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What are Azure Storage Retention Policies?

Retention policies play a crucial role in managing the life cycle of data in cloud storage. This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth analysis of key factors that impact costs, explore the challenges and tradeoffs associated with various approaches, and highlight the importance of considering the impact on Azure storage.


What are Azure Resource Groups?

Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud service provider, offers a vast array of resources to its users. In this ever-growing ecosystem, managing and organizing these resources is crucial. Enter Azure Resource Groups, a vital component of Azure’s management framework. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of Azure Resource Groups, delving into key factors and addressing common questions.


What is System Hardening? Definition and Best practices

System hardening means locking down a system and reducing its attack surface: removing unnecessary software packages, securing default values to the tightest possible settings and configuring the system to only run what you explicitly require. Let’s take an example from daily life.


5 DevOps Skills Every Engineer Should Have In The Cloud Era

DevOps doesn’t necessarily look like it used to. Engineers used to build software designed for on-prem hardware; they had a specific methodology for efficient production and distribution schedules; and they didn’t interface very much with non-engineers, if at all. Today, all that has been flipped upside-down. Cloud-era DevOps engineers now must possess wildly different skill sets, and some previously non-negotiable skills have faded into the past.

CircleCI Technical Demo + Q&A

Join us for a high level tour of CircleCI, and learn how to most effectively utilize the platform’s features and capabilities. Every first and third Wednesday, we’ll be offering a technical demo so you can learn best practices and have all your CircleCI questions answered. Topics Covered: How it works: the nuts and bolts of the product Why CircleCI can make developers’ jobs easier and more rewarding How CircleCI can support your security posture by ensuring organizational policies and guardrails are met Greater visibility by surfacing trends and status across your organization

Intro to Config Migration

In this webinar, you will learn from real life case studies how to avoid migration roadblocks and how CircleCI is set up to support you in implementing a predictable migration strategy. In addition, Brian O’Halloran, Senior Solutions Engineer, and Zan Markan, Senior Developer Advocate, explain how CircleCI is built differently, and how it can adapt to the needs of your software delivery process.

What Is Observability? Examples of How It Can Help You

Observability is a powerful concept that can help you gain insight into the performance of your systems and applications. It refers to the ability to measure, monitor, analyze, and manage different aspects of an infrastructure or application—from hardware components to application code. With observability techniques such as distributed tracing, monitoring metrics, log analysis, and anomaly detection, organizations can ensure their applications run smoothly without downtime or disruption.


What an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) Really Is + Why You Should Care

The concept of the internal developer platform (IDP) isn’t new to anyone who’s been doing DevOps for the last couple decades. But the recent explosion of interest around platform engineering, particularly among business leaders, has led to a re-examination of the IDP as we know it.