June 2021

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6 Ways to Support a Remote DevOps Team

Remote working is here to stay, so it's vital that businesses understand how to get the best out of their staff. For some roles, working remotely is easier than others - DevOps employees, for example, can face challenges if they're not fully supported within the organisation. In a distributed workforce, there's a higher risk of security issues and application problems, so it's crucial that organisations support them to keep the organisation running smoothly. Here are 6 ways to do just that.

Cut cloud cost spending with a tool that works

More and more, we see our clients moving their workloads from clunky on-premise data centers to nimble cloud platforms, orchestrated container environments, such as Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, or a combination of both. The technical aspects of such a migration are typically well-known. Your IT staff does a great job managing these environments: Still, there is one more aspect of managing these environments that is often overlooked — cost.


How to Monitor and Optimize Your Database Performance: A Practical Guide

It’s important to be able to look at the entirety of your application architecture, not just specific aspects of it, and understand how different parts connect. Observability comes first, followed by monitoring. In this post, we’ll dive into the database part of your architecture to show how you can monitor and optimize your database performance.


From A to (series) B

Today I’m absolutely thrilled to announce Ably’s $70M Series B co-led by Insight Partners and Dawn Capital LLP. We’ve grown immensely since I shared details of Ably’s Series A funding in 2020. Back then we reached 50 million devices per month. Our mission is to become the definitive infrastructure of the internet, so we set ourselves the goal of reaching one billion devices by 2025, which felt like an insurmountable challenge at the time.


Checkly raises $10M for Developer Owned Operations

Today, we are super happy to announce the next chapter for Checkly with a $10M Series A round led by CRV, joined by existing investors Accel, Mango Capital and Guillermo Rauch. This investment allows us to double down on our prime goal: building the best monitoring and E2E-testing platform for developers. What does that mean?


Monitor Windows without an Icinga Agent

Looking to monitor your Windows systems with Icinga, but aren’t allowed to install non-Microsoft certified software on them? Then you are in the right place. After all, you want to monitor your systems somehow. But you don’t want to lose the support from MS afterwards, just because you installed a monitoring system on it. Well, today I will show you how to monitor your Windows without having to install the Icinga agent.


What CI Observability Means for DevOps

In the endeavors to conquer and expand, we have found ourselves now wrestling the beasts of the clouds. After all, the battle of Cloud development with all its gains was expected to be nothing less than enigmatic. Our greatest strategy, anticipated to secure yearning triumph has been laid out and given the most peculiar yet apt name. DevOps. However, there lies within this great strategy potential harm to its core and therefore warrants its safekeeping.


Introducing Logz.io's New Lookz!

When Logz.io was founded in 2015, we set out to simplify logging with the ELK Stack by delivering Elasticsearch and Kibana as a managed cloud service. But logs only tell part of the story – DevOps teams also need metric and trace data to better monitor the health and performance of their environment and quickly pinpoint the root cause of new problems. Importantly, using multiple tools to collect and analyze this data adds complexity and extra work.


Detecting new crypto mining attack targeting Kubeflow and TensorFlow

Microsoft has discovered a new large-scale attack targeting Kubeflow instances to deploy malicious TensorFlow pods, using them to mine Monero cryptocurrency in Kubernetes cluster environments. Kubeflow is a popular open-source framework often used for running machine learning tasks in Kubernetes. TensorFlow, on the other hand, is an open-source machine learning platform used for implementing machine learning in a Kubernetes environment.


StackStorm v3.5.0 Released

June 29, 2021 by Amanda McGuinness of Ammeon Solutions and Marcel Weinberg It has been nearly 4 months since our previous v3.4.0 release and we’re super excited about this one! With Ubuntu 16.04 reaching end-of-life, we are pleased to announce support for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). We have also included lots of performance improvements in v3.5.0. See below, for further information on what’s included in the release.

Manage GKE services with Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations can help you quickly isolate or eliminate infrastructure issues from a limited set of data, but how can you identify problems with your service itself? And when there's a problem, how can you quickly fix it? In this episode of Engineering for Reliability, we’ll show how you can manage your services running on GKE with Cloud Operations.

How the Elastic InfoSec team uses Elastic Security

At Elastic, we internally use, test, and provide feedback on all of our products. For example, the Information Security team is helping the Product team build a stronger solution for our customers. The InfoSec team is an extremely valuable resource who acts not only as an extension of Quality Assurance/Testing, but also as a data custodian.


Introducing Looker Incremental PDTs: benefits and use cases

With the cost of cloud-based services making up an increasingly large part of companies’ budgets — and with businesses fueled by access to vital data resources — it makes sense that cost and performance optimization is top-of-mind for most data teams. Transformation and aggregation of data can reduce the total amount of data queried. This improves performance and, for those on pay-for-use cloud billing plans, also keeps expenses low.


SRE Report 2021: The Highlights

Our fourth annual SRE Report launched last week. I had the good fortune to be involved in writing and editing it this year for the first time alongside our very own driving force Leo Vasiliou and the brilliant Eveline Oehrlich at DevOps Institute (check out Eveline’s take on the report’s Key Takeaways here), in addition to a number of folks at VMware Tanzu.

hitachi vantara

Agile Data in Financial Services

In financial services, data is essential for storing product information, capturing customer details, processing transactions and keeping records of accounts; the relationship between products and their underlying data has always been symbiotic. A significant amount of data infrastructure is static, fragmented across data silos or based on legacy platforms. This has created an impedance mismatch between products and the underlying data.


Threat Stack and Squadcast Integration Streamlines Alerts with Greater Context

This is a guest post collaboration between Squadcast & Threat Stack. The move to the cloud has rapidly expanded the cyber threat surface of modern cloud apps. This blog in partnership with Threat Stack, outlines how you can stay on top of your game with help of context-rich alerting & resolve security incidents rapidly along with few best practices to follow for faster incident response.


Introducing Live Tail

At observIQ, we pride ourselves on delivering simple and powerful functionalities, quickly. We’re excited to announce the addition of Live Tail to the observIQ featureset. Live Tail emulates the terminal experience, giving you the ability to analyze, visualize and debug live – all in a single place. Never be worried about what the outcome of your deployment will be because Live Tail lets you troubleshoot, react and reassess issues in your deployment in real-time.


Mercury Rising in BigQuery with Multistatement Transactions

Mercury, the Roman god of commerce, is often depicted carrying a purse, symbolic of business transactions, wearing winged sandals, illustrating his abilities to move at great speeds. Transactions power the world’s business systems today, ranging from millions of packages moving worldwide tracked in real time by logistics companies to global payments from personal loans to securities trading to intergovernmental transactions, keeping goods and services flowing worldwide.


Horizontal Vs. Vertical Scaling: How Do They Compare?

We all want growth, but we often find ourselves unequipped to deal with it. It’s a bit like going to the gym, lifting weights, and seeing real results, only to realize that you no longer fit into your old clothes. Now you have to decide if you want to modify them or buy new clothes. We can use this very simple analogy to understand the differences between horizontal and vertical scaling.


What is Customer Data Ingestion?

The verdict is in: The more you analyze your customer data, the better chance you have of outperforming your business rivals, attracting new prospects and providing excellent service. For example, a report by McKinsey & Company has good news for companies who are "intensive users of customer analytics:" Their chances of excelling at new customer acquisition and being highly profitable are 23 and 19 times more likely, respectively, than those of their competitors.

Wiley Relies on PagerDuty as the World Moves Towards Digital Learning

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., commonly referred to as Wiley, is a global publishing company founded in 1807 that focuses on academic publishing and instructional materials. Sean Mack, CIO and CISO of Wiley, discusses how PagerDuty is empowering teams to own and support services 24/7/365 as digital learning becomes more prevalent.

Fortifying Cyber Defense: How to Act Now to Protect Global Supply Chains

This webinar was hosted by Ignyte Assurance Platform and Federal Publication Seminars on 18 June 2021. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), under the Department of Homeland Security, launches a campaign to reduce the risk of ransomware. Following an executive order signed by President Biden on May 12, 2021, which aims to increase cybersecurity defenses and resiliency against nation-state data exfiltration and hold global criminals accountable for ransomware attacks.

DevSecOps is a practice. Make it visible

Security should be embedded in DevOps by default, but for many organizations, it is not. Enter “DevSecOps”. What is DevSecOps? It is a practice to build more secure applications, secure the software factory, and secure cloud workloads. Because it is a practice it needs to be visible. In this session hear about the ways tech-enabled enterprises approach a DevSecOps practice, how they make it visible, and how Splunk + JFrog can accelerate your journey.

