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Apr 24, 2019   |  By Jessica Webb
Each Trello board tells a unique story. It might be a development story showcasing what a company is building. Or it could be a template for people across the world to learn how to work with the agile methodology. Maybe it’s a story about a team working towards a shared mission, or an individual's personal goals.
Apr 24, 2019   |  By Jessica Webb
Due dates are one of the most used features in Trello. They are super helpful for keeping your team (or just yourself!) on track to hit deadlines. You can set a date and time for when a card is "due" by adding a due date via the card back under "Add" in the card's sidebar.
Apr 23, 2019   |  By Lauren Marchese
Is there anything more satisfying than completing a long checklist of to-do tasks? The simple act of crossing off items on your to-do list is a blissful feeling. Whether you’re Type A or Type Z, we all need checklists to keep track of our many professional and passion projects—especially when they involve several moving parts and multiple team members.
Apr 5, 2019   |  By Evan LePage
Communication should be about simplification. It should be about getting everyone on the same page with the right information in the right place. When a project involves multiple teams or a lot of stakeholders, people sometimes overshare to make sure their message gets across. But you shouldn’t have to resort to lengthy email chains, multiple chat channels or, if you’re a Trello user, jumping from Trello board to Trello board updating cards, just to make sure everyone stays informed.
Apr 2, 2019   |  By Chris Kaundart
We’ve all done it at some point, whether it’s our official job title or not—you have a planned project to ship. The team is ready, knees are weak, arms are heavy. Well, not all of us are on stage ready to spit fire (I certainly lack the talent), but it’s safe to say most of us have worked with our team and planned some sort of project. Starting up a project may or may not make you weak in the knees, regardless, having a solid plan is key to driving big results.
Apr 22, 2019   |  By Trello
In this webinar, Oscar Triscon (Butler Creator) and Brian Cervino (Product Marketing Manager) take an in-depth look at the Butler Power-Up, Trello's built in automation powerhouse.
Apr 2, 2019   |  By Trello
A quick overview of Trello Enterprise - the most productive Enterprise tool that doesn’t feel like an Enterprise tool.
Mar 19, 2019   |  By Trello
Work smarter and faster with the power of Butler, Trello’s built-in automation, added to your boards. With Butler, anyone can create simple natural language commands to make work auto-magically happen on their boards, saving tons of time and bringing process to any team’s workflow.
Jan 22, 2019   |  By Trello
The Trello Team Toolkit is here! It's the best of everything we know about collaborative teamwork in one handy (and free) collection to boost your team’s productivity. We even got help from the internet’s expert party planner, Angela Kinsey, to plan this office party to #CelebrateTeams.
Jan 22, 2019   |  By Trello
The free Trello Team Toolkit is here, with five essential workflows to run better meetings, plan any project, set awesome goals, keep team resources organized--and even celebrate with an office party! Get your copy of the toolkit here.