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The Simple Formula To Calculate SaaS Gross Margin

SaaS is a competitive sector, so finding ways to win on gross margin is increasingly crucial. By finding sustainable strategies that either increase your revenue or minimize your cost of goods sold (COGS), your SaaS company can gain a competitive advantage. Every SaaS brand wants to be profitable, but the definition of profitability varies greatly.

The Frugal Architect, Law III: Architecting Is A Series Of Trade-Offs

This is part three of seven in our Frugal Architect blog series. Read part one here, and part two here. In case you weren’t as giddy as CloudZero was at re:Invent this past year, we wanted to recount the seven laws outlined by Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO, which he’s bundled into a framework called “The Frugal Architect” (check out the whole framework here). What is “The Frugal Architect”?

How Complyt used Datadog's Cloud Cost Management to reduce their cloud spend

Learn how the team at Complyt was able to integrate Cloud Cost Managament in a matter of hours and quickly pinpoint underutilized services to cut their cloud spend in half. CCM delivers cost data where engineers work and with resource-level context like CPU, memory, and requests — easily scoped to their services and applications — so that they can take action and spend effectively.

7 DevOps Best Practices You Should Be Following Now

In traditional engineering organizations, development and operations teams are often siloed, a scenario that can lead to friction between them. For example, developers are encouraged to write and release more and better code. Operations engineers are responsible for preventing errors and bugs from affecting customer experiences. As a result, operations teams frequently serve as gatekeepers and can significantly slow deployments down – to ensure everything works first.

Episode 2 | Micah Wheat on Cloud Cost Management in the Age of AI

In this episode, the hosts discuss cloud cost management with guest Micah Wheat, co-founder of Dashdive. They explore the formation of Dashdive and the changes in the market that have made cloud cost management more important. They also discuss the use of arbitraging tools and the challenges of amortizing costs and pricing models. The conversation covers the differences between cloud cost observability and cloud cost management and the importance of granularity in cost attribution.

6 Things Customers Love After Switching To CloudZero

Cloud costs are notoriously hard to predict—trickier than deciphering the emotions of a housecat. Traditional cost management tools leave many companies with a lack of visibility into where their money is going, which holds back engineering teams from making informed savings decisions. These tools also fail to bridge the gap with finance teams, who speak a different language than their developer counterparts.

AWS Cost Explorer Vs. Pricing Calculator: How To Estimate Costs

Managing cloud costs has been the top challenge in cloud computing for more than half a decade now. It’s bigger than cloud security or hybrid cloud management. Several studies estimate that more than a third of cloud budgets could not be accounted for in 2023 alone. If you are a current or prospecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Pricing Calculator can help you manage your costs better.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Cost Optimization Platform in 2024

In this era of cloud dominance, businesses are navigating the expansive skies to leverage the myriad benefits of cloud services. Yet, amid the potential for innovation and growth, the challenge of managing cloud costs looms larger than ever. Choosing the perfect cloud cost optimization platform in 2024 is the key to harnessing the full power of the cloud while keeping a firm grip on your financial reins. Delve into this comprehensive guide to unearth the essential qualities of an optimal cloud cost optimization partner.

Cloud Infrastructure Scaling And How It Optimizes Costs And Time

Cloud infrastructure scaling can assist in rightsizing cloud resources in various ways. When discussions occur regarding scaling, its context can often refer to adding resources. However, it can also refer to removing resources. Preparing for how your cloud infrastructure scales begins with thought-out planning, design, and management of resource and tool allocations. This can save your organization time and costs that could otherwise negatively affect your employees, customers, and company.

AWS FinOps: Tools To Use To Your Advantage

AWS remains the largest cloud service provider (CSP) of the 21st century. It also provides over 240 cloud-based products and services. In some cases, these services help customers like you collect, analyze, and act on data about cloud usage and related costs. In this post, we explore how AWS services support FinOps’ best practices, including the features they offer. If you are looking for even more robust AWS FinOps tools, we will also include third-party platforms.