The Impact of AI on the Data Analyst

The introduction of AI, automation and data storytelling to the world of analytics has not only had an immediate impact on the end users of analytics but also the people that work in the field. While many analysts may fear they will be replaced by automation and AI, CEO of Yellowfin, Glen Rabie, believes that the role of the data analyst will increase in significance to the business and breadth of skills required.


Why data not anecdotes matter – election spin versus cold hard reality

So much of our decision making is made based on firmly held beliefs and stories we have absorbed in our lifetimes. Generally referred to as type one thinking – this is fast, emotional and generally unconscious. It is a type of thinking that is very useful for making day to day decisions like what to wear, what to have for lunch or how to get to work. However, this type of thinking is inherently flawed and full of bias.


How to Gather Data for Machine Learning

Unless you’ve been living in a cave these last few months (a cave that somehow carries sufficient WiFi coverage to reach our blog), you’ll doubtless have heard about machine learning. If you’re a developer, chances are you’re intrigued. The machine learning algorithm, which solves problems without requiring detailed instructions, is one of the most exciting technologies on the planet.


Athleticism and AIOps: What’s your checklist?

Here at Devo’s Cambridge, MA office, we’ve been steeped in news of national sports league playoffs for several weeks. The games are great, even with the stress and uncertainty of overtime, but it’s gotten me thinking about the professional hockey and basketball players, and how they’ve become as successful as they are.

How Signals can be used with Google Analytics

Lots of organizations use Google Analytics and Google Insights to monitor the effectiveness of their digital marketing, but the information it delivers is almost meaningless. If you want to discover changes as they happen or be able to react to changes that you’re making to your website or digital campaigns you should apply Signals to Google Analytics.