How to monitor Lambda functions

As serverless application architectures have gained popularity, AWS Lambda has become the best-known service for running code on demand without having to manage the underlying compute instances. From an ops perspective, running code in Lambda is fundamentally different than running a traditional application. Most significantly from an observability standpoint, you cannot inspect system-level metrics from your application servers.


Weekly Community Roundup: November 14 - December 6

It's been a while, but we're back! After the super busy weeks we've had with multiple conferences and a plethora of customer visits, the holiday season is upon us — it only seems appropriate to greet it with a special, mega-roundup of all the great stuff that's been going on in the community. Let those bells jingle!


Use CI to Automatically Catch Dead Links in Your GitHub Project

Worried about dead links in your GitHub project? I was, after having a few pointed out to me in the Analytic Stories and detections published by the Splunk Security Research Team. So, like any sane engineer, I decided to automate this project ?! My first step was to look for an easy-to-use URL tester that processes markdown, since all of Splunk Security Research content gets automatically converted to documentation as .md.


Vagrant vs. Docker: Which Is Better for Software Development?

The last fifteen years have seen huge increases in developer productivity for several reasons, including the arrival of open source into the mainstream and the ability to better emulate target environments. In addition, the process of resetting a development environment back to the last known stable version has been vastly improved by Vagrant and then Docker.


Monitor AWS IAM Access Analyzer findings with Datadog

As you monitor the health and performance of your infrastructure and applications, you also need to be able to identify potential threats to the security of those components. To help address this challenge, we’re pleased to announce that Datadog now integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer, a new IAM feature that helps administrators ensure that they have securely configured access to their resources.


Got OpenShift? Need Observability That's Automated, Full Stack and Unified? Make a Shift to Wavefront!

Red Hat OpenShift is an open-source, cloud application development platform that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage applications on your cloud infrastructure. We at Wavefront provide enterprise-grade observability and analytics for multiple Kubernetes environments across multiple clouds, now certified for the latest version of OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift 4.


Automating the install of Elastic Cloud Enterprise on AWS with Ansible

So you want to install Elastic Cloud Enterprise (you know, the orchestration solution for the Elastic Stack that simplifies and standardizes how you deploy, upgrade, resize, configure, and monitor one to many clusters from a single UI/API) Installing ECE on one host isn’t tough. Installing it on two isn’t much harder. However, when you start dealing with 3, 5, 7, 11, etc., the complexity grows, as does the work involved in operating and maintaining (upgrading!) it all.