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5 DevOps Skills Every Engineer Should Have In The Cloud Era

DevOps doesn’t necessarily look like it used to. Engineers used to build software designed for on-prem hardware; they had a specific methodology for efficient production and distribution schedules; and they didn’t interface very much with non-engineers, if at all. Today, all that has been flipped upside-down. Cloud-era DevOps engineers now must possess wildly different skill sets, and some previously non-negotiable skills have faded into the past.


CloudHealth Vs. AWS Cost Explorer: The Definitive Comparison

Both CloudHealth and Cost Explorer have recently rebranded to different degrees. CloudHealth is now VMware Aria Cost Powered by CloudHealth. AWS Cost Explorer received a fresh coat of paint for its user interface. But do these traditional cloud financial management tools offer additional features now? And can the help provide the cost visibility you need to reduce cloud spending and improve profitability?


How to Benchmark Cloud FinOps Effectively

Cloud FinOps is rapidly becoming popular among organizations in today’s digital age due to its ability to help manage financial operations more efficiently. This is because it allows organizations to track, measure, and optimize their cloud spend with greater visibility. It also helps improve operational efficiency by automating numerous financial processes, including billing, budgeting, auditing, and reporting.


Datadog Cost Optimization: 7 Cost-Saving Best Practices

As cloud systems become increasingly sophisticated, you want a cloud monitoring platform that helps you identify, isolate, and fix root-cause issues quickly. Meanwhile, engineering leaders are under increasing pressure to reduce technology costs as the global economic outlook remains uncertain. With Datadog, you can observe, monitor, analyze, and report on the health of your infrastructure, applications, and services, in any cloud, and at scale.


5 Tips For Managing A Successful Devops Team

DevOps, as a combination of development and operations, is the process by which companies build and manage software and deliver it to customers. A good DevOps strategy unites team members around shared goals and gives them the support and tools they need to complete the job well. However, as with many things in the business world, successfully using DevOps principles and managing a cohesive team can be easier said than done. At least a small part of that difficulty comes down to fuzzy definitions.

5 simple ways to implement cloud cost optimization

To reduce organizational spending, many organizations successfully migrated their operations to the cloud. However, with rising costs, looming economic downturns, and a proliferation of cloud resources on varied platforms, merely adopting a cloud infrastructure is insufficient. Today, an efficient cloud optimization initiative that can optimize and control cloud infrastructure costs is crucial. This webinar details five ways to optimize your cloud infrastructure costs effectively.

How CloudZero Unlocks Kubernetes Costs Better Than Anyone

For SaaS companies, cloud spending can mean the difference between profit and loss. Staying on top of cloud spend is an absolutely crucial part of running a healthy cloud-based business. But tracking even the relatively straightforward cloud costs from your primary providers can be tricky.


AWS Lambda Pricing: A Simple Guide To Your Lambda Costs

AWS Lambda is an event-driven compute service, which means it executes tasks automatically when triggered by a compute event. This automation also means that your Lambda costs can quickly exceed your budget. That is especially true when you're not familiar with AWS Lambda pricing. In this guide, we’ll discuss the AWS Lambda pricing model, including how billing works, and how to optimize Lambda costs.


CloudSpend mobile application: Manage your cloud costs anywhere and everywhere

ManageEngine CloudSpend is a cloud cost management tool that helps you reduce overhead cloud costs using actionable insights. The CloudSpend mobile application enables users to perform actions on the go for their cloud services from their mobile devices. CloudSpend supports AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services and is planning to launch GCP in the future.


30+ FP&A Interview Questions To Ask (And What To Listen For)

Finding trained FP&A professionals isn't too much trouble for most companies. The tricky part is finding a candidate who has the right combination of technical and soft skills for your organization’s needs. The following interview questions will help you find a qualified FP&A professional for your company. Listen to their responses to get a sense of their reasoning, expertise, situational awareness, ambition, and individual attitude towards various aspects of the FP&A profession.