Personal hosted Riot + Matrix-now available from Modular!

Attention Matrix fans! Modular has just announced public availabilty of their personal hosted homeservers! Starting at $10/month for a 5-user server, they’re speedy, they’re reliable, and just like their larger cousins come with a custom-branded Riot Web instance and can be used with your existing domain name. And did I mentions there’s a one month free trial? What are you even waiting for!?


Build better workflows: Announcing the Mattermost DevOps integration set

No matter what tools your team uses, more effective collaboration results from sharing information and context, being able to react quickly, and automating repetitive processes. Development teams move faster when they can consolidate information in one central hub and can reduce context switching by switching less between different tools.


Webinar: Migrating from Hipchat to Mattermost

For years, high-trust organizations relied on Hipchat for team messaging because—unlike many popular messaging platforms—it could be hosted on-premise or in a private cloud. In July 2018, however, they found out that Hipchat would be decommissioned this year. In search of a secure messaging solution to replace Hipchat, many of these companies have migrated to Mattermost, the open source messaging platform designed for DevOps teams.


Layman's Guide to Markdown on Mattermost

One of the biggest challenges with text-based communication is that oftentimes context, emotions, and intentions can get lost in translation. On the other hand, when we speak to one another, we have the advantage of inflection, tone, and body language to help convey our points effectively. Historically, adding context to text-based communications involved writing HTML code—something that was a bit too complicated for the average internet user.


Mattermost security update 5.11.1 / 5.10.2 / 5.9.2 / 4.10.10 (ESR) released

We are releasing a recommended security update via Mattermost Team Edition 5.11.1, 5.10.2, 5.9.2 and 4.10.10 (ESR) and Mattermost Enterprise Edition 5.11.1, 5.10.2, 5.9.2 and 4.10.10 (ESR). This security update addresses a medium-level vulnerability discovered during a security research review by Zonduu.


YC leads $50M Series B in Mattermost as open source Slack alternative

Today, we’re delighted to announce that Y Combinator Continuity is leading a $50M Series B investment in Mattermost as an open source alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams. With today’s announcement, Mattermost becomes YC’s largest ever Series B investment, and more importantly, their largest open source investment to date. YC is joined by our existing investors, Redpoint and S28 Capital, and new investor Battery Ventures.


Oetker Digital Migrates from Hipchat to Mattermost and Accelerates Digital Transformation

After migrating from Hipchat to Mattermost, Oetker Digital was able to innovate faster for its legendary parent company. The platform helped globally dispersed teams stay unified, productive, and focused as they collaborated on bold new digital initiatives for the enterprise.