How Cloudera Data Platform helps data centric enterprise IT

At the recent Strata Data conference in New York, the Cloudera team released Cloudera Data Platform, representing our renewed pledge to open source large scale data processing. Offering the best of the Hortonworks and Cloudera portfolios, Cloudera Data Platform provides organizations with the ability to uniformly run large-scale data processing on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure. This marks not only an enormous milestone for us as a company but also a big leap for users across the world.


Automate a full, end-to-end CI/CD Pipeline with Microsoft Azure and Talend

Talend continues to evolve and simplify the implementation of CI/CD. In this blog, I will show how with the availability of Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure, we can offer full automation, zero-installation and end-to-end delivery of your Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines to make all your DevOps goals achievable.


InfluxDB 2.0 Documentation is Now Open Source

InfluxData community! In January, we released InfluxDB 2.0 alpha with draft documentation. With each incremental alpha release, we’ve iteratively updated the docs. Most recently, we published content for InfluxDB Cloud 2.0. Since the initial 2.0 alpha release, the 2.0 documentation source code has been kept in a private GitHub repository.


Business Intelligence 101: Identify new business opportunities and achieve operational efficiency

It’s crazy to imagine that by 2020, every person will generate 1.7 megabytes of data each second! The days of slow communication and occasional snail mail are long over. We generate data without thinking about it - using apps, paying with credit cards, and even shopping online for groceries. It’s no secret that companies use this data to improve our customer experience and gain insights for strategic business decisions. Well, that’s what they should be doing anyway.


Innovation in the BI industry is dead

Innovation in the BI industry died about 30 years ago. Sure the colors and format may be different but what’s delivered to business users is exactly the same and that's a real problem. I think this is because the industry spends more time thinking about how to make a data analyst’s life easier rather than helping business users get the most value from their data.


Marketing Analytics: Measuring Corporate Communications with Looker

I’ve always preferred words to numbers. I’ve fallen asleep with my nose in a book since I learned to read, so a career in Corporate Communications (Corp Comm) felt like the perfect fit for me. My interests and strengths seemed pretty predictable until I found myself joining a data company where everyone—even the English majors—relied on numbers. Still, I saw myself as a marketing person at a data company.

Talend Cloud Available on Microsoft Azure

Every data-driven enterprise needs complete and trustworthy data, delivered fast. And when companies get all their data to their cloud data warehouses or data lakes on Microsoft Azure for analytics, they need an integration tool that can accelerate data delivery and time to insight to empower business decision making and ensure compliance. That’s what Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure is built for. An integration platform-as-a-service to help enterprises collect, govern, transform, and share data from any data sources.