API Gateway vs. Service Mesh

Service mesh expert Cody De Arkland explains the differences between an API gateway and service mesh and how they work together. An API gateway helps companies offer APIs “as a product” to internal or external clients/users via a centralized ingress point. They can also govern and control how they are being exposed and onboarded via a full lifecycle APIM platform. API gateways are commonly used when different applications need to talk to each other and create an abstraction layer between the clients and the underlying APIs.

Self-service reliability with Internal Developer Platforms and Chaos Engineering

Get started with Gremlin's Chaos Engineering tools to safely, securely, and simply inject failure into your systems to find weaknesses before they cause customer-facing issues. Up until the early 2000s, developers and Ops (at the time IT) had separate and often competing objectives, separate department leadership, separate key performance indicators by which they were judged, and often worked on separate floors or even separate buildings.


New in the Google Cloud Monitoring data source plugin for Grafana: sample dashboards, deep linking, more

More than two years ago, the Google team began collaborating with Grafana Labs to build a data source plugin for Google Cloud Monitoring (then known as Stackdriver). Today, Grafana ships with built-in support for Google Cloud Monitoring, allowing users to add it as a data source and quickly get started building dashboards for Google Cloud Monitoring metrics. We’ve continued to make improvements on the plugin, and we’ll share in this blog post a few new features we’ve built.


Top 10 apps for a fresh Linux install in 2021

Are you struggling with too much lag? Is it time for a spring clean and a fresh Linux install? Ready to upgrade to Focal Fossa (LTS) or Hirsute Hippo? Whatever situation you are in, get started quickly with some of the most popular apps you need for a fresh Linux install. Here are all the commands you need so easily copy and paste to get started! (There is a full block of commands at the end that you can easily copy and paste if you’d like to install all the apps in one go).


PHP Workers: Everything You Need To Know

When you are on the lookout for a hosting plan or web hosting solution for your websites, you must choose a hosting solution that matches your website’s needs and requirements. The hosting plan you choose must provide the required storage space, bandwidth, and other resources that easily accommodate your website’s traffic without any performance lag or other issues.

How to Download Kublr

Kublr is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes management platform. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and launched in 2016, Kublr automates the deployment and management of production-ready, secure Kubernetes clusters and environments. Kublr allows users to securely and reliably deploy, run, and manage containerized applications at scale. A subsidiary of EastBanc Technologies, Kublr is a proud contributor to the Kubernetes codebase, an active member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and completed the CNCF Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program.

Enhanced Microsoft Teams Integration with Ivanti Service Desk

Providing flexible solutions to your users creates a more co-operative and engaging environment where people can choose how, and where they interact with your services. That’s why over the past year we’ve been working on adding more choices when it comes to engaging with Ivanti Service Desk, and our latest Microsoft Teams App opens up an entire new channel for communication.


What Is the Future of Remote Infrastructure Management?

Once upon a time, the prospect of an organization letting another organization manage its IT infrastructure seemed either inconceivable or incredibly dangerous. It was like someone handing their house keys to a stranger. Times have changed. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) — when Company X lets Company Y, or a piece of software, monitor and manage its infrastructure from a remote location — has become the standard in some industries.


LogicMonitor Expands AIOps Investments with Acquisition of Dexda

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 30, 2021 – LogicMonitor, the leading cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform for enterprises and managed service providers, today announced it has acquired Dexda, a big data and machine learning predictive fault identification company.

super monitoring

7 User-Testing Tools to Put Your UX Strategy on the Right Track

User-friendly interface that allows smooth and easy UX should be a crucial part of your targeting strategy. Among other things, a well-designed interface is key for improving your conversion rates. Both your target audience and Google algorithm will pay attention to this particular aspect. What’s more, this Forrester Research study has found that this particular practice can up the conversion rates by a whopping 400%.

Qlik Cloud Data Services - Hybrid Data Delivery - Presentation and Demo - Do More with Qlik

This is a recording of the Do More with Qlik Webinar Series. To lead in the digital age, everyone in your business needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Join Mike Tarallo and Ola Mayer as they introduce you to Qlik’s vision for its integration platform as a service - Qlik Cloud Data Services, covering one of the first data services to be generally available - Hybrid Data Delivery. Hybrid Data Delivery lets you build a data pipeline to your Qlik Sense apps. It collects data from disparate sources and continuously delivers analytics ready data so your Qlik Sense apps always have the latest information.

Creating a System BoM For Software Development

When working on electronic products, many organizations divide their projects between hardware and software teams working in parallel. This is because these engineering teams have distinct methodologies to how they design, document, and communicate their changes to the design. This approach, however, can lead to costly issues, which is where a system-level bill of materials (system BoM) is critical for bringing hardware and software teams together.


Pushing Data from a Data Warehouse to Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) software, with a 20 percent market share. The Salesforce CRM software is chock-full of features for business intelligence (BI) and analytics so that you can capture hidden insights and make smarter, data-driven decisions. The traditional ETL (extract, transform, load) process extracts data from one or more sources and then deposits it into a centralized data repository.


Expert advice on moving to serverless

We asked seven serverless experts, knowing what they know now, what piece of advice would they give to their past selves on moving to serverless. Here’s what they had to say: Ben Ellerby, AWS Serverless Hero and VP of Engineering at Theodo Serverless is a mindset change, bring your teams with you on the journey. Show them the power of Serverless hands-on – and invest in the developer experience of your pipelines from day 1. Ben Smith, Senior developer advocate for serverless at AWS


What We Learned About Enterprise Cloud Services From the 2021 Azure Outage

Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud services are invaluable to their enterprise customers. When providers like Microsoft are hit with DNS issues or other errors that lead to downtime, it has huge ramifications for their users. The recent Azure cloud services outage was a good example of that. In this post, we’ll look at that outage and examine what it can teach us about enterprise cloud services and how we can reduce risk for our own applications.


Splunk Named Market Share Leader in ITOM and SIEM Reports

2020 was a challenging year for modern enterprises. In under a year, we experienced a decade's worth of transformation while a global pandemic raged on. And while the worst of COVID-19 will hopefully soon be behind us, the need to continuously transform our digital environment is unequivocally here to stay. We've already seen an example of this, thanks to a significant increase in data generated from across the business.


Desktop K8S in 2021

For this article we’ll dig into some of the options for Local Kubernetes Clusters if you are developing on a Mac. When doing microservices development, eventually you will want to start to test integrated services together. And there are several options available to run these tests: Tests were conducted on a 2019 MacBook Pro (Big Sur). I’m not embarrassed to say that I cut my teeth on minikube. This is the recommended path for onboarding into Kubernetes and has a ton of benefits.


Looking forward to the next big Mattermost product milestone: Mattermost v6.0

The Mattermost team is actively working on our next major product release: Mattermost v6.0 is shipping this fall. That’s right around the corner! In advance of the release, we’d like to communicate some specifics on select features being promoted from beta to generally available and upcoming deprecations. We would also like to share a glimpse of what’s coming.

Boosting Business Productivity By Taking Control of Microsoft Teams Performance

It’s one thing to be using Teams. It’s entirely different to have your users running Teams efficiently. From dropped calls, to lags in response time, to jittery video connections – Teams isn’t without its daily problems. And yet, you’re being held responsible to not just make sure Teams is up and running, but to also improve the quality of the user experience.

xMatters Lunar Lander Release - New Product Features - xMatters Demo

xMatters Lunar Lander release is here! Join Sr. Director of Customer Success, Kerin Munro, and Product Manager, Daniel Reich as they discuss some of the latest and greatest product features that went live with the Lunar Lander release. These updates include new possibilities in xMatters Flow Designer with a create alert step and an incident severity step, updates to Event Flood Control, and more!
Featured Post

The Technologies Every IT Professional Needs to Consider in 2021

Most organizations make annual predictions for the year ahead, but 2021 is different. The past 12 months obviously proved incredibly unpredictable, but this year we already know the world has changed. IT, in particular, has needed to move quickly to support a widespread shift to supporting remote workers. One month into 2021, and we're already seeing the trend continue, and it looks likely to be the same in the years to come.

Maximize your coverage with test parameterization and data-driven testing

When you test application logic and functionality you often have to test the same logic with multiple input values, which can quickly escalate the number of test cases you have to create. Data-driven testing helps you quickly execute the same test multiple times using datasets for different output values, saving you time and effort. Test parameterization is a type of data-driven testing that allows you to execute the same test, multiple times using different parameters.


AIOps Has a Data(Ops) Problem

Modern complex systems are easy to develop and deploy but extremely difficult to observe. Their IT Ops data gets very messy. If you have ever worked with modern Ops teams, you will know this. There are multiple issues with data, from collection to processing to storage to getting proper insights at the right time. I will try to group and simplify them as much as possible and suggest possible solutions to do it right.


TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips - Using and Understanding the InfluxDB Cloud Usage Template

So you’re using InfluxDB Cloud, and you’re writing millions of metrics to your account. Whether you’re building an IoT application on top of InfluxDB or monitoring your production environment with InfluxDB, your time series operations are finally running smoothly. You want to keep it that way. You might be a Free Plan Cloud user or a Usage-Based Plan user, but either way, you need visibility into your instance size to manage resources and costs.


You Have to EARN the Gorilla Suit

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: back in the days of vaudeville, comedy acts were all the rage. This young guy wants to get into the business, but he’s not sure his act is good enough. He knows all the great comedians of the time would put on a gorilla suit, and the audience ate it up. So the first time he goes up in front of an audience, he throws on the suit and prepares to walk out on stage.


Finding business-critical files is a top challenge for workers - better search is the answer

Even before COVID-19 forced nearly everyone to grapple with virtual work, most organizations had mountains of content scattered across numerous teams and dozens, if not hundreds, of apps. But now new research shows the cost of poor employee experiences for organizations: productivity, confidence, and opportunity.


Introducing SQL Monitor's new estate discovery feature

This year we’ve been expanding SQL Monitor’s capabilities around the theme of Estate Management and we’ve just released a new capability – the discovery of on-premises SQL Servers and instances. We started on this journey with basic instance configuration observability and alerting earlier this year. While gathering feedback and finding ways to improve our new configuration features, we worked on and released an Instance Discovery Tool as a preview feature.


We've Agreed to Acquire Vdoo, Unifying Developers and Security Teams from Source to Device

We’re extremely excited to announce we’ve agreed to acquire Vdoo, a leading, Israeli-based product security company with its roots in binaries and IoT/devices. Vdoo’s team and entire technology portfolio will be incorporated into JFrog, delivering a solution that truly unifies development and security teams with a holistic security approach.


Industry global survey from Canonical: 85% of enterprises have yet to cross the chasm to full Kubernetes and Cloud Native adoption

London, UK, June 29, 2021 – Despite high adoption rates of cloud native technologies in recent years, enterprises have yet to cross the chasm to full adoption, but they’re quickly moving in that direction, according to initial results of a first-of-its kind survey released today by Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu.


Modernizing without compromising mission-critical systems

This blog is the third in a four-part series on infrastructure automation for government agencies that are modernizing digital systems while grappling with budget and staffing constraints and the challenges of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic moved up the timeline for digital transformation projects considerably.


The Benefits of DevOps and How to Leverage Them

Traditionally, software used to be developed by software engineers who would spend time coding and testing to make sure the software was behaving the way it should. Once they were satisfied with their product, the operations teams would join hands and start rolling out the software. This follows a very linear path along the software development life cycle that is often quite time-consuming.


SOS! Why 2021 has to be the Summer of Security

Sunblock: Check. Life vest: Check. Zero trust security: Wait, what? Summer gives us all a little breathing room and a chance to relax. This summer, perhaps more than any other in our lifetimes, we’re all looking forward to loosening up. As we get a hint of normalcy, or at least what “normal” is going to look like now that we’re in the Everywhere Workplace, many people are letting their guards down. We want folks to relax. We really do.

How to Connect With Other Community Members on THWACK

At some point, all IT professionals need a little help, and a great way to get that help is to ask other IT pros. A great place to ask for some help is the THWACK community. SolarWinds solutions are rooted in our deep connection to our user base in the THWACK® online community. More than 150,000 members are here to solve problems, share technology and best practices, and directly contribute to our product development process.

Monitoring Kubernetes with the Elastic Stack using Prometheus and Fluentd

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management, and seems to have established itself as the de facto standard in this area these days. The shift from monolithic applications to microservices brought by Kubernetes has enabled faster deployment, where dynamic environments become commonplace. But on the other hand, this has made monitoring applications and their underpinning infrastructure more complex.


Put a Stop to Data Swamps with Event-Driven Data Testing

Ensure data quality in your S3 data lake using Python, AWS Lambda, SNS, and Great Expectations. Data lakes used to have a bad reputation when it comes to data quality. In contrast to data warehouses, data doesn’t need to adhere to any predefined schema before we can load it in. Without proper testing and governance, your data lake can easily turn into a data swamp.


How Grafana Cloud drives manufacturing plant efficiency at American Metal Processing

What makes a manufacturing plant efficient? “Generally, it means that there’s no wasted materials, no wasted time, and no wasted energy,” said Grant Pinkos, President of American Metal Processing. “Unplanned downtime is minimal or nonexistent.


Why Debugging JavaScript Sucks - And What You Can Do About It

What makes JavaScript great is also what makes it frustrating to debug. Its asynchronous nature makes it easy to manipulate the DOM in response to user events, but it also makes it difficult to locate problems. And JavaScript’s ubiquity has resulted in a variety of runtimes (e.g. Chromium’s V8, Safari’s JavaScriptCore, and Firefox’s SpiderMonkey) but having so many platforms can cause dizzying idiosyncracies — all of which need to be supported equally.


How Psyonix wins with better logging

When you grow your peak concurrent users by 5x nearly overnight, ensuring that your operations can successfully support that growth can be a make or break for your success. Rocket League is a popular online multiplayer game created by Psyonix described as arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem. In the summer of 2020, the game maker decided to switch the business model of the game from an upfront purchase to a free to play model.


Art of Data: Bringing Data to Esports

You may have seen the announcement that Splunk and McLaren Racing have expanded their partnership, which sees Splunk as an Official Global Partner of the McLaren Shadow Esports team and the Logitech McLaren G Challenge. As a budding Esports fan and data enthusiast, it’s really exciting to see these two worlds collaborate and accelerate the virtual racing experience.


Microsoft 365: Are You Flying Blind...and at What Cost?

Many organizations today are migrating from on-prem solutions for email / calendar / communications to Microsoft 365. If this is you, this is your productivity cloud across work and life, designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.


Understanding Where You Fit in the Web Performance Maturity Curve

We all know that faster is better. Research and results clearly indicate that faster experiences with fewer errors result in increased usage, conversion, and revenue. With the desire to improve business metrics in mind, organizations often seek immediate improvements in customer experience across digital properties. However, without proper planning and coordination, these attempts consistently fail.


Securing pipelines through secret management

Secrets management plays a critical role in keeping your pipelines and applications secure. While secrets management tools help, you need to implement best practices and processes to successfully manage secrets in a DevOps environment. Standardizing, automating and integrating these processes also helps secure secrets by reducing the chance of human error.


Reducing microservice overhead with shared libraries

It’s a common story: the product team gets early success and grows into a large monolithic code base. While everything is in a single code base, features can be added quickly. This is partly due to the ability to leverage shared code across each feature in the codebase. When your team is adding a new feature, a developer can leverage the existing codebase for needs such as logging or special error handling.


User Identity Awareness with LoadMaster ESP and Flowmon

In one of the previous blog posts from the load balancing education series, we discussed the Edge Security Pack functionality to provide an additional layer of security in front of an application workload to ensure that only properly authenticated users can interact with the application. In this role, the LoadMaster acts as a gateway for the application and handles user authentication through a third-party identity provider such as Microsoft Active Directory.


The Role of Threat Hunting in Modern Security

Security and IT teams may be loathe to admit it, but security has historically been mostly a reactive affair. Security engineers monitored for threats and responded when they detected one. They may have also taken steps to harden their systems against breaches, but they didn’t proactively fight the threats themselves. That is changing as more and more teams add threat hunting as one pillar of their cybersecurity strategies.


Shine on with user-friendly SQL capabilities in BigQuery

June is the month which holds the summer solstice, and (at least in the northern hemisphere) we enjoy the longest days of sunshine out of the entire year. Just as the sun is making its longest trips across the sky, the BigQuery team is delighted to announce our next set of user-friendly SQL features.


ATB Financial boosts SAP data insights and business outcomes with BigQuery

When ATB Financial decided to migrate its vast SAP landscape to the cloud, the primary goal was to focus on things that matter to customers as opposed to IT infrastructure. Based in Alberta, Canada, ATB Financial serves over 800,000 customers through hundreds of branches as well as digital banking options. To keep pace with competition from large banks and FinTech startups and to meet the increasing 24/7 demands of customers, digital transformation was a must.

sauce labs

Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Framework

A critical decision for organizations that are defining their automated testing strategy is choosing the right automated testing framework that will help their development and QA teams efficiently write and execute automated tests. The market offers a plethora of frameworks to choose from, and the decision isn’t always easy.

OpenTelemetry adoption at Microsoft

Ted Young discusses OpenTelemetry at Microsoft with Reiley Yang. Reiley is a Principal Software Engineering Manager at Mircosoft and a core contributor to OpenTelemetry. Ted and Reiley discuss how Microsoft is baking OpenTelemetry into .NET, the OpenTelemetry approach to design by balancing enterprise concerns with ease of use, how the collector will eventually grow a control plane, and more.

