Insider Threats


Why Does Your Business Need Digital Forensic Tools?

While the real world of forensics is much different from your favorite primetime drama, it’s becoming an increasingly important field for the digital sphere. Cybercriminals leave a trace just like real-world offenders, so it’s important to use digital forensic tools that can identify, address, and resolve potentially fraudulent or harmful activities. Keep reading to learn more about digital forensics, and the tools your company needs to stay protected.

Effectively Managing The Shift To A Remote Workforce

2020 Has left many people feeling like we’re living in an alternate reality as COVID-19 sweeps the globe, changing life as we know it. Companies ultimately have no choice but to embrace the reality of a fully remote workforce where reliance on technology becomes critical to business continuity. Watch the Webinar Reply to learn more.

Computer Forensic Tools - Providing The Evidence You Need

If you are even considering investigating an employee or monitoring employees in general, consider modern computer forensic tools for a complete solution. Computer forensic tools allow an employer to gather digital evidence before confronting an employee. With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, these types of solutions can also help to monitor employees that are self-quarantined or voluntarily working from home.


Cybersecurity Implications Of An Ongoing Pandemic

The year 2020 has left many people feeling like we are living in the twilight zone as the coronavirus sweeps the globe, changing life as most know it. From embracing the reality of a fully remote workforce, to dealing with ruthless cyber attackers taking advantage of unsuspecting people looking for help, and like all things, technology is playing a pivotal role in the way the pandemic plays out.


Should you be worried about false negative insider threats?

The consistent rise in Insider Threat-related incidents has led to a growing focus and investment in proactively detecting these threats. According to reports, 60% of organizations discovered one or more insider attacks last year, and 90% admitted that they felt vulnerable to insider attacks. Reports also show that it takes an average of over two months to contain an insider attack.


Forensic Software - Getting the Proof You Need

Employees are both the biggest asset of a company and also the biggest risk factor. Forensic software is designed to provide visibility when malicious or incompetent employee behavior is suspected that could present a threat to the company. Trying to gather proof of these issues manually is both time consuming and high risk. If you tip off the staff member, they can cover the tracks, and you may never know what was done.


Our award-winning IAM and insider threat prevention solutions highlighted at RSA Conference 2020

ManageEngine brought home its first set of accolades for 2020: two InfoSec Awards presented by Cyber Defense Magazine at RSA Conference 2020. Amidst the over 3,000 cyberdefense innovators that were assessed by Cyber Defense Magazine for its 2020 InfoSec Awards, ManageEngine was recognized for its identity and access management (IAM) offering, AD360, and for its insider threat prevention in Log360.