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Hands-On: Integrating Netreo Into Your IT Service Management Process | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

In this webinar you’ll see examples of how to best integrate Netreo into your IT service management process, and learn industry best practices to make the most effective use of your tools, process, and monitoring strategy to improve your service levels.

What You Should (and Should Not) Manage from the Cloud | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

As the majority of organizations move to the cloud they are faced with new challenges as it relates to monitoring these environments without increasing risk. This webinar explores the ins-and-outs of cloud-based management for enterprise, hybrid cloud, and cloud-based environments, the latest in state-of-the-art remote and on-premise management, and how to successfully combine the two into a comprehensive single view into your entire IT environment.

Q&A with Marek Tihkan, CTO at Dashbird: Leading and managing a Developer team

As we enter into our 4th year, we've decided to get up close and personal with our team to share with you their passion, drivers, lessons learned and significant moments of the past year. We're a young company dedicated to adding value in all corners that we reach, so we hope you find the upcoming series useful! Hey Marek, so can you tell us how long you’ve been at Dashbird and where you were before? M: I’ve been at Dashbird for two years now.


Netdata Agent v1.24: Prometheus/OpenMetrics collector and multi-host database mode

This release broadens our commitment to open standards, interoperability, and extensibility with a new generic Prometheus collector that works seamlessly with any application that makes its metrics available in the Prometheus/OpenMetrics exposition format, including support for Windows 10 via windows_exporter. Netdata will autodetect over 600 Prometheus endpoints and instantly generate charts with all the exposed metrics, meaningfully visualized.


9 Signs Your Cloud Readiness Isn't What It Needs to Be

Yes, everyone is talking about the cloud, but are they actually ‘doing it’? The short answer is yes, and in stunning numbers. According to a recent O’Reilly survey, 90+% of organizations expect to increase their usage of cloud-based infrastructure. Over the next 12 months, 67% expect to shift half or more of their applications to the cloud, and 45% are planning to move three-quarters or more of their apps.

JFrog Platform Performance with Datadog Analytics

Faithful operation of your JFrog Platform can be best assured by tracking usage data of Artifactory and Xray. With insights gained through real-time observability and log analytics, you can boost the efficiency of your DevOps pipeline and keep your software releases running joyfully. Datadog is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that is a popularly used monitoring service for cloud-scale applications. It’s a data analysis platform that can be readily enabled for JFrog Platform monitoring through our integrations.

TSFTDC LinkedIn Heartbleed V3

Warning! The story you are about to hear is true. See for yourself how Linkedin used SaltStack to protect its data center and millions of users from the Heartbleed virus. If you’d like the power to control the security and reliability of your digital infrastructure, simply schedule a demo and see for yourself how SaltStack can help efficiently automate your security and IT operations needs. Just click the link and we'll take it from there!