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Tiered Pricing: How To Figure Out Your SaaS Pricing Tiers

Pricing matters. Charge too little and you won't earn enough revenue to stay afloat. Charge too much and you could lose thousands in potential business. Yet, you don’t want to price out some customers or cause others to feel you can’t meet their needs. So what can you do? This is where tiered pricing comes into play, and can be helpful for SaaS companies to meet the needs and budgets of each of their different customer personas.


10 CTO Tools Every Tech Leader Should Be Using

Managing technology isn't your only responsibility as a CTO. You could be the CIO, Digital Enabler, Data Officer, and Engineering Leader all rolled up into one, whether you work at a startup, scaleup, or enterprise. Your role as a C-suite executive for engineering requires you to research and implement the newest, most efficient technologies. As CTO, you’re responsible for: The list goes on and on.


11 Vital Metrics And Tools For SaaS Reporting

Successful SaaS companies know that they can't rely on gut feelings alone to make business decisions. Data helps them uncover patterns, trends, opportunities, and potential gaps in their strategy that can give them a competitive advantage. Yet, simply collecting metrics can often give you a lot of data to analyze with little insight into what to do next.


4 Signs Your Cloud Cost Strategy Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)

Flexibility is one of the cloud’s biggest benefits, but also one of its biggest challenges. When you have different teams using resources in the cloud and deploying instances at the click of a button, your cloud environment could easily become chaotic. Without a definitive plan governing your cloud operations, your costs will inevitably spiral out of control. A cloud cost strategy is your action plan for managing costs and staying profitable while working and building products in the cloud.


The Definitive AWS Tagging Guide: 15 Best Practices And Strategies

Engineers want to innovate, fix issues, and improve existing code. Finance wants to report accurately on the company's return on technology investment. Yet, the cloud is like a menu without the pricing Engineers can practice continuous improvement without slowing down but they can also use up computing resources without being fully aware of the costs they incur, only to be surprised with a higher than usual AWS bill. Even worse is not knowing where, what, when, or who is driving up their AWS costs.


5 Myths About Cloud Cost Optimization Every SaaS Company Should Know

Anyone familiar with the cloud understands there are a lot of misconceptions about how it works. For example, businesses often assume that operating in the cloud will be inherently less expensive than managing an on-premise application. But this is not always the case. In fact, your monthly cloud bill could be the same or more expensive than your on-premise costs.


How to avoid spiraling up Azure Subscription costs?

Cloud adoption has got a tremendous uptrend as never before. The World pandemic has made startups, and enterprises move their legacy systems into Cloud to cut huge infrastructure maintenance costs. According to Gartner, cloud spending is forecasted to increase 23.1% at $332.3 billion in 2021 from $270 billion in 2020. We can even see enterprises using BizTalk servers moving to the Azure Cloud for better maintenance and features that confirm the above forecast.