Maxa - AI for ERP and Point of Sale systems built on Snowflake

In today's episode, Daniel Myers from Snowflake interviews Raphael Steinman, CEO and Founder of maxa.ai -- an AI software platform that runs alongside ERP and point of sale systems that helps to monitor, forecast, and optimize businesses. Powered by Snowflake is a series where we interview technology leaders who are building businesses and applications on top of Snowflake.

That's A Data Problem - The New Normal | Daniel Newman & Splunk's Kristen Robinson

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation directly impacting companies’ people strategies. As companies adjust to the new normal, leadership must keep human centricity, flexibility and employee well-being at the top of their agenda - putting people at the heart of the process. Tech Analyst Daniel Newman and Chief People Officer at Splunk, Kristen Robinson, discuss how to manage the new normal. The pair touches on culture, connectivity and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Flexmls® Drops Imperva for HAProxy Enterprise's Bot Management Capabilities

FBS is the leading innovator of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) technology and one of the most recognized and respected real estate industry software brands. Fargo, ND-based and 100% employee-owned, FBS is dedicated to providing powerful and innovative products with responsive, personal service.


How to Measure Network Performance: 9 Network Metrics

In this article we’re running you through what is Network Performance, how to measure network performance, what network metrics we should collect to measure network performance, what is the impact of poor network quality on the most commonly used applications, and what tools you should use to monitor network performance.


How to Send Behavioral Emails with MailChimp and Moesif

In this guide you’ll learn how to send Moesif behavioral emails with Mailchimp. Moesif behavioral emails is a feature that automatically sends emails to customers based on their API usage. This can be used to notify customers about technical issues, such as: hitting rate limits, using deprecated APIs, or trying to run broken integrations. You can even use it to trigger business-related events such as when an item is shipped.

What is ETL?

The ETL process involves moving data from a source, transforming the data in some way, and loading the information to the same or a different source. You may feel a little confused the first time you encounter an ETL process. With the right platform, though, you can adjust quickly and learn how to manipulate data to make it more valuable.

PII Pseudonymization is the New Normal

Businesses rely on personal data to better tailor their approach to customer relations and streamline a marketing strategy suited to their target audience. In today's business climate, holding onto the personally identifiable information (PII) of specific individuals for various marketing and customer services purposes requires secure storage and extraction. PII pseudonymization is the latest and greatest method for protecting personal data.


Our exciting next step - k6 is now part of Grafana Labs!

It's been a few weeks since Raj Dutt, Grafana Labs CEO and Co-Founder, announced the k6 acquisition during the closing session of GrafanaCONline 2021. You can learn more by reading our joint press release, or by watching the recording of the k6 Office Hours I joined the day after the announcement. With this blog I would like to share my excitement and my perspective. The acquisition marks a milestone for the k6 team, our customers, and the k6 community.


DevOps Checklist for Distributed Tracing

So what is Distributed Tracing anyway? In the olden days, to debug problems, developers would typically log into the server running the software and inspect the logs and maybe some real-time metrics to investigate the issue. Nowadays, the distributed nature of modern architectures makes this impossible (although it wasn’t the best way, to begin with).


Observability vs. Monitoring: What's the Difference?

People often conflate monitoring and observability, and I can’t blame them. Marketers often use the terms interchangeably. However, monitoring and observability are two fundamentally different but related things. Understanding the differences between the two both technically and intuitively can help you become a better network troubleshooter, architect, and manager. After all, like many buzzwords before it, observability is an important concept if you can get past the fluff.


A Look at NodeGit and libgit2

One common question we hear from folks trying out the GitKraken Git GUI for the first time is “how do those Undo and Redo buttons work?” If you’re used to only using the CLI, or a GUI that simply runs Git CLI commands in the background, this might seem like some kind of weird voodoo. The real tech behind this, and all of GitKraken’s awesomeness, is not magic, but open source technology. The same open source technology powering many other Git projects.


Why companies need URL filtering for enhanced cloud protection

The cloud landscape is rife with unsafe URLs and inappropriate content. This—coupled with the accelerated adoption of cloud applications in the workplace—has created an urgent need to scrutinize and control the use of these online resources to prevent data theft, exposure, and loss. This blog elaborates on how a robust URL filtering solution can help manage what cloud services your employees use and how they interact with these services.

5 Tips for SaMD Development

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is a booming tech segment expected to skyrocket in the near future. Experts expect the global SaMD market to grow from $596.3 million to over $7.36 billion between 2021 and 2027, an astonishing 38.4% compound annual growth rate. Software developers understandably want in on the action-not only to profit, but to provide solutions that save lives and improve the quality of life for millions of healthcare consumers. But even software developers who have worked in regulated industries have not necessarily prepared themselves for the unique challenges of developing SaMD.

Secure Software Development: How to Check Your Code

In May of 2021, a cybercrime organization called DarkSide successfully locked operators of the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies the east coast with 45% of its petroleum fuel, out of their own software system with a type of malware called "ransomware." True to its name, ransomware returns access to your software (in theory) if you pay a ransom. The result-fuel supplies collapsed across the eastern United States, with gas lines, price spikes, and panic. People began hoarding gasoline in states not even served by the Colonial Pipeline. The US government passed emergency legislation. Even DarkSide seemed shocked at the impact of their cyberattack.

Five worthy reads: Internet of Behaviors - Exploring beyond the Internet of Things

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week let’s welcome a new acronym to the club — IoB (Internet of Behaviors) and assess its impact. Organizations are making the best use of analytics, A/B testing, and more amazing things to map the perfect customer journey. Here comes the missing piece to building an ideal user journey: Internet of Behavior (IoB).

Featured Post

How to Hire an Operations Manager

Operations managers are the linchpin between the company's internal and external operations. They oversee what goes on with internal stakeholders and take appropriate actions to ensure everything works perfectly in the outside world, i.e., with customers, investors, shareholders, etc. Hiring for this role can be challenging, especially with the high competition for top-level talent. So we've rounded up some tips to help you out with the hiring process.

EventSentry on GitHub: PowerShell module, templates and more!

Since we’ve accumulated a lot of resources around EventSentry that are updated frequently, we’ve decided to launch a GitHub page where anyone can access and download scripts, configuration templates, screen backgrounds and our brand-new PowerShell module that is still under development.


OctoPerf v12.4 - Integrate with Postman, Microsoft Teams, Grafana and Dynatrace

The focus of OctoPerf 12.4 is on integrations, first in regards to creating test scripts through our new Postman import released a few weeks ago. Through postman we also open OctoPerf to swagger and open API imports. Microsoft Teams is also on the menu in terms of alerting before/after the tests, but the main dish is the backend listeners. Through these you can have our load generators send metrics to your own database in real time during the test.

console connect

Understanding Network Speed And Latency

Businesses are demanding more from their networks than ever before. Be it moving more of your data and applications to the cloud or supporting the needs of an increasingly remote workforce, network performance is becoming more critical for the day-to-day running of a business. In this blog we look at the role that speed, bandwidth and latency can play in overall network performance, while exploring some of the ways IT managers can deliver a more reliable and consistent network experience...


A day in the life of cybersecurity. Splunk customer stories of SOC-cess

We have a saying at Splunk. It goes something like “if you’re ever having a bad day, go and talk to a customer”. What organizations around the world are doing with their data and Splunk brings a huge smile and an eyebrow raising, positive “can’t quite believe you’ve done that” very-impressed nod of the head. That’s never more true than with our security customers.


14 Different Ways To Fix "Your Connection Is Not Private" Error In Chrome

When you browse different websites on the internet, it is crucial to ensure that those websites are secure. Sometimes, when you open certain websites, you could face issues and error messages like “Your Connection is not private”. It is one of the common issue faced by users on Google as well as other web browsers. There could be many reasons for this prompted error message. It could either be an issue with the website’s security or an issue from your end or your internet connection.

WWDC 2021: Expectations vs. Reality - Recap discussion with iOS experts

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference happened between June 7- 11, and it kept the entire iOS developer community in constant buzz for weeks. On WWDC 2021, we got a first look at the latest Apple platforms, tools, and technologies, and we were thrilled to discuss all that happened with the iOS dev community!

Why Do Employee-First IT Pros Make More Money?

Competition for good employees is fierce. Nearly all business leaders (95% according to a 2021 Robert Half study) say it’s challenging to find skilled professionals. So companies must invest in workplace experiences that can attract and retain talent. Competition for sales and market share is also tough, and that means companies must rely on top-tier talent to thrive in the digital era.


Nutritional Labels for Hardware? Believe it.

