Oct 28, 2018
San Francisco, CA, USA
Apr 24, 2019   |  By Karthik Lalithraj
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) or simply “Root Cause” are terms often used when troubleshooting enterprise application behavior.
Apr 23, 2019   |  By Limor Wainstein
The past few years have witnessed the hybrid cloud becoming the default choice for most organizations across industries.
Apr 17, 2019   |  By Tali Soroker
Earlier this month, Herb Krasner, an Advisory Board member of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) joined our VP of Solution Engineering Eric Mizell for a webinar examining the cost of poor quality software. A recent CISQ report [1], The Cost of Poor Quality Software in the US: A 2018 Report, aggregates publicly available data from a wide variety of sources to highlight the devastating financial impact of poor quality software.
Apr 10, 2019   |  By Nick Rojas
Along with sunny skies and fresh blooms, April will see DevOps Days returning to the heart of Downtown Seattle for the fourth consecutive year.
Apr 8, 2019   |  By Derek D'Alessandro
Web applications are an extremely important part of our lives; We use them daily, and at this point, a huge portion of the world relies on them. With this, we have a rapidly growing customer base that is reliant on the functionality they provide.
Mar 5, 2019   |  By OverOps
Sev1 issues in production cost companies money. In order to prevent them from ever happening, we need to be able to expect the unexpected using Anomaly Detection and Quality Gates.
Feb 22, 2019   |  By OverOps
Production exception handling is a dark science. It’s the least explored subject, with the largest impact on your application's behavior. In this guide, we're bringing in the research to introduce a new workflow for solving Java application errors.
Dec 31, 2018   |  By OverOps
Is DevOps really a common practice or just another buzzword? How many enterprises have actually adopted CI/CD workflows, and what tools do they use to support faster releases? What challenges, both new and existing, are they facing as new technologies and practices emerge?
Nov 29, 2018   |  By OverOps
The dust hasn't settled yet after the explosive release of Java 9 in September 2017, and the launch of Java 10 just flew past us. Now, we're starting to look forward to Java 11 in September 2018. This guide will be your secret weapon to staying on top of all of the new (and improved) features that were introduced in Java in the last year, plus features that are coming soon.
Oct 28, 2018   |  By OverOps
Agile workflows are the new normal for software development, and CI/CD is continuing to help accelerate the release cycle. But, successful developer teams know that CI/CD isn't enough on its own. With code being pushed to production and things breaking faster than ever, more and more teams are adding components of Continuous Reliability to their workflows.