Introducing Smart Dashboard with AI-Driven Anomaly Detection

Serverless community is living in a dream week with all pre-Invent announcements such as with FIFO support with SQS, runtime support for Java 11, Python 3.8, and Node.js 12. These are for sure just teasers about the big updates to be rolled out in two weeks. In the meantime, Thundra developers are also very busy with the updates that will change our definition and value proposition radically.


Conquering hybrid and multi-cloud with big data fabric

Though they may disagree on the exact percentages and splits now and in the future, analysts very much agree that hybrid and multi-cloud adoption is rising across enterprises. It’s no surprise: compared to traditional on-premises systems and applications, cloud, public or private, has tremendous benefits around ease-of-use, flexibility, agility and scalability as well as the potential for cost savings.


Service Health Visibility With Dashboards

It is increasingly clear that tools developed to keep a single system or a small cluster running are no longer sufficient in today’s highly distributed, complex environment. The tools that offer service assurance must be able to move their way through complex application systems and prevent slowdowns or application failures. These complex systems now include physical systems, virtual systems and even systems found in a cloud service provider’s data center.


Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 - Serverless Hits the Big Time in Berlin

I never thought that this would be my life. For more than a year, I’ve been talking to individual customers and getting inspired by their stories, challenges, and goals. Now, I have the spectacular opportunity to meet entire conference rooms of people who are excited to hear about my story, challenges, and goals. This is my time to give back to the types of users who have inspired me ever since I entered the serverless space.


Building a serverless data pipeline using Kinesis > Lambda > S3 Glacier pt.2

This article is part of a two-part series covering how to build a serverless data pipeline with Kinesis, Lambda, and AWS S3 Glacier. You can find the first article here. In this article, we will be covering how to configure your Lambda function and build an S3 bucket with a lifecycle policy to push items older than 30 days to AWS S3 Glacier.


7 of the Best Benefits of AWS Lambda for Your Cloud Computing System

All modern businesses with web-based applications run their applications on the cloud, but you already know this. The question is, where are they going next? If you’re in the early stages of selecting a cloud computing system, or in the middle of switching to a new cloud computing system, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss one of the top cloud solutions out there, Amazon Web Services, how the benefits of AWS Lambda can improve your organization.


Cloud Discovery in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

While infrastructure and application discovery for datacenter environments is a mature discipline, real-time discovery of public cloud and cloud native services requires an innovative approach. Digital operations teams have to not only onboard invisible and short-lived infrastructure at scale but also ensure visibility, track consumption, and pinpoint service dependencies across dynamic multi-cloud environments.