The turbulence of 2020 and increased remote working has meant that many businesses across the globe have been forced to make sudden and significant investments in hardware devices to support the working needs of their staff. Hardware companies like Apple, HP and Dell have been seeing a surge in personal computing/device sales to the point of shortages in the market.


3 Steps For A More Strategic Approach to Incident Reduction

When an IT incident negatively impacts employee experience, IT teams rush to remedy the issue – understandably, as a widespread incident can have major effects on employees’ productivity, security, and overall experience. Yet, so many IT teams find themselves drowning in support tickets even as they continue to resolve top call drivers (the incidents that affect the most employees and drive the most support requests).


Don't Let Network Issues Hurt the Employee Experience

We’ve all been there: the Zoom call that drops out in the middle of a crucial discussion; the browser application that won’t load when you badly need to access it. Network problems have been around since the dawn of the Internet, and they always will be. But during this recent period of remote working, connectivity issues have become a much bigger threat to workspace productivity and employee experience.


Here's What the Future Holds for IT Professionals

If someone predicted how IT roles will change in the coming years, they’d likely envision tech roles maturing around emerging and high-value new technologies, such as AI, data science, and the cloud, as well as an ongoing focus on cybersecurity across industries and business divisions. These topics frequently come up in discussions with tech leaders about the near future of IT roles. But many would be surprised by two major trends.


Go From Reactive to Proactive With Index Scoring

This one goes out to my fellow IT support leaders who might find themselves drowning in ticket data and stuck in reactive mode. I work as the Enhanced Support Services Lead at a global consulting firm where I manage my organization’s L2 support team and in-house Customer Experience Analytics team (CEA)—a group of individuals that I wish had by my side years ago—more on that later.


The Last SaaS Pricing Guide You'll Ever Need

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry has been rapidly growing and, as a result, has become increasingly competitive. As the space becomes more crowded, it becomes even more important for SaaS companies to find unique ways to establish a competitive advantage. One of the most effective ways for a SaaS company to outperform its competitors is by implementing a SaaS-specific pricing strategy. With a better approach to pricing, companies can operate more efficiently and improve their margins.

Introduction to Service Mesh - Saiyam Pathak

This time around the topic for the Civo Community Meetup was Kubernetes service meshes and the role they play in providing visibility and open communication between your pods/containers. Saiyam Pathak, Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo, discussed the concept of service meshes and best practices. Get free credit to test-drive the world’s first K3s-powered, managed Kubernetes service.

Redesigning the User Experience in Rundeck 3.4.0

Rundeck 3.4.0 includes an exciting redesigned user experience! This article summarizes the updates and provides insight into why we made the upgrades. With an internal initiative for “Building the Best Rundeck”, we set out to improve critical pain points that aim at solving problems that will benefit users of both Rundeck Community and Rundeck Enterprise.


1 Year Later: Key IT Lessons from Remote Working

Even though lockdown in the UK is easing and shops are reopening, there remains a question mark around the timing for the return to the office. As the pandemic continues to impact society, many professionals find themselves continuing to conduct business from their home offices, dining rooms, or bedrooms.


Prometheus Remote Write Support with InfluxDB 2.0

In InfluxDB 1.x, we provided support for the Prometheus remote write API. The release of InfluxDB 2.0 does not provide support for the same API. However, with the release of Telegraf 1.19, Telegraf now includes a Prometheus remote write parser that can be used to ingest these metrics and output them to either InfluxDB 1.x or InfluxDB 2.0.


An Intro Guide to Game Engine Logging & Locating Your Logs

Game development is an entirely different beast to other industries. Marketing, development, and release are more tightly interwoven than in other sectors, with a lot of pressure to meet community-anticipated milestones and launch. As such, it’s important to have game engine logging and monitoring pipelines set up for your projects. In other platforms, version upgrades and roll-outs tend to be sudden, with no definitive date set.

Unified agent for asset discovery for ServiceDesk Plus

In this video, we will discuss the new agent for ServiceDesk Plus, the configurations required to set it up, remote control, and more. With the new, enhanced unified agent for asset discovery, courtesy of Desktop Central, the unified endpoint solution (UEM) from ManageEngine, ServiceDesk Plus users now have access to a powerful agent which enables efficient asset discovery, remote control, and more.The new agent is available for ServiceDesk Plus customers using professional and enterprise editions, both new installations and upgrades alike.

Full Stack Django Monitoring, Part 2

In the first part of this series, we deployed a Django application on a DigitalOcean Droplet and created a simple Django application. To monitor our Django application, we installed the SolarWinds® APM Integrated Experience featuring AppOptics™, Loggly®, and Pingdom®. In the conclusion of this article, we’ll explore the different types of monitoring provided by the APM Integrated Experience.

super monitoring

SEMrush - Your End-to-end SEO Solution

In today’s digital age, keeping up with market trends is exactly what a business has to do to stay ahead. Creating a solid online brand image plays a key role in this task, and to do it, dedicated SEO efforts go a long way. Crafting targeted keywords that can direct traffic to your webpages can work wonders in capturing a widespread customer base. Now what if we were to tell you that instead of doing everything manually, you could rely on an automated tool to take care of things?


New in Grafana 8.0: Streaming real-time events and data to dashboards

Grafana was made for large IT infrastructure projects, but a growing group of users rely on it for industrial/IoT projects, like monitoring physical equipment. And with good reason. According to Grafana Labs VP of Applications Ryan McKinley, “Software built by software engineers trying to know how their software is running is often nicer than industrial alternatives.” Some of the Grafana 8.0 updates were designed with industrial/IoT users in mind.


Exploring The Total Economic Impact Study of Looker

Business Intelligence (BI) leaders often find themselves in a unique and difficult position when it comes to making strategic buying decisions for their organizations. On the one hand, making the right buying decision is crucial. BI is consistently cited as one of the top most critical initiatives for organizations to invest in to harness the value of their data as they evolve and digitally transform.


From Disruption to Innovation: How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain

It’s no secret that there has been massive disruption across global supply chains over the past year. In fact, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies have stated that they are facing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. Many factors have conspired to drive disruption, leading to increased costs and delays for many industries and ultimately impacting the prices that companies and consumers pay for goods.

6 Key Factors for Digital Transformation Success

Digital Transformation (DX) is the magic word that creates miracles to early-adopter organizations, and now the evolution has got its catbird seat in the global business market. The digital switch-over has changed the way companies interact with and influence customers, position their brands against their competitors and promote new products and services.

What Top Brands Are Saying About Splunk Observability Cloud

Customers have had a lot to say about the new Splunk Observability Cloud since we announced general availability on May 5, 2021. For the first time ever, IT and DevOps teams can get all their data in one place with unified metrics, traces and logs — collected in real time, without sampling and at any scale. What makes Splunk Observability Cloud unique from other solutions? We’ll let our customers do the talking.


CrowdStrike CTO Michael Sentonas Shares Insights on Humio

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with CrowdStrike CTO Michael Sentonas for Episode 47 of our The Hoot podcast series. Michael has 20+ years of cybersecurity experience and played a lead role in the Humio acquisition so it was great to get his take on why CrowdStrike acquired Humio and how the acquisition will help customers. Michael also shared some of his thoughts on the latest security trends, current chip shortage and news of the day.


How to use managed IT services like the Fortune 500

Managed IT services are widely used by the most sophisticated organisations across the globe. Recent reports show that over 90% of the Fortune 500 have multiple outsourcing contracts to managed service providers, with a value of over $190 billion. This includes managed IT services such cloud services, infrastructure, networks, security, backup, applications and much more. How can organisations at any scale adopt the same strategy and benefit from managed IT services?


AutoML Tables is now generally available in BigQuery ML

Google’s cloud data warehouse, BigQuery, has enabled organizations around the world to accelerate their digital transformation and empower their data analysts to unlock actionable insights from their data. Using BigQuery ML, data analysts are able to create sophisticated machine learning models with just SQL and uncover predictive insights from their data much faster.


Creating a Firebird API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.


Secure PII Pseudonymization: How to Do It Right

With news of a devastating data breach constantly in the headlines, you need to take proactive steps to safeguard the personally identifiable information (PII) that your organization stores and processes. Along with techniques such as PII masking, PII pseudonymization is one of the most popular and practical ways to protect sensitive data. But what is PII pseudonymization, exactly, and how can you pseudonymize PII? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article.


The evolving role of the CIO: Shaping the future of work

The role of the chief information officer (CIO) continues to evolve in response to an always-changing business environment. Through its unique position among the C-suite, the CIO is a strategic adviser who has historically been a highly influential and prominent figure for important decision-making across the enterprise.


3 Essential Project Management Tools to Boost Your Productivity

The pandemic has obviously changed the way we work. Most of us are still working from home until today. Thanks to the internet and technology, though, we can get our individual work and team projects are done seamlessly – no matter how far the distance between us and our coworkers. That might seem impossible without the help of project management tools. Today, project management tools are popular more than ever.


