Testing a mobile application: an examination of strategy and tools

Mobile phones have taken over the world in a way few technologies and inventions have been able to in the past. The far-reaching repercussions of such a widely accepted adoption can be felt in all fields of life, from education to tourism. As mobile phone usage and internet penetration continue to grow at unprecedented rates, competition amongst developers is also at all-time heights. Hence, quality control and assurance within the mobile application development sector has become vital.


Be The Master of Your Encryption Keys

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a massive shift towards relying on cloud technologies for everything we do, from watching TV shows and movies to sharing photos. Organizations have done the same. To increase efficiency and availability, they have moved their data and workloads to the cloud. But in a world of expanding threats, it has become necessary to implement additional layers of security for cloud data, applications and services to ensure privacy remains a top priority.


Android Studio and Xcode app debugging with Breakpoints: How to from Zero

To kick off our series on debugging for software developers, we tell you how to build breakpoints step by step using Xcode and breakpoint Android Studio to isolate key information about your app’s performance, and save crucial time during the process.


5G and the Journey to the Edge

Recently, AT&T Cybersecuritypublished important findings in the tenth edition of their Insights report entitled, “ 5G and the Journey to the Edge.” Ivanti was thrilled to contribute to the report, which outlines the most pressing security concerns organizations face in a world embracing the revolutionary transformation to 5G and edge technology.


Manage IT on the go with our incredibly effective mobile apps

Even an insignificant network issue can wreck havoc on your IT infrastructure when left unmanaged. This makes it vital that your IT team is alerted instantly whenever an issue arises, so they can troubleshoot it quickly, and ensure network stability. However, IT teams aren’t sitting at their desks waiting for problems to happen. It’s not uncommon for IT staff to be away from their workstations addressing network issues such as a router failure or a faulty LAN cable.


How to debug Android Chrome from Windows, Linux, or Mac

Testing and debugging websites and web apps on mobile devices can be challenging. Browsers on phones and tablets often don’t have built-in debuggers, and emulating mobile devices is never as accurate as you’d like. To debug mobile websites on Android, the desktop version of Chrome provides a solution with remote debugging. This article will show you how to use remote debugging with Chrome from your computer.