New Privacy Controls for Riot!

Riot Web 1.4.0 is out today (with Android and iOS to follow shortly), landing a range of enhancements and powerful new features to make sure you’re always informed and in control of how, when, where and why your data is processed. As you probably already know, Riot runs atop Matrix and Matrix is a decentralised, federated instant messaging network.

Matrix Android SDK security issue affecting Riot/Android

Our development team identified a security issue affecting all previous versions of the Matrix Android SDK and, by extension, any Android clients which use the Matrix Android SDK. This includes Riot Android (Google Play and F-Droid) and mini Vector. The issue has been fixed in version 0.9.27 of the Matrix Android SDK and Riot Android 0.9.4. RiotX is not affected, nor are any Matrix clients on any other platform.

Personal hosted Riot + Matrix-now available from Modular!

Attention Matrix fans! Modular has just announced public availabilty of their personal hosted homeservers! Starting at $10/month for a 5-user server, they’re speedy, they’re reliable, and just like their larger cousins come with a custom-branded Riot Web instance and can be used with your existing domain name. And did I mentions there’s a one month free trial? What are you even waiting for!? Android security update

After the security incident at, we have decided to publish a new Android app on the Google Play Store out of an abundance of caution. The fresh app is still called but internally it has a different application identifier ( Because of this new id, the new app appears in Google Play as a completely different application. This also prevents an automatic update from the old to the new application.