Automate a full, end-to-end CI/CD Pipeline with Microsoft Azure and Talend

Talend continues to evolve and simplify the implementation of CI/CD. In this blog, I will show how with the availability of Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure, we can offer full automation, zero-installation and end-to-end delivery of your Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines to make all your DevOps goals achievable.

Talend Cloud Available on Microsoft Azure

Every data-driven enterprise needs complete and trustworthy data, delivered fast. And when companies get all their data to their cloud data warehouses or data lakes on Microsoft Azure for analytics, they need an integration tool that can accelerate data delivery and time to insight to empower business decision making and ensure compliance. That’s what Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure is built for. An integration platform-as-a-service to help enterprises collect, govern, transform, and share data from any data sources.

Talend Cloud on Azure is here! Accelerate your data warehouse modernization

In May, we had shared an announcement that we were working to provide Microsoft Azure enterprise customers a native solution to help them accelerate their cloud data warehousing journey on Azure. Today, we are excited to let you know that Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure, an Azure-native Integration Platform-as-a-Service for collecting, transforming and cleaning data, is now officially available!


Automate and accelerate cloud data warehouse migrations to Snowflake

Studies conducted on IT executives are great at revealing some of the key issues in the world of data analytics. In recent surveys, 71.8% of executives agreed that AI will have the greatest impact on their firms over the next decade and 54.4% of them signified that an inability to leverage data as an effective weapon against competitors is their greatest data threat¹. Based on this, it is clear that data and data analytics are key to an organization’s success.


A Modern Solution to API Development using Talend

APIs (Application Program Interfaces) are a set of protocols, functions or commands used by programmers to develop software programs. What makes APIs important is that they allow the capabilities of one computer program to be used by another. APIs are the means for two different computer programs to communicate. Barriers to change are reduced and makes it easier for people to contribute to the success of an organization.


Accelerate Your Data Warehouse Modernization with Fast and Trusted Data Management

Data is a powerful tool for enabling businesses to get the upper hand over their competition and for optimizing revenue streams. For data-driven companies to make right business decisions based on accurate insights, they need access to trusted data in a timely manner, no matter where the data is - in the cloud, on-premises or in both environments.


Migrating on-premises Talend implementations to the cloud: What do you need to start?

Imagine that you are an on-premises Talend customer, and your company has decided to move all of its operations to the cloud. They have licensed Talend Cloud and have tasked you with migrating your existing Talend projects and Jobs to this new product. What do you need to know to begin your migration to Talend Cloud?