completely migrate from the (now old) Monitive Classic to the new and shiny Monitive. We’re sunsetting Monitive Classic just before Christmas, so my number one goal is to ensure that every user only has downtime that they know about.


Five worthy reads: The rise in credential stuffing attacks

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week we explore how credential stuffing attacks are evolving and why they pose a greater threat than meets the eye. Credential stuffing is perhaps the simplest form of cyberattack, but it continues to make headlines despite its lack of sophistication. It has become the attack method of choice for cybercriminals primarily because of its high success rate and ROI.


Implement a Canary Release with Kong for Kubernetes and Consul

From the Kong API Gateway perspective, using Consul as its Service Discovery infrastructure is one of the most well-known and common integration use cases. With this powerful combination more flexible and advanced routing policies can be implemented to address Canary Releases, A/B testings, Blue-Green deployments, etc. totally abstracted from the Gateway standpoint without having to deal with lookup procedures.


Why Performance Monitoring for Salesforce is Essential

Today we bring you the latest installment in our series of Employee Experience (EX) related eBooks, focused on how Catchpoint can help you guarantee optimal digital experience for your employees. In our last eBook, we looked at how you can best utilize digital experience monitoring for G Suite. In the latest edition, we demonstrate how you can use performance monitoring to ensure the optimal end-user experience for Salesforce.

Turbocharge Your Application With Contextual Analytics Webinar - Yellowfin BI

Innovate your application and create highly valuable analytic experiences for your end-users with contextual analytics. Contextual analytics, as the next phase of embedded, brings dashboards, automated analysis and analytics directly into your application’s core workflows delivering data directly within the user interface and within the transaction flow. By seamlessly blending analytics and actions, improve both your app’s core functionality and enable opportunities for exciting new analytical experiences for your users - and improve the value of your application.

Accurate multi-touch attribution reporting with Looker, Segment, and a case study

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) holds the ability to reveal the combined converting power of your marketing efforts. Yet, most organizations don’t do it well. At, we implement solutions for MTA often. For some of our projects, we’ve collaborated with the teams at Looker and Segment to leverage their integration.


How to monitor website performance

Website performance monitoring is an evolving paradigm primarily because website performance is synonymous with business. It goes beyond simple measurement of web services and the features’ ability to respond efficiently to end-users. Plus, the demand of the market―underlying technologies, use cases, issues, and risks― fuels its growth. Certain factors lead to website or web service poor performance. First, there are issues with files; size and quantity.


Scalable Data Stack Helps Welcome Tech Empower Immigrants

Welcome Technologies builds more robust data pipelines with Fivetran to propel its work on improving the lives of immigrants through a data-first approach. Key Takeaway With its data-first approach, Welcome Tech is developing machine learning and security models to better serve the immigrant community. After building and maintaining a Postgres connector, Welcome Tech brings on Fivetran to scale its data architecture.


7 High-Risk Events to Monitor Under GDPR: Lessons Learned from the ICO's BA Penalty Notice

Hello Security Ninjas, Today's IT world is complex and can be challenging for security operations teams. Nowadays, more apps are being integrated and interconnected than ever before. Cloud services and SaaS solutions purchased all throughout the organization outside of the IT department add even more complexity. Communicating to application and service owners the kind of activities that need to be logged and sent to the SOC can be a daunting task.


What Is Cloud Cost Intelligence and Is It Right for Your Business?

If your business is growing, your AWS bill is probably growing with it. Yet, in conference rooms all over the world (or Zoom calls, these days), CFOs are asking “we’re spending how much?!” — while engineering leaders try to explain that the platform is twice as fast and they’ve added some machine learning that is going to absolutely change the game.

Data Exploration & Reporting with Cloudera Data Warehouse

In this video, we’ll go over how you can use both Cloudera Public Cloud to both Ingest data through Cloudera Data Engineering as well as explore it through Hue and Impala within Cloudera Data Warehouse. You'll see how easy it is to run queries that give you insight into your data and how you can use a built in data visualization tool to then create a dashboard to share your results.

Webinar - Full stack user experience from back end to front end, using NeoLoad and Digital.Ai

User experience has become more than essential, particularly when it comes to performance. Mobile users expect a better level of performance from mobile apps as they do from web apps. Furthermore, the mobile user experience is highly impacted by device characteristics and network quality, making it difficult for performance testers to accurately replicate bugs in production conditions with conventional testing tools and approaches.

Journey to the Cloud: From On-Prem to Public Cloud With Kong | Tyler Technologies

The team at Tyler Technologies has used Kong to help take the company’s applications from on-premise installations to multi-tenant cloud services. In this session, we’ll explore how Kong can help make this move without clients ever knowing it even happened, how we use Kong Brain to automatically generate OpenAPI documentation for our integrators and the AWS infrastructure choices we made to get a large, robust Kong instance running in AWS.

Gain 5 Layers of Visibility into Your Virtual Infrastructure

Learn how Goliath offers a single console where you can view key performance metrics from your Hypervisor Host (VMware vSphere, Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V), Virtual Machines, Applications, Operating Systems and Physical Devices. You will learn how to: Identify performance bottlenecks within your virtualized infrastructure. Deploy remediation actions, both manual and automatic, to resolve issues before end users are impacted, and report on key metrics to foster collaboration across IT teams, vendors, management, and end-users.

OpsRamp Discovery and Monitoring 2020

In this video, we will show you how the OpsRamp #Fall2020 release simplifies the discovery and monitoring of #cloud and #cloudnative resources. Learn how OpsRamp’s new onboarding wizard can get you up and running in as little as four steps, and how the new curated dashboards save time so that you can see your infrastructure health in one place quickly, with a modern look and feel.

Postapocalyptic Networks

Just imagine the current situation continues well into the foreseeable future—let’s merge reality with a little fiction. The apocalypse is over, but life has changed permanently. This means we’re going to wear masks in public transport, shops, and restaurants and follow sports events on television instead of in the stadium. But hey, beer is much cheaper at home anyway. Office jobs are outsourced, but not into countries with cheap labor—they’re outsourced to our own homes.


Calico Delivers "Wow Effect" with 6x Faster Encryption than Any Other Solution... Confirms Leadership in Latest Independent CNI Benchmark Tests

Benchmark tests measure a repeatable set of quantifiable results that serve as a point of reference against which products and services can be compared. Since 2018, Alexis Ducastel, a Kubernetes CKA/CKAD and the founder of InfraBuilder, has been running independent benchmark tests of Kubernetes network plugins (CNI) over a 10Gbit/s network. The latest benchmark in this periodic series of tests was published in September, and was based on CNI versions that were up-to-date as of August 2020.