Weekly Community Roundup: November 14 - December 6

It's been a while, but we're back! After the super busy weeks we've had with multiple conferences and a plethora of customer visits, the holiday season is upon us — it only seems appropriate to greet it with a special, mega-roundup of all the great stuff that's been going on in the community. Let those bells jingle!


Use CI to Automatically Catch Dead Links in Your GitHub Project

Worried about dead links in your GitHub project? I was, after having a few pointed out to me in the Analytic Stories and detections published by the Splunk Security Research Team. So, like any sane engineer, I decided to automate this project ?! My first step was to look for an easy-to-use URL tester that processes markdown, since all of Splunk Security Research content gets automatically converted to documentation as .md.


Showing the Value of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

For a while, the world of Agile software development, continuous delivery and integration (CI/CD) pushed the value of speed over reliability. For years, IT professionals and developers worked together for long periods of time – six months to a year – to create, test and release software to customers. As cloud-based systems and Agile practices became more and more common, developers realized they could provide new services to customers faster than ever before.


Is Your CI/CD Process Past Its Prime?

At the advent of the technological era, developers found themselves wasting hours of valuable resources on manual QA. As software was released, teams manually confirmed that it was bug-free and reliable, all the while testing new features and checking for regression of existing features. Unfortunately, this manual approach was prone to mistakes, created long delays in workflows and was tedious and time-consuming.


Deploy with Bitrise Ship, in Open Beta now

Starting today, everyone on Bitrise can access and use Bitrise Ship, an evolution of our popular Deploy to Bitrise step and the first step (pun intended) in bringing you a full fledged mobile app deployment platform integrated into Bitrise. We wouldn't have gotten here without the help of numerous developers that joined the closed beta earlier this year, so a massive thank-you is in place there: Thanks!