Improve Operational Efficiency (5 Tips & Tricks)

Do you know how to improve operational efficiency in your organization? As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, you should aim to hit the ground running with an organization-wide productivity drive. A decline in productivity has been a key concern for many operating remotely during the pandemic. With employees entering back into the workplace, it is time to start examining ways to improve operational efficiency.


DX NetOps 21.2 Innovates with Scale, Speed, and Simplicity

DX NetOps 21.2 network monitoring software continues to innovate and improve the scale, speed, and simplicity of network operations with a focused set of high-value features and capabilities. Exciting new enhancements include increased monitoring scale, telemetry support, expanded SDN and cloud technology coverage, and usability and security updates. SCALE. Networks today handle a lot of data. That's why we are proud to support the largest deployments of networking technologies around the world.

Understanding and tracking the impact of your ever-changing k8s deployments

As developers we’re not always fully aware of security implications stipulated from changes to our code whether these are done in the CI, CD or an artifact database. It is always challenging to predict the impact of a changed 3rd party library, a security context or an RBAC permission, accessing a different network to the same resource or even using an API in a different way than we used to. Understanding the impact immediately and being able to make a change without disrupting the pipeline is therefore an important requirement. This session will present best practices to cope with these day to day changes and will propose a set of tools to address them cohesively.

Product Demo

This 45-minute product demo provides a demonstration of how Coralogix is disrupting the application monitoring and observability market with our game-changing technology. We're working to redefine the way organizations approach logging in their modern DevOps and CI/CD environments. We are increasing developer productivity (less time searching the logs, more time developing), and saving companies upwards of 60% on the overall cost of data volume storage (due to our underlining architecture).

Best codeless automation testing tools in 2021

With the advent of agile and DevOps culture, we’re already embracing digital transformation. Organizations globally are looking for newer technologies and tools to innovate, enhance productivity and deliver faster. If we talk about testing itself — automation has taken us several leaps ahead; QA teams have solidified test efficiency and coverage even further. Gone are the days when automation testers had to learn coding to write test scripts.


Advantages of using codeless test automation tools - An exhaustive list

MarketQuest (2021) predicts automation testing to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.8% for the next five years. Globally, organizations across banking, retail, automotive, healthcare, etc., amongst others will embark on automation. Picture Credit: Zeus.ai That brings us to the crux of our conversation — codeless test automation. What is it, and why do we need it?


Fine-tune network uptime monitoring with OpManager

Uptime monitoring has a direct impact on your organization’s ability to support end-users and deliver services. Not maintaining adequate uptime can interfere with business productivity and impact end-user satisfaction, eventually resulting in financial losses. Establishing uptime can be a challenging task since there are numerous factors that can act against it.

Failover Internet - What Your Business Needs To Know

With more of us online now than ever before, businesses across the world have become increasingly reliant on the internet. Essential IT infrastructures including emails, file-sharing platforms, POS systems, VoIP phones, and our new favorite collaboration tools Zoom and Teams all require an internet connection to use. Read on to understand how failover internet works, its benefits, what options are available, and why it should play a key role in your continuity planning.

ITIL Change Management : 7 Best Practices

Change is inevitable but never easy especially in IT. IT professionals can relate to this statement. When it comes to ITSM, solid change management is a sign of maturity. Why is that? Among the ITIL processes, change management is the most difficult to get right, because it requires the right mix of process, people, and technology. There’s a lot of grey areas when it comes to implementing change management.


AWS Glue 101: What Is It And When Should You Use It?

By the time AWS Glue was being introduced in 2017, big data had already been widely recognized as a critical resource to any organization that intends to outperform its competitors. If you check out NewVantage Partners’ Big Data Executive Survey of 2017, you’ll notice that enterprises have been leveraging big data to drive success in a number of ways.

Introduction to SMI (Service Mesh Interface) - Kai Hoffman

This time around the topic for the Civo Community Meetup was Kubernetes service meshes and the role they play in providing visibility and open communication between your pods/containers. Kai Hoffman, Developer Advocate at Civo, outlined the Service Mesh Interface, a project to standardise service mesh specifications on Kubernetes.

How Siemens uses IoT sensor data and Grafana to optimize train maintenance, capacity, and more

There’s something special about the interactions a train journey generates — the interesting views and perspectives that inspire insights and drive new thinking. Martin Klimmek, Head of Digital Development and Operations at Siemens Mobility and Haluk Tutuk, Data Platform Engineer with Periscube, are among 20 data scientists, data engineers, and DevOps engineers building the next generation of data-powered customer service for the rolling stock industry in the U.K. and beyond.


Appian RPA 7.9 Is Here with New Features to Help You Automate Even Faster

The Appian RPA 7.9 release unveils important new updates that make it easier for you to improve the speed and efficiency of your robotic process automation (RPA) workflows: Feature: Manage multiple browser types in a single RPA execution. - Problem solved: Sometimes complex workflows require the use of multiple browsers in a single automation. Does your process contain tasks that must be completed in legacy systems that can only be accessed on specific browsers (like Internet Explorer)?


How Integrations Lead to Easier, Quicker and Better Decision-Making

Whether from a monitoring tool such as Datadog, a collaboration tool such as Slack, an automation tool such as Chef or a ticketing tool such as ServiceNow or JIRA, AIOps seamlessly integrates data from all of your IT sources. A robust AIOps solution with integrations can help your DevOps and SRE teams better know where to begin fix problems, resolving incidents before they affect services and reducing downtime.


How to Use Bugfender on Flutter

Flutter is a user interface toolkit from Google which is primarily used to develop mobile applications but can also be deployed to create web and desktop apps. With Flutter, we can develop applications for both IOS and Android using the same source code. This dovetails neatly with Bugfender, our remote logging service that allows users to collect logs for everything in the application.


Migrate Hive data from CDH to CDP public cloud

Many Cloudera customers are making the transition from being completely on-prem to cloud by either backing up their data in the cloud, or running multi-functional analytics on CDP Public cloud in AWS or Azure. The Replication Manager service facilitates both disaster recovery and data migration across different environments.


Why You Need Real-Time for Faster MTTR

“If you ain't first, you're last.” While that famous one-liner from Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) in the cult hit Talladega Nights is more joke than catchphrase, it hits home for those of us in the world of DevOps and Observability. Faster is better. And in our technology-driven world of online transactions and complex environments, faster isn’t just better — it’s crucial.


15 Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools & Software

As your business grows, so will the number of components in your infrastructure, making manual monitoring impossible without the proper tools. Be it performance metrics, availability status, or application component logs, you need a tool that provides end-to-end visibility into the health of your infrastructure. To help you get started, we’ll compare some of the best infrastructure monitoring tools and software, both open source and paid, available today.

eg innovations

Service Desk Automation Demands Deep Integration with Monitoring Tools

ITIL’s definition of a service desk is: “The single point of contact between the service provider and the users. A typical service desk manages incidents and service requests, and also handles communication with the users.” Service desks such as JIRA, Autotask and ServiceNow, often also support multiple IT Service Management (ITSM) activities.


What is a Branch in Git and How to Use It - Ultimate Guide

Developing a website or software isn't easy, a team of developers will be developing a new feature, other team will be testing whether the built feature works as expected, other might be fixing the bugs and so on. Managing these different versions of same code base must be a little tricky. Here comes the concept called branch in git which is used as a pointer to a snapshot of your changes. When we talk about branches in git these are the major questions that arises in our mind.


9 Possible Solutions To Fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error on Your WordPress Site

WordPress errors such as 502 bad getaway error frustrate and annoy the website owners and the users and visitors on your website. This is one of the most usual WordPress errors, and others such as the error establishing the database connection or white screen of death also create a lot of performance and other website issues. 502 bad gateway error is especially popular as it affects smaller websites and huge services such as Twitter, Gmail, CloudFlare experience this issue.


The BigQuery admin reference guide: Resource Hierarchy

Starting this week, we’re adding new content to the BigQuery Spotlight Youtube series. Throughout the summer we’ll be adding new videos and blog posts focused on helping new BigQuery architects and administrators master the fundamentals. You can find complimentary material for the topics discussed in the official BigQuery documentation.


AWS Data Pipeline Best Practices

Knowing best practices for Amazon Web Services (AWS) data pipelines is essential for modern companies handling large datasets and requiring secure ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. In this article, we discuss AWS data pipeline best practices to ensure top performance and streamlined processes — without complications that can impede the execution of data transfer.

