Announcing Datadog Security Monitoring

With the growing complexity and velocity of security threats in dynamic, cloud-native environments, it’s more important than ever for security teams to have the same visibility into their infrastructure, network, and applications that developers and operations do. Conversely, as developers and operations become responsible for securing their services, they need their monitoring platform to help surface possible threats.


What is chaos engineering and why does it matter?

The big day is finally here. That project your team has been working on for the last six months? It’s launching today. A little giddy with anticipation, the team monitors the deployment process as dashboards click over from red to green. Everything is working perfectly. These are some of the best days to work in the tech world. Through a lot of hard work and persistence, you’ve brought something into the world which wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

What DevOps Is NOT

There’s no shortage of posts explaining what DevOps is—from articles that use acronyms like CALMS (Culture, Automation, Learning, Measurement and Sharing) to more thorough explanations that use the traditional division of business change analysis into “people, process, and tools.” According to this DevOps definition, people refers to an organization’s culture, its unspoken assumptions and formal rules that inform its operation.


TestComplete Furthers UI Innovation and Automation with Version 14.3

TestComplete is finishing out 2019 on a high note, following previous releases that included AI-powered visual recognition, integration with Zephyr for Jira, support for Shadow DOM, tight integration with Azure DevOps, PDF testing, and major enhancements in performance and stability of the platform. We also introduced native support for BDD-style Gherkin syntax through our integration with Hiptest, part of the SmartBear BDD portfolio that also includes Cucumber.


Checklist of Questions to Ask When Performance Testing

Suppose you have an e-commerce application and want to make sure it's performant. Load tests can help prevent issues under expected loads, but what happens if there's an unexpected load from a social media promotion or holiday sale? What if high traffic persists for several hours or days? Load tests are the most popular type of performance test, but they can't answer all performance-related questions.


Service Health Visibility With Dashboards

It is increasingly clear that tools developed to keep a single system or a small cluster running are no longer sufficient in today’s highly distributed, complex environment. The tools that offer service assurance must be able to move their way through complex application systems and prevent slowdowns or application failures. These complex systems now include physical systems, virtual systems and even systems found in a cloud service provider’s data center.


Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 - Serverless Hits the Big Time in Berlin

I never thought that this would be my life. For more than a year, I’ve been talking to individual customers and getting inspired by their stories, challenges, and goals. Now, I have the spectacular opportunity to meet entire conference rooms of people who are excited to hear about my story, challenges, and goals. This is my time to give back to the types of users who have inspired me ever since I entered the serverless space.