API Load Testing Mistake #1: Separating Load Tests from Business Process - @SmartBear Talks

API performance testing becomes highly-demanded in all companies. It's very important to make sure how each single API works, as well as how they work under a different load. Many companies are trying to do API load testing by using the same approaches they use to test single APIs. In this video, we will talk with a world-known API expert, Robert Schneider, about the importance of including API load testing scenarios into a business process.

ReadyAPI Announces New DevOps Features: Building a Git Workflow You'll Love

With the release of ReadyAPI v3.3.0, the team here at SmartBear has completed the first round of work on a rethought Git workflow – all available directly within the tool. We recognized early when talking about improvements to Git support in ReadyAPI, that it was imperative we take a step back and reframe the existing integration around overcoming obstacles. Especially the challenges users faced when building projects as part of a small or large group.


Checklist of Performance Optimization

Web development has become increasingly complex over the past decade. Rather than serving up static HTML, CSS, and images, JavaScript applications run on the browser and execute asynchronous API requests to retrieve information. JavaScript and CSS assets have become critical to performance with the rise of single-page applications and other modern web application architectures. Read about how to optimize your JavaScript and CSS assets to reduce load times and improve the user experience.


Better testing: 3 reasons to ditch spreadsheets

“We manage our testing in Excel.” This is not an uncommon thing we hear from various professionals working in the testing/QA space. On the surface level it makes sense – Excel is ‘free’, ubiquitous, and requires minimal onboarding to get started. But Excel was never built to manage hundreds and hundreds of bugs and issues. If safe, secure, and effective testing is important for your organization, it might be time to consider a test management solution.


Checklist of Best Practices to Optimize Your Web Application's Performance

There's no doubt images play a significant role in improving the user experience of any website. They can help showcase products, instill emotions, build trust, or even encourage viral sharing. A wide body of research shows that they can significantly boost conversion rates compared to text-only versions of a website. At the same time, HTTP Archive estimates that 64% of the average website's size comes from images, which makes them a large contributor to page-load speed.


What's New in ReadyAPI

This blog is part of a monthly series highlighting the updates and happenings of our all-in-one automated API testing platform, ReadyAPI. Hello friends! Our team has been working hard since our last update and we’re excited to deliver ReadyAPI v3.3.0 to our beloved API testers. As all versions, ReadyAPI 3.3.0 is built on our core product principles of user-centric, collaborative, open, balanced, and frictionless.


A Developer's Perspective of CI/CD Integrations with SwaggerHub

In my career thus far I’ve been very fortunate to have held positions at various stages along the software development lifecycle and beyond. It’s given me great insight and appreciation for the demands of today’s developers. Whether I’ve been speaking to frustrated developers on a product demo, or in the depths of the code base trying to create a product’s next best feature, one thing is certain – it is not easy.