Driving Real world Value with Netreo's Microsoft 365 Insight | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Are you among the 43% if IT departments which have deployed Microsoft 365? If yes, you probably are enjoying the benefits of SaaS, but are concerned about mission-critical availability and performance not only from the core of your IT infrastructure, but to your end users as well. View our on-demand webinar with special guest Alex Ulbrich, CTO at Whitlock IS, and Netreo Product Manager (and recovering sys-admin), Andy Markowitz, to explore best practices for achieving the Microsoft 365 visibility you need to drive maximum productivity.

Skip to the End Accelerating Root cause Analysis | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Every minute spent on finding the cause of the problem means one more minute of disruption. You don’t like it. Your boss doesn’t like it. And, above all, your customers don’t like it. This on-demand webinar will show you how to shave time off your root-cause analysis and ‘skip to the end’ as you determine the root cause of outages so they don’t ever get repeated. In this webinar you’ll learn.

Managing IT at Scale | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Every IT environment faces the challenge of scaling operations efficiently and seamlessly, even as the demands of the business change and complexity increases. Maintaining visibility while preserving security and enabling rapid NOC response can be a difficult challenge to solve. View this webinar to learn the best ways to leverage distributed collection and monitoring to seamlessly manage your global IT operations, get better visibility into secure network segments and data centers, and improve your service-levels, all without adding additional labor burden.

Cloud Visibility: Tips to Cover Your 'aaS' | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Optimizing costs and monitoring the performance and availability of Microsoft Azure and AWS resources are no simple task, especially when you're lacking visibility into said resources. View this on-demand webinar for tips to ensure your "aaS" is covered, be it IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, or FaaS. In this webinar Andy Markowitz, Netreo Product Manager (and recovering sysadmin), will cover.

Monitoring + ITSM + CMDB: Together in Perfect Harmony | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Considering monitoring systems normally do not include ITSM functionality, it’s paramount that monitoring and ITSM tools work in sync. While both solutions often share an overlapping dataset, the parallel nature for each tool type can lead to conflicts, which in turn impacts the efficiency of IT operations. View this webinar to explore the best ways to make your ITSM/CMDB and monitoring integration seamless and easy, and streamline your operations process so efforts can be applied to resolving technical challenges rather than spending valuable time chasing down data synchronization issues.

Bridging the Gap Between Dev and Ops | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

- -Digital business disruption and application and infrastructure changes are making it even more challenging to achieve the full-stack observability needed to provide optimal digital experience and business outcomes. Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops with a “fuller stack” view that provides visibility from development to digital experience is the way forward. View this on-demand webinar to see how the combined forces of Netreo and Stackify can help you do just that.

Winning the Battle Against Data Deluge and Alarm Fatigue | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Too many alarms is just as bad as not enough. Getting drowned in data instead of actionable information leads to many missed issues and delayed response times. Not only is the task of triaging redundant and low priority alerts overwhelming, it also has sinister side effects on a Network/System Admin’s work. In this webinar you’ll learn.

Better Monitoring Netreo Case Studies | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

IT monitoring and management in today’s complex, ever-changing digital environments can be brutal. But, with the right tool for your environment and business goals, it doesn’t have to be. View this on-demand webinar to explore successful outcomes achieved by customers using the Netreo full stack IT infrastructure monitoring and management platform.

The 3 Keys to Automating IT Infrastructure Management | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

As organizations expand and change dynamically, keeping up with the speed of IT changes can be a real challenge, and getting (and keeping!) all of your IT assets under management can just make it more difficult. And every organization is being asked to manage more and more assets with limited resources and staff.

To Build a Production App Platform with Kubernetes, Focus on Developer Experience .

To get developers to adopt Kubernetes, it's important to keep in mind that it's not about Kubernetes! It's about the developer experience we create on top of it. At VMware Tanzu, we believe that success with platforms like Kubernetes is found at the intersection of applications and infrastructure, focusing on creating a great developer experience and enabling platform teams in modern practices that will help them be successful on Day 2.

Establishing & Monitoring Your Microsoft Teams

To maintain effective Microsoft Teams performance, you must first understand two things: the metrics that define an optimal Microsoft Teams performance and where your Teams performance currently ranks against those metrics. By establishing a Microsoft Teams service quality baseline for your business, you can determine what is normal in terms of performance, and what isn’t. More importantly, you can identify where and when your focus should be to improve the overall user experience.

That's A Data Problem - Thriving in an Uncertain World | Daniel Newman & Splunk's Doug Merritt

The COVID-19 pandemic unveiled the importance of business resiliency. Moving forward, the case for prioritizing business resilience is beyond doubt. Leadership must leverage data and system resilience to meet new threats that could impact their business model and operations. Tech Analyst Daniel Newman and CEO of Splunk, Doug Merritt, discuss how to build business resilience focusing on data strategies, people-first leadership and investing to be ready for a future of uncertainty.

That's A Data Problem - How Do Security Programs Drive Business Results?

The sheer number of cybersecurity attacks against companies continues to grow, and with accelerated cloud transformation, IT teams are facing new challenges. To drive innovation and stay competitive, companies need to ensure they are using cloud securely, prioritizing a security first approach and mitigating risks to drive business results.

5 Steps to Prevent PII Data Breaches

When it was revealed in September 2017, the massive Equifax data breach made international headlines. As one of the three major credit agencies in the United States, Equifax is responsible for processing personally identifiable information (PII) such as individuals’ names, addresses, and social security numbers. According to Equifax, 143 million people were affected by the data breach, making it one of the biggest cybersecurity disasters in history.


Debugging with Dashbird: Lambda Task Timed Out After X Seconds

When building serverless applications, Lambda functions often form the backbone of the system. They might provide just a few lines of code, but these lines are usually what hold the whole architecture composed of many managed services together. Event-driven architecture is what this style is called, and it’s most prevalent in serverless applications. API gateways collect requests from your users, convert them to events, and send these along the way.

vmware tanzu

How to Build a Kafka-Spark-Solr Data Analytics Platform Using Deployment Blueprints

Enterprise applications rely on large amounts of data that needs to be distributed, processed, and stored. Data platforms offer data management services via a combination of open source and commercially supported software stacks. These services enable accelerated development and deployment of data-hungry business applications. Building a containerized data analytics platform comprising different software stacks comes with several deployment challenges.

Have You Herd? Episode 2 | Getting into the DevOps Culture

Join the Moogsoft Engineering team for our second episode of Have You Herd?! This episode we talk about how you can get into the DevOps culture covering questions like... How do you contribute to a DevOps culture as an individual contributor? What pipelines and tools should a company have set up before embarking on the DevOps journey? What kind of skills should you have to market as a DevOps leading engineer?

How Much Damage a Ransomware Attack Can Cause

As soon as you turn on a news channel or try to read the latest broadcast from your favorite site, you can find an article on cybercriminal activity, especially ransomware-type. Ransomware, a highly crippling malware attack on businesses of all sizes and sensitive information, has been in action. You can search now and find several companies getting attacked and losing footing.
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3 ways to motivate your developer team with metrics

Metrics are essential to assess how developer teams and organisations can work smarter and improve software delivery as a whole. Execution metrics, including the likes of throughput, delivery and number of deploys, are mostly looked at to determine how a team performs, and if overall, they are efficient. But, while useful, these metrics alone can sometimes be a distraction. For individuals, they may not be inspiring to achieve, and for businesses, they may not provide a complete picture of results - at least not without connecting them to a bigger goal or vision.

DNS Lookup Explained

The Domain Name System, DNS for short, is one of the most important protocols on the internet, and yet relatively few people understand its purpose. DNS is a protocol which governs how computers exchange data online. Its purpose, simply stated, is to match names with numbers, helping to convert memorable domain names (such as statuscake.com), into an IP address (such as for Google.com) that your browser can use. DNS is essentially a map or a phone book of the internet.


Multi-tenant Architecture for SaaS Apps

A multi-tenant architecture is essentially a framework in which a common instance of a software application is used to service several client applications or tenants. This multi-tenant architecture has found extensive adoption in SaaS applications, which cater to requests from tens and thousands of clients. The main reason for the adoption of multi-tenancy is the efficient and optimal use of resources and funds, along with delivering seamless service.


Boost Business Productivity

It’s one thing to be using Microsoft Teams. It’s entirely different to have your users running Teams efficiently. From dropped calls to lags in response time to jittery video connections – Teams isn’t without its daily problems. And yet, you’re being held responsible to not just make sure Teams is up and running but to also improve the quality of the user experience and overall business productivity.


Log Management Challenges in Modern IT Environments

Modern IT environments have presented many difficult-to-overcome challenges to organizations in recent times. One such challenge is gaining visibility into the systems. One may argue that due to cloud computing and limitless storage, it is now very easy to overcome some of the conventional challenges regarding visibility. However, the architecture has changed into infrastructure scheduling and microservices. Hardware and software programs are now more complex, with their own set of challenges.


