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Sep 13, 2019   |  By Dang Nguyen
Editor's note: Today we hear from Dang Nguyen, API Platform Product Owner at Experian, on how the company uses the Apigee API management platform to digitally transform from a traditional credit bureau to a true technology and software provider. Read on to learn how Experian uses APIs to help businesses make smarter decisions and individuals take financial control.
Sep 8, 2019   |  By Apigee
In my experience as a digital consultant for Google Cloud’s Apigee team, I’ve found that when a technology gets classified as “middleware,” it’s often encumbered with a scarlet letter of sorts. Business leaders find it unexciting — so much so that they often resign it to the purview of technology professionals and don’t spare a second thinking about it.
Aug 29, 2019   |  By Michael Petiot
Editor’s note: Today we hear from Worldline, a financial services organization that creates and operates digital platforms handling billions of critical transactions between companies, partners, and customers every year. In this post, Wordline head of alliances and partnerships Michaël Petiot and head of API platform support Tanja Foing explain how APIs and API management enable this €2.3 billion enterprise to offer its services to partners in a wide variety of industries.
Aug 22, 2019   |  By Dino Chiesa
A lot of enterprises are evolving their monolithic applications into microservices architectures. In this pattern, applications are composed of fine-grained services that communicate via APIs. Microservices promise, faster development, innovation, cloud scaling, better infrastructure optimization—and happier developers. No wonder this architecture gets so much attention.
Aug 7, 2019   |  By Prithpal Bhogill
As APIs become the de facto standard for building and connecting business-critical applications, it’s important for operations teams to gain visibility into the security attributes of your APIs in order to continuously monitor and maintain the health of your API programs.
Sep 13, 2019   |  By Apigee
Full lifecycle API management entails not only technology solutions but also the data-driven processes and mindsets that those solutions enable. For enterprises to succeed, it's essential to have visibility into every stage of the lifecycle-from the developer experiences to API performance to emerging business opportunities. Data plays a huge role in aligning business and IT leaders around the ways developer activity contributes to revenue-and much more.
Jun 27, 2019   |  By Apigee
Well-designed APIs empower developers to improve software development efficiencies and leverage an enterprise's data, applications, and functionality into new digital experiences and business opportunities.
May 2, 2019   |  By Apigee
How Six Companies Innovate with API Management
Apr 1, 2019   |  By Apigee
Enterprises across all industries are looking for innovative ways to engage their customers and grow beyond traditional business models. For many, this means exploring new digital channels and ecosystems and building a digital platform for their business. As leaders embark on their ecosystem strategy, they often find that APIs are critical building blocks for developers that are creating new connected experiences for customers. In this research note, Gartner explains the role of APIs and shares best practices for managing APIs as you create your digital platform.
Feb 28, 2019   |  By Apigee
API monetization is a key way to unlock value from your API programs and increase API adoption. Monetization enables API providers to reach beyond current business models, scale API programs, and open new opportunities with customers, developers, and partners. Our newest eBook takes a deeper look at maximizing the business value of digital assets via API monetization and shares best practices Apigee has observed while working with hundreds of top enterprises.
Sep 13, 2019   |  By Apigee
In this session, we’ll cover how to scale API programs quickly but safely and how to adopt modern practices and empower your enterprise with Google Cloud’s Apigee API management platform.
Sep 5, 2019   |  By Apigee
In this session, we’ll cover Google Cloud’s Apigee API data platform and how Citrix, a digital workspace platform leverages Apigee for API analytics.
Sep 3, 2019   |  By Apigee
Disruption within Financial Services is accelerating with new entrants, new ventures from incumbents, FinTechs and Open Banking. Offensively and defensively reacting to these forces is difficult whilst the organisation must deal with significant challenges such as technical debt, organisational mind-set, cost-control and ever changing regulation. Incumbents often struggle to react with pace. FS innovators leverage APIs at the core of their business and use them as a primary channel when collaborating with partners.
Aug 28, 2019   |  By Apigee
In this session, we’ll cover how to harness key signals from the gold mine of data you collect in order to monitor the security health of your APIs, as well as precisely identify API security issues to quickly resolve them.
Jul 22, 2019   |  By Apigee
Google Cloud's Irfan Baqui sits down with Experian's API Product Manager Dang Nyugen for a step-by-step look into Experian's API program and what made it successful.