How to encrypt a file using Azure Logic App

This blog will brief on how to encrypt a text file using Azure Logic App out of the box. In this blog, we will use keys from the Azure Key Vault to encrypt the file. Consider a scenario in which I receive an e-mail with high importance along with the attachments. When it happens, I wish to back up those attachments carrying sensitive information in Azure Storage blobs in an encrypted format. As mentioned above I will use keys from Azure Key Vault to encrypt the files.


A time machine for your env variables

One of the great things about Lumigo is that it records a lot of context about each Lambda invocation. This includes the invocation event and its return value, as well as the environment variables that were in use at the time. I find this super helpful because it gives me all the relevant information about an invocation in one place. I don’t have to jump between different screens to find the relevant information and then piece the clues together in my head.


Roadmap to Backend Developer on Serverless Infrastructures is a quite popular Github repo providing community-driven guidelines for professionals willing to join or develop a software career. From Backend to Fullstack to DevOps. I missed some details there about Serverless environments and thought about sparking a discussion around this. Perhaps these ideas can mature and eventually become a contribution to the repository.

How Vonage Reduces Troubleshooting Time and Deploys Features 2x Faster with Epsagon

As microservices-based applications become more and more complex, the lack of end-to-end visibility can make it difficult to discover and solve issues quickly. Vonage, after modernizing their applications on the cloud, had a hard time detecting and troubleshooting problems in their new hybrid architecture. The company turned to Epsagon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to gain full observability into their containers and serverless workloads. The results? Vonage saw an immediate 90% reduction in troubleshooting time and 50% faster time to market within their development teams.

AWS Lambda Limits to Keep in Mind When Developing a Serverless Application

Serverless is great, it helps companies focus on product and application development without having to worry about the application’s infrastructure and scaling under various conditions. However, there are some soft and hard limits for every AWS service you should need to keep in mind when developing a serverless application. These limits are meant to protect the customer as well as the provider against any unintentional use.


Announcing Epsagon's Official Integration with PagerDuty

End-to-end observability enables teams to understand what’s going on in their environments but, without proper alerting, can become quite overwhelming. We continuously strive to ensure that our users are able to make the most of the best tools in the market, and are happy to announce that we now officially integrate with PagerDuty.