When Is a Data Breach a Data Breach?

A data breach remains a common headline in the news cycle. A different company, website or social network reports a security issue almost daily. If it feels like using the internet has become a risky endeavor, the feeling is accurate. But what exactly classifies an event as a data breach? The world wide web is littered with different security gaps and vulnerabilities. But that doesn’t mean they have been exposed or attacked yet.


8 ways to achieve agile security

Between 2017 and 2021, worldwide spending on cybersecurity will top $1 trillion, according to predictions from Cybersecurity Ventures. The barrage of cyberattacks on enterprises and new threat vectors within networks due to the move to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or public cloud, makes the need for agile security more important than ever for CIOs and CISOs managing cybersecurity.


Is the Private or Public Cloud Right for Your Business?

It wasn’t a very long time ago when cloud computing was a niche field that only the most advanced organizations were dabbling with. Now the cloud is very much the mainstream, and it is rare to find a business that uses IT that doesn’t rely on it for a part of their infrastructure. But if you are going to add cloud services to your company, you will need to choose between the private cloud and the public cloud.

Collect, Monitor, and Process AWS Logs and Metrics at Scale with Cognitive Insights

Famed management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Tracking and analyzing data of a system provides metrics to measure, predict, and improve the underlining health of the system. Logging data is the simplest act of collecting data for measurement and plays an important role in modern enterprises, as it provides a way to measure the health of hardware devices and software applications alike.


The story behind CloudSpend and why we built it

Back in 2008 when we began our journey, cloud computing was still relatively new. Though the term had a lot of buzz around it, organizations only considered the cloud as a place to experiment, not as a viable alternative to run production workloads. Now, the cloud has become the go-to strategy for enterprises and startups alike to deliver their digital business.