Elasticsearch Service is now available on AWS in London

We're excited to bring the official Elasticsearch Service to the London region on AWS. This will provide our growing set of customers in the United Kingdom and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the immediate ability to start a free trial and deploy our Elasticsearch Service on AWS in London with a few clicks, with features you can’t find anywhere else.


Heya, APJ Elastic Search Awards honorees of 2019 - We salute you!

Just a few months ago, we recognized the honorees of the inaugural Elastic Search Awards for the Americas region. As with all our Elastic Search Awards, the honorees’ stories proved that innovation and imagination are what truly fuels the Elastic Stack. These stories, no matter what region across the world they stem from, showcase exceptional deployments of the Elastic Stack geared for unique, humanitarian, and business-transformation purposes.


Elastic Enterprise Search Beta 2 released: Now with even greater connectivity and extensibility

Elastic Enterprise Search brings one elegant search experience to all of your purpose-built or cloud-based workplace tools. We’re pleased to announce the second beta release of Enterprise Search, which contains new features to connect your people to what they need — with speed and relevance at scale.


Solr vs. Elasticsearch: Performance Differences & More. How to Decide Which One is Best for You

“Solr or Elasticsearch?”…well, at least that is the common question we hear from Sematext’s consulting services clients and prospects. Which one is better, Solr or Elasticsearch? Which one is faster? Which one scales better? Which one is easier to manage? Which one should we use? Is there any advantage to migrating from Solr to Elasticsearch? — and the list goes on.


How to build great React search experiences quickly

Building search experiences is hard work. It can seem easy at a glance: build a search bar, put data into a database, then have user input fuel queries against the database. But there are many things to consider in the data modeling, underlying logic and — of course — the overall design and user experience. We’ll walk through how to build excellent, React-based search experiences using Elastic’s open source Search UI library.


Tips to secure Elasticsearch clusters for free with encryption, users, and more

With the release of the Elastic Stack 6.8 and 7.1, we’ve made a number of Elasticsearch security features more widely available to everyone by making them free in the default distribution. We’re really excited to share this, but one of the new challenges now is to update all of our documentation and guidance on how to secure the Elastic Stack. Gone are the days of relying on just a proxy server in front of the Stack to secure it!


The Expert's Guide to Searching in LogDNA

Searching in LogDNA is designed to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Just type in your search terms, and LogDNA will return your results almost instantaneously. For cases where you need to perform a more advanced search, or where you need greater control over your search results, LogDNA provides a number of features that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.