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ECS cluster with customizable blend of on-demand, spot and reserved instances for granular workload placement

Spot by NetApps’s Ocean now makes it easy to run your ECS tasks on any combination of on-demand, spot and reserved instances all within a single cluster. Ocean provides Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) users with an automated, serverless container experience. Previously, control over the underlying instances’ pricing model was limited to utilizing reserved instances and spot instances only.


Reserved instances - How to leverage them without needing to predict the future

As we discussed in our previous post, the comprehensive visibility into your cloud spend provided by Cloud Analyzer allows you to confidently make decisions on how to best optimize your cloud. But when it comes time to actually optimizing your cloud compute spend, taking advantage of reserved instances – a pricing model that offers steep discounts in exchange for long-term commitment – many potential users still hesitate and for good cause.


Splunking Azure: NSG Flow Logs

Azure Network Security Groups (NSG) are used to filter network traffic to and from resources in an Azure Virtual Network. If you’re coming from AWS-land, NSG’s combine Security Groups and NACL’s. Splunking NSG flow log data will give you access to detailed telemetry and analytics around network activity to & from your NSG's. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you yet, here are some of the many things you could Splunk with your network traffic logs from Azure.


Tips and tricks for using new RegEx support in Cloud Logging

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is “how do I find this in my logs?”—often followed by a request to use regular expressions in addition to our logging query language. We’re delighted to announce that we recently added support for regular expressions to our query language — now you can search through your logs using the same powerful language selectors as you use in your tooling and software!


Introducing Serverless360 Cloud Docs (Preview)

Cloud Docs feature in Serverless360 helps you to document your Microsoft Azure Subscription. It comes with the capability to aggregate data from disparate Resource Providers in Microsoft Azure in a single report. This allows for the creation of composite technical documentation across resources enabling richer insights that would otherwise be impossible. Interpreting your cost and resource information on Microsoft Azure subscription into legible documentation is what Cloud Docs are for.


Kubernetes Integration with GitLab CI/CD Pipeline

In the recent article “Private GitLab Server Automatic Installation with Jelastic PaaS” we looked at the GitLab installation, its initial setup, and the basics required for the project’s lifecycle (git project importing and docker registry accessing). And today we’ll move forward to the integration of GitLab with Kubernetes, as well as describe how to set up continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline for your projects based on Java application sample.