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How Neural Guard Built its X-Ray & CT Scanning AI Production Pipeline - Customer Story

Neural Guard produces automated threat detection solutions powered by AI for the security screening market. With the expansion of global trends like urbanization, aviation, mass transportation, and global trade, the associated security and commercial challenges have become ever more crucial.


Improve conversion and retention for OTT platform with AI-enabled anomaly detection

The data revolution in India in the recent past resulted in high bandwidth internet, low mobile data tariffs, and access to the best smartphones and upcoming technologies. It paved the path for rapid digitization and rapid adoption. One of the most noticeable and significant changes was the way Indians consumed video content. The likes of Youtube have millions of daily active users from India alone.


Using Machine Learning for Root Cause Analysis

From a security breach to a complete system outage, when an incident occurs and your network or service is impacted, it’s typically the result of a chain of events. A problem with one service has impacted another service, and so on until finally, you’re facing a problem that’s compromising availability and damaging your customer experience. In the event of a serious incident, your team’s immediate response is to focus on identifying the root cause and restoring service.


Using Augmented Intelligence To Drive Recovery and Growth Through COVID and Beyond

There seems to be universal acceptance that effective use of data can help maximize bottom line value. However, many businesses still aren’t successfully leveraging data to its full extent due to people, processes and technology roadblocks. Thankfully, there is a unifying approach to unlocking the immense opportunity for enterprises to more effectively leverage data to create new products, services and business models.


IT Pros on the Future of Automation and AI in ITSM

Think about your last online order. If you’re a frequent online shopper and have created profiles for sites you visit often (*raises hand*), then you’re probably familiar with customized recommendations. Based on your purchase history, location, and other factors, the website may suggest other items you might be interested in buying. And if you’re on the site long enough, chatbots may appear asking if you have questions or need assistance locating something.


A Deep Dive into Machine Learning in Flux: Naive Bayes Classification

Machine learning — the practice of writing algorithms that improve automatically through experience — has become a buzzword nowadays that connotes to something otherworldly and on the bleeding edge of technology. I’m here to tell you while that may be true, getting started with machine learning doesn’t have to be hard!


Artificial Intelligence for Driving Service Quality and Customer Experience

“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man, and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.” – Warren Bennis. More than 50% of the inventions in the history of mankind have happened in the first two decades of this century. We clearly live in a pretty intense period of time. The age of inventions is upon us. And it promises to solve some very important societal challenges.

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The Machine Learning Collaboration Tool You'll Want to Ride Solo - User Story

I’ll admit it. I am a gushing fan of this new product from Allegro AI called Allegro Trains. I’m not sure what to call it — what noun I should attach to this creature. “Framework” and “Platform” have become, to my ears, rather meaningless jargon designed to detach suit-wearing types from their money. “Harness” is close.