Serverless from the trenches 1: Protect your stack from deletion

It’s time to talk about the everyday challenges of serverless. Whenever I scroll through the latest blog posts on serverless it feels like there are only two types of problems in the field: how do I get started and how do I architect my solution. But what about all the day-to-day problems that developers and DevOps encounter when dealing with serverless? From simple deployment issues like protecting your stack from deletion to stress-testing your solution using serverless techniques.


Ranting, Engineers, DevOps, and Serverless Observability

IOpipe co-founder and CTO Erica Windisch recently joined Cloud, SDN, and DevOps evangelist Nathan Pearce for his 50th episode of REDtalks. In this episode, Erica discusses going from the early days of OpenStack and Docker to building IOpipe with co-founder Adam Johnson to provide tracing, profiling, and alerting for developers building on serverless architectures.


How to Serverless Locally: The Serverless Dev Workflow Challenge

One of the biggest challenges when adopting serverless today is mastering the developer workflow. “How do I develop locally?”, “How should I test?”, “Should I mock AWS services?”. These are common serverless questions, and the answers out there have been unsatisfying. Until now.


Introducing the Timeline View

Troubleshooting serverless applications has been one of the major benefits for Epsagon’s users from day one. Finding the root cause of complex issues is accelerated to minutes or even seconds using Epsagon, compared to using other solutions. Today, we are announcing the timeline view – an easy way to identify performance problems in your distributed application.


Is Serverless architecture the right choice for small business?

I’ve had a great conversation with a buddy of mine that is launching a new service and while he is not a technical person he came up to me asking about serverless and if it could have an actual impact on his startup. Naturally, I got very excited about the topic and proceeded to list all the benefits of serverless technology and how decentralized technology has revolutionized the industry, so on so forth.


Monitor Twistlock with Datadog

Twistlock is a platform for managing security and compliance within various environments, including virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions. Ensuring legal and technical security is just as valuable as preventing outages and errors, which is why Datadog is delighted to announce a new integration with Twistlock. With this integration, you can track security and compliance risks within the same platform as the metrics, traces, and logs you already collect with Datadog.