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Introducing Epsagon's Traces Based Alerts and Metrics

July 03, 2020 We’re excited to announce a major enhancement to our platform: traces based alerts and metrics that better reveal the user experience and business performance. A trace tells the story of a transaction as it moves through multiple components of the system. A trace can show you the transaction components, and metrics tell you how the components are performing.


Using Amazon Redshift Materialized Views with Looker

Materialized Views (MVs) allow data analysts to store the results of a query as though it were a physical table. This makes MVs a useful and valuable tool for analysts, especially those working in AWS Redshift, because they allow analysts to compute complex metrics at query time with data that has already been aggregated, which can drastically improve query performance.


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Challenges of Going Serverless (2020 edition)

While we know the many benefits of going serverless - reduced costs via pay-per-use pricing models, less operational burden/overhead, instant scalability, increased automation - the challenges are often not addressed as comprehensively. The understandable concerns over migrating can stop any architectural decisions and actions being made for fear of getting it wrong and not having the right resources.


High-Performing WooCommerce Hosting for E-Commerce Projects

Online shopping has got the world and became a stable, profitable, and customizable replacement for conventional stores we are used to. You are about to start making money on your site, but you have no idea how to open an online store? In this guide, we will show you how to turn a regular WordPress site into an eCommerce store using a proven WooCommerce tool.


DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) on the cloud with Pulumi

Any enterprise working on the cloud is likely to use Infrastructure as Code as it simplifies the deployment process and makes iterative serverless applications easier to manage. There are several open source tools out there that work with most cloud providers, each of them with their own implementation processes. In this article we are going to dive into the workings of one particular tool, Pulumi.


Getting started with the Grafana Cloud Agent, a remote_write-focused Prometheus agent

Hi folks! Éamon here. I’m a recent-ish addition to the Solutions Engineering team and just getting my feet wet on the blogging side so bear with me. :) Back in March, we introduced the Grafana Cloud Agent, a remote_write-focused Prometheus agent. The Grafana Cloud Agent is a subset of Prometheus without any querying or local storage, using the same service discovery, relabeling, WAL, and remote_write code found in Prometheus.


Guide to Serverless Information Security

Information security (infosec) is a broad field. Its practitioners behave more like artists than engineers. After all, the mandate for security is not “do X”, but instead “ensure no one can do X, Y, Z, ɑ, β, ɣ, etc.”. The array of possibilities leading to infosec failure are vast. It’s like trying to prove a negative, thus making the task near impossible. On one hand we have an impossible task, on the other we have the affordance of time.


Autoscaling Your Cloud

Rightsizing an application is hard. Many applications are overprovisioned, running on more infrastructure than needed, to avoid failure when workloads grow. The alternative, an application crash when the load exceeds capacity, is also not acceptable to most users, developers, or businesses. The result, however, is unnecessary spending on idle resources during periods of low demand.


Epsagon Achieves Privacy Shield Framework Certification

July 01, 2020 At Epsagon, we pride ourselves on having a platform that is security-first and enables our users to feel confident in the privacy of their data. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we’ve now achieved Privacy Shield Framework certification, adding to our existing certifications of SOC2 Type 2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and GDPR.