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Joining the Power of AI and Automation: Today's Business-critical Opportunity

Artificial intelligence (AI) won’t fade anytime soon, and since Generative AI (genAI) joined the party in Nov. 2022, innovative business strategies will only get louder. The not-so-fun part of AI and genAI’s growth shows up when businesses resist change and the adoption of emerging technologies. But the truth is – business leaders must step up.

Discover the Future of Customer Support: AI-Powered Helpdesks! Infraon

Say goodbye to long response times and hello to personalized, efficient support available 24/7! Join us as we delve into the cutting-edge technology of AI-powered helpdesks, where artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing come together to optimize customer support. With data-driven insights and personalized interactions, businesses can elevate customer experiences and build lasting loyalty.

How AI-Generated Content Is Changing the Media Landscape

The world of communications and media is changing at an incredible rate. From using artificial intelligence for content creation to the integration of voice technology, it seems like almost every part of how we consume and share information is being revolutionized. Let's take a closer look at how AI-generated content is altering the media landscape: why it matters, who benefits from it, what kind of impact has already been seen as well as potential pitfalls. Time to dive in!

Put humans in the loop to generate real value from generative AI

Generative AI has shaken up the business and tech world, but the best tech relies on world-class talent to address the fundamental problems that haven’t been solved yet. At ServiceNow, we know the most constructive and value-creating strategies for generative AI are grounded in embedding human experience and expertise into the core capabilities.


AI adoption for software: a guide to learning, tool selection, and delivery

This post was written with valuable contributions from Michael Webster, Kira Muhlbauer, Tim Cheung, and Ryan Hamilton. Remember the advent of the internet in the 90s? Mobile in the 2010s? Both seemed overhyped at the start, yet in each case, fast-moving, smart teams were able to take these new technologies at their nascent stage and experiment to transform their businesses. This is the moment we’re in with artificial intelligence. The technology is here.


How ServiceNow is using generative AI capabilities across its operations

As the emerging technologies team within ServiceNow digital transformation (DT), we’re always searching for new technology that can solve complex problems. When we saw how generative AI capabilities could deliver rich experiences and unlock the potential of our technology, people, and processes across the organization, we immediately pivoted to embrace it.

How AI is Changing Modern Networking

Artificial intelligence has changed the landscape of technology, especially as we collect and analyze vast amounts of data. As AI workloads are distributed among compute nodes and across data centers, what problems are posed for traditional networking, and what solutions can we discover? This live discussion between Justin Ryburn, Field CTO at Kentik, and Phillip Gervasi, Director of Technical Evangelism at Kentik, dives deep into the current state of data center networking in the age of AI.

How Technology Revolutionized the Quality Control and Inspection Industry

The way people inspect things for quality has changed a lot because of new technology. This field has hugely transformed with the transition from traditional means of inspection to cutting-edge systems. Now, things are much better in ensuring products and processes are top-notch.

Quickly get started with generative AI on the Now Platform

There’s no doubt that generative AI and the productivity it promises have captured the world’s imagination. We’ve talked about applying AI to just about everything—from those soul-crushing tasks we never want to do again to dreams within our grasp for the first time. Goldman Sachs estimates that generative AI could add nearly $7 trillion to global gross domestic product (GDP) in the next decade.