Everything you need to know about DPO for schools

As legislation goes, the GDPR could be unique in its insistence that a new professional role, the Data Protection Officer (DPO), be created to ensure its mandates are properly met. But getting a DPO in place is no simple recruitment exercise, and that’s especially true for schools. For starters, people with the requisite mix of abilities and experience to do the job in educational environments are hard to find.


5 Important SIEM Reports

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps organizations in collecting, correlating, and analyzing log data from a wide range of systems connected to their IT infrastructure. Based on the results, a SIEM solution assists an organization in detecting threats and suspicious activity on their IT infrastructure. If you are already using a SIEM platform such as Logsign, you would know the importance of SIEM reports.


6 Network Monitoring Best Practices that Every IT Team Should Focus On

The network monitoring teams can now tap into Internet-of-Things, software-level network, and cloud-based services to ensure maximum uptime and optimal network performance. However, adapting to these technologies would mean defining new practices for legacy architecture integration, reengineering the monitoring workflow, and evaluating the toolkit for enhancing comprehensive and layered network management.


6 Ways To Use Trello For Effective Self-Management

It’s almost guaranteed that no one in the history of being productive has ever completely finished their to-do list. To mark every task as complete seems almost as impossible as locating the ever-elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Just when you think you’ve successfully reined in your tasks, another one swoops in, as you shake your fist at the universe snickering over your misfortune.


Looking back at five years of React at Instana

This article marks the start of an article series in which we would like to look back at one of our earliest technology choices: The selection of React. React is being used since day one as our core UI library to develop Instana’s user interface. Since Instana recently celebrated its fifth birthday, we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on this architecture decision.


How and why we chose React

This article is part of a blog series in which we look at back at five years of React usage at Instana. Most of the early Instana employees moved to Instana from a German software consultancy called codecentric. These first employees experimented, used and trained customers in various UI libraries and frameworks while working for this consultancy. This background allowed us to have a broad understanding of the web development space and Zeitgeist.


ECS cluster with customizable blend of on-demand, spot and reserved instances for granular workload placement

Spot by NetApps’s Ocean now makes it easy to run your ECS tasks on any combination of on-demand, spot and reserved instances all within a single cluster. Ocean provides Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) users with an automated, serverless container experience. Previously, control over the underlying instances’ pricing model was limited to utilizing reserved instances and spot instances only.


Reserved instances - How to leverage them without needing to predict the future

As we discussed in our previous post, the comprehensive visibility into your cloud spend provided by Cloud Analyzer allows you to confidently make decisions on how to best optimize your cloud. But when it comes time to actually optimizing your cloud compute spend, taking advantage of reserved instances – a pricing model that offers steep discounts in exchange for long-term commitment – many potential users still hesitate and for good cause.