Introducing the OpUtils mobile app

Troubleshoot your IP addresses and switch ports faster and smarter! Managing and troubleshooting your network IPs and ports effectively can become difficult if hands-on network monitoring by your IT team is required at all times. Ever wondered if you can monitor your IPs and endpoints on the go? If yes, the solution you need is the OpUtils mobile app.


Introducing the Datadog mobile app

When you’re on call and get paged at an inconvenient time, you need to be able to quickly determine the seriousness of the issue and act decisively to reduce system downtime. But pager notifications often don’t give you the information you need to investigate an issue from your mobile device, meaning that access to a laptop at all times is a must.


How to Create a JavaScript Library. 7 Tips to Create a Library That Every Developer Loves Using

Have you ever found yourself copy-pasting the same bits of JavaScript code between different projects? Well, when this situation happens two or three times in a row, it’s usually a good indicator that you have a piece of code that is useful and reusable. So, if you are already reusing your code across several different projects, why not go the extra mile and convert it into a library that allows you to optimize this code-sharing?

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What Security Means for Web and Mobile Application Testing

Employees today are more mobile than ever. As we saw, due to COVID-19 the majority of organizations moved their employees to a work from home model overnight. This quick change of location forced businesses to implement solutions that would provide their workforces secure remote access to an increasingly complex corporate network.


Mobile App Distribution Made Easy - Introducing Applivery Integrations

Cheers to the newest addition to the Bitrise Step Library — meet Applivery , a powerful enterprise mobile device management system that enables full control over your Mobile Apps. Combined with Bitrise, you can cover the entire development life cycle, from testing and building to delivery and feedback.


Splunk Remote Work Insights - Now Available on Mobile!

The way we work has fundamentally changed in recent months due to the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As more employees are working remotely, organizations are looking at new ways to ensure their workers can stay productive and secure. We released Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) to help IT and security teams have insight into the systems that their employees rely upon while working remotely.


Crash by API

Crashes are something we know a thing or two about. We see a lot of reasons why apps crash, but we also see when a lot of popular mobile apps crash at once, that’s something we notice. Crashes across many mobile apps at the same time is not typically a result of an app-specific code update. I mean, there’s a non zero chance that hundreds of developers published broken apps… but these widespread issues are likely a result of two things.


Top 5 security topics to consider when releasing your first mobile app

When you’re running a business, it’s important for you to have a great reach to the people using your services. The internet is the easiest way to reach your customers. When the internet era began, people started using web applications as a way to reach a larger audience. And that worked like a charm! Then with the advent of smartphones, people started using mobile applications in addition to web applications.


Personal Information Security and OnPage's Commitment to User Privacy

When making purchasing decisions, organizations must consider a vendor’s product pricing, promised benefits and level of customer service. Thorough vendor evaluation tends to result in successful investments, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of their newly acquired products without buyer’s remorse. Unfortunately, some buyers dismiss the importance of personal information security and how the vendor promises to protect user data.