Tips for Building a Homelab

Have you ever wanted to set up your own sysadmin homelab? Before you begin, you need to look at major decisions regarding your software and hardware requirements. In today’s age and date, almost every person has a personal computer, assuming smartphones as equivalent to computers. To set up a vmware vsphere homelab to your liking, let’s discuss important tips for each component of home sysadmin labs.


Ecommerce analytics 101: The ultimate guide

To grow your eCommerce business ahead of your competitors you need to rely on analytics. Ecommerce analytics is the compass that replaces your gut feelings as you scale your e-shop to higher grounds and more online sales. In this ultimate guide to eCommerce analytics we will look at: What is eCommerce analytics? Why is eCommerce analytics crucial for the success of your store? What are the best metrics and KPIs to track for eCommerce?

uptime robot

UptimeRobot June 2021 Update: SSL info in Dashboard, test notification setup and meta robots tag

Last month was filled with news and we’re happy to report that we were able to finish the other three little features! Let’s take a look at them quickly so you can get back to enjoying the summer 🙂


7 Must-Have Tools for Best PHP Performance

Delivering high-quality PHP applications is growing more difficult as applications become more complicated. Perfecting your PHP performance monitoring procedure is more crucial than ever. To all PHP developers out there, it is highly recommended that you use the appropriate PHP performance tools for each application you design to guarantee that it performs correctly. There are a number of tools available to track the performance of your application.

SaaS in 60 - Digest Notification Delivery Option

This week we introduce a new delivery option within the Qlik Sense SaaS notification settings. In addition to receiving triggered, as they happen, Qlik Sense SaaS notifications via email, mobile devices, and via the hub notification icon – you can now choose to receive all your notifications in a easy to view digest which creates a single notification bundle delivered to you in a single email.

A Riddle, a Sale, and the Importance of Proactive End-User Monitoring

Finally, the days are getting longer, the sun is heating up, and I’m able to spend all my free time outside soaking it in here in Austin, Texas. As I was laying out this weekend, I came up with a riddle for you: what do sunscreen, a life vest, and SolarWinds® Pingdom® have in common? Whether it’s real or metaphorical crickets I’m hearing, here’s the answer: proactivity.


Practical CPU time performance tuning for security software: Part 1

Software performance issues come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, performance tuning includes many aspects and subareas, and has to adopt a broad range of methodologies and techniques. Despite all this, time is one of the most critical measurements of software performance. In this multi-part series, I’ll focus on a few of the time-related aspects of software performance — particularly for security software.


How grocery chain H-E-B uses the Grafana Enterprise Stack to improve business

H-E-B is one of the largest grocery chains in the U.S. that works with roughly 137,000 partners to achieve more than $32 billion in sales each year. In the past decade, the 116-year-old, Texas-based grocer has undergone a digital transformation to reinvent and expand its business, offering services such as online bakery orders, curbside pick-up, and grocery delivery from its 420 stores.


Humio Helps Michigan State University Improve SecOps Observability

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michigan State University Network Security Engineer David Graff for Episode 46 of our Hoot podcast series. MSU uses Humio for SecOps log management so it was great to get his first-hand perspective on how Humio helps the security team improve visibility and streamline forensics.


Elastigroup configurable auto-healing

When EC2 instances fail to serve requests the usual cause is typically hardware issues or high CPU utilization. To avoid sending traffic to instances with these issues, AWS continuously monitors instance health and routes inbound traffic accordingly. In the past Elastigroup fetched the health status for all managed instances and triggered an automatic replacement once an instance was determined as unhealthy.


The Biggest DevSecOps Hits From swampUP 2021

In the wake of recent events like the SolarWinds hack and the White House executive order on cybersecurity, DevSecOps and security are top-of-mind for most DevOps and security professionals. How to efficiently adapt or adopt a sound DevSecOps practice has become a priority, especially with the U.S. government’s impending mandate requiring software applications to be vetted, and to create a trusted Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) for each one.


Everything You Should Know About Spam Filters

We are all aware of the spam folder in our email dashboard. This article deals with how spam filters automatically identify and divert spam mail from our inbox to the spam folder. Spam filters are used to screen inbound emails (the emails entering a particular network) and outbound emails (the emails leaving the network). The Internet Service Providers utilize both methods for protecting the receiver and the sender. There are many types of spam filtering solutions available.


How Log Analytics Powers Cloud Operations: Three Best Practices for CloudOps Engineers

At the turn of the 20th Century, enterprises shut down their clunky generators and started buying electricity from new utilities such as the Edison Illuminating Company. In doing so, they cut costs, simplified operations, and made profound leaps in productivity. The promise of modern cloud computing invites easy comparisons to those first electric utilities: outsource to them, save money and simplify.


Understanding the DoD's Data Strategy: Part 2

Published in late 2020, the DoD Data Strategy emphasizes the importance of unlocking and operationalizing data-value from across its enterprise to support mission operations and maintain battlefield advantage. The strategy highlights seven goals and objectives that the DoD believes will align the DoD's Data Strategy with industry best practices.


Designing Honeycomb for Our Users

You might have noticed some visual changes happening in Honeycomb lately. Colors, typography, icons, and some features have started to look a bit different. While these changes are just beginning to make their way into the product, we’ve been working on them for some time. Let’s look at what has been going on behind the scenes to make them happen.


Monitoring Availability Metrics with Blackbox exporter and Sysdig

The Prometheus Blackbox exporter allows endpoints exploration over several protocols, such as HTTP(S), DNS, TCP, and ICMP. This exporter generates multiple metrics on your configured targets, like general endpoint status, response time, redirect information, or certificate expiration dates. The Blackbox Exporter works out-of-the-box, as it just focuses on external visibility details. To get more detailed metrics, you can instrument your applications.


How to Introduce Automation to Incident Response with Slack and PagerDuty

Major-incident war rooms are synonymous with stress. Pressure from executives, digging for a needle in a haystack, too much noise—it’s all weight on your hardworking technical teams. Incident responders clearly need a more effective way to collaborate across various technical teams. A method that both minimizes interruptions and keeps stakeholders up to date while ensuring everyone has the right level of context to do their job.


CFEngine 3.18 LTS released - Extensibility

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of CFEngine 3.18.0! The focus of this new version has been extensibility. It also marks an important event, the beginning of the 3.18 LTS series, which will be supported for 3 years. Several new features have been added since the release of CFEngine 3.15 LTS, in the form of non-LTS releases. In this blog post we’ll primarily focus on what is new in 3.18, but we will also highlight some things released in 3.16 and 3.17.


Getting to Know the Apache Hadoop Technology Stack

With technology innovations raging at incredible speeds over the past few decades, new and exciting platforms for gathering, storing, transforming, and manipulating data are entering the market every day. Apache Hadoop was one of these disrupters when it entered the market in 2006, offering distributed storage and big data processing using a network of many computers.


DataDog Competitors: 9 Alternatives to Consider

DataDog is a service that monitors cloud-scale applications. It is a platform used by developers of various information technology (IT) and DevOps teams. Through this service, they can define and regulate performance metrics. It was first developed in 2010 in New York by Oliver Pomel and Alexis Lê-Quôc, the current CEO and CTO, respectively.

How to structure your BigQuery resources

What are folders, projects, and datasets and how do they come together to support warehousing fundamentals like security and cost management? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we’ll review the BigQuery resource model and how this resource hierarchy is reflected in the Cloud Console, where you’ll interact with and analyze your BigQuery data. Moreover, we’ll give you some helpful tips when it comes to structuring your own BigQuery resources. Watch to learn the best way to structure your BigQuery deployments!

Solarisbank Banks on PagerDuty to Keep Financial Services Online

Solarisbank is Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service platform that enables any business to offer their own financial services. Satyajit Ranjeev, Daria Kameneva, and Jens Hermann discuss how PagerDuty helps teams implement a “you build it, you own it” model and reduce incident response times.

The Top 4 DevOps Headlines of 2025

Welcome to swampUP 2021! A year ago, we said that in 2020, every company would be a DevOps company. We couldn’t have imagined the news stories 2020 would bring, both globally and in our industry, with DevOps now affecting all business stakeholders. While the worldwide pandemic has shaped the immediate future of DevOps and digital transformation, we move ever-closer to a post-pandemic world, where the foundations laid today will have ripple effects across the marketplace. Join Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO of JFrog, as he kicks off swampUP with some unexpected headlines, taken directly (probably) from the pages of 2025’s news cycle.

The Importance of Log Management for Your Home Network

The team at observIQ is just like every one of you reading this, we are avid programmers, gamers, traders, thinkers, and innovators who build an elaborate home network for fun, work, and for the simple reason that we enjoy technology. We are constantly growing the size and footprint of our home networks and labs as well – adding custom apps, devices, and servers, making it challenging to gauge our technical footprint.