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Setting up Cachet on Google Cloud

Cachet is an open source status page package written on top of the Laravel framework. At Printr, we don’t run any other PHP service, so configuring a seperate server to run Cachet on would take a lot of time, resources and maintanance. Luckily, Cachet’s community has created a Docker implementation of Cachet, which is hosted on Docker Hub. There’s a few quirks however that make it more difficult to deploy on hosted container platforms like Google Cloud’s container engine.


Set Up a Service Status Page for Free with Cachet

The best way for organizations to handle these kinds of situations is with complete transparency. This can easily be achieved by setting up a status page that reflects your service's operational status. You can set up this status page to display uptime metric graphs, any recent incidents, what is being done to resolve them, and an incident history.