Best Practices for Monitoring Your Azure Environment

Adoption of cloud services and Azure services in particular has exploded in the last few years – over 60% of enterprises now use Azure. As Azure users deploy ever more sophisticated application architectures, it becomes even more important to have a logging and monitoring system that can handle the complexity. The ELK stack is the most popular tool for this, but comes with its own challenges.

Collaborating for Serverless Observability on Thundra!

Our customers have been asking for the ability to collaborate with their teammates over their serverless architectures while troubleshooting, debugging or just monitoring for the known knowns. We’re finally glad to answer these requests with our “Team Support” today. With Thundra’s new team support, you’ll be able to invite your colleagues to your Thundra account and enjoy serverless observability with them.


Lambda and Kinesis - beware of hot streams

Back in 2017, I wrote a post titled “3 pro tips for Developers working with Kinesis streams”, in which I explained why you should avoid hot streams with many Lambda subscribers. When you have five or more functions subscribed to a Kinesis stream you will start to notice lots of ReadProvisionedThroughputExceeded errors in CloudWatch.


Why Cloud Cost Optimization Shouldn't be Finance's Responsibility

If you’re a cloud architect or engineering lead, chances are you’ve had a defensive conversation with finance about the AWS bill. Maybe it looked a little something like this… Unfortunately, this scenario is all too familiar, yet understandable from Finance Frank’s point of view. He’s just trying to do his job, but has zero context into which engineering activities are costing the organization so much (or why these costs are variable on a month-to-month basis).


CloudPassage ‘Apple Effect’ white paper wins Hermes Creative Award

I’m pleased to announce that CloudPassage’s very own Gregg Rodriguez received a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for his white paper on “Why Security Should Care About ‘The Apple Effect’– How Cloud Computing Unlocks Continuous Innovation.” The CloudPassage white paper examines how Apple’s culture of continuous innovation enabled the company to deliver new products on such a regular basis that consumers now expect that something new is coming. A phenomenon known as “the Apple Effect.”


Skyline AI Gains Visibility Into Serverless Security Posture With PureSec

Skyline AI is an artificial intelligence investment manager for commercial real estate. Skyline AI partners with leading commercial real estate firms to establish next-generation investment vehicles augmented by artificial intelligence. Founded in 2017, Skyline AI is backed by Sequoia Capital, JLL (NYSE: JLL), TLV Partners, Nyca Partners, DWS group and others. The company's headquarters is located in New York.


Google Storage Bucket Misconfiguration

Rhino Labs recently released a tool for scanning Google Cloud Storage (GCS) buckets, called GCPBruteBucket. The tool gives users an easy way to search for publicly exposed buckets being hosted by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Netskope Threat Research Labs used this tool to scan a subset of the Majestic Million for not just exposed buckets, but buckets that would allow anonymous users to change permissions.