Improving Serverless Application Performance

One of the greatest benefits of serverless is the ability to develop microservices, mobile applications, and APIs quickly and inexpensively without the complications involved with managing servers. A serverless approach can also boost your team’s productivity, and AWS services like AWS Lambda can handle scaling and high availability while costing less than running a server. However, serverless does present some challenges.


Opsani: Optimizing a FinOps Framework

Companies spend millions of dollars on their cloud performance. Much of this is overspend, but large enterprises cannot risk downtime, and so they hugely overprovision in order to buy peace of mind. In this article we’ll reveal how AI-based Continuous Optimization can put a stop to this wastage, and employ automated machine learning to help companies save up to 70% on their spend.


StackRox on security for Google Anthos

Today we shared the news that StackRox supports the Anthos platform (download joint solution brief), extending the reach of our hybrid and multicloud security approach. Anthos and the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform share a lot of common principles in delivering consistency across different environments – enabling both the infrastructure itself as well as the security policies and controls to bridge these worlds makes for a powerful combination.


Why Enterprises should push for Container Adoption in 2020?

Enterprises that have been running their own data centers for a number of years are skeptical of the benefits associated with cloud. One of the considerations for many enterprises is to be able to build modern applications such that the dependency on a particular cloud stack is minimal, or the interfaces that are depending on the specific cloud are abstracted well.


Why is Thundra the best to streamline cloud native app development?

2019 was the year of learning for the Thundra team. We’ve met with early adopters of serverless, learned a lot from them and witnessed the acceleration of serverless adoption with both greenfield and lift-and-shift projects. We had the chance to improve Thundra by focusing on feedback and inputs coming from our customers. For example; we observed that debugging serverless functions is the biggest pain point yet waiting to be addressed.


Thundra Closes $4M Series A Funding: A note from the CEO

Thundra! Thundra stepped into a new phase today, announcing Series A funding lead by Battery Ventures, new product capabilities, and my addition to the team. The appeal of Thundra for me is directly tied to the incredibly talented and dedicated people on the team and the work they are doing. This is a team purpose-built with the expertise required to address the new set of challenges enterprises face as they adopt modern microservice applications.


How to Secure Serverless Applications - Part Two

Serverless has made security much easier. However, you still need to devote energy to make your applications secure. Finally, a lot of security exploits with serverless related technologies come from misconfiguration which exposes non-public information publicly. It’s been a problem long before serverless, but now we can simply press a couple of buttons and let the fully managed power of serverless technologies do most of the work.


The Benefits and Components of Zero Trust

It’s inevitable that building a security program based on Zero Trust will drastically decrease an organization’s risk exposure. While North/South traffic was traditionally controlled by firewalls, this strategy has failed. Today, one of the biggest challenges within an organization’s perimeter is preventing lateral movement of both threats and data.


AWS: How did we monitor the cloud in 2019?

We had a busy 2019 with a substantial number of Amazon Web Service (AWS) integrations into Site24x7, each providing a seamless monitoring experience for our customers. The increasing number of paid AWS monitors is proof that we enhanced the monitoring expectations in 2019. In case you missed any updates about the AWS monitoring platform, here's a year-end review.