Zipkin or Jaeger? The Best Open Source Tools for Distributed Tracing

Since the beginning of software programming, developers and operations teams have had to find and solve problems. They’ve had to attend to defects (on different dev environments) and incidents (on production), investigate their root cause and prepare a solution according to their findings.


Business Intelligence 101: Identify new business opportunities and achieve operational efficiency

It’s crazy to imagine that by 2020, every person will generate 1.7 megabytes of data each second! The days of slow communication and occasional snail mail are long over. We generate data without thinking about it - using apps, paying with credit cards, and even shopping online for groceries. It’s no secret that companies use this data to improve our customer experience and gain insights for strategic business decisions. Well, that’s what they should be doing anyway.


Private Cloud vs Public Cloud Security Challenges

As a system administrator during the early days of the “cloud revolution” I found the “cloud” metaphor an interesting choice to frame the technology stack. Clouds, in my mind, were “woolly” and hard to pin down as opposed to the omnipresent, always-available things that IT marketers were suggesting cloud services would be.


InfluxDB 2.0 Documentation is Now Open Source

InfluxData community! In January, we released InfluxDB 2.0 alpha with draft documentation. With each incremental alpha release, we’ve iteratively updated the docs. Most recently, we published content for InfluxDB Cloud 2.0. Since the initial 2.0 alpha release, the 2.0 documentation source code has been kept in a private GitHub repository.


Cybersecurity 101 For Entrepreneurs And Start-Ups

At the end of 2018, 30 million small businesses were operating in the United States, many of which relied on a variety of technologies to deliver their services. No matter how small in size or how new on the startup scene, these growing companies often face the same cyber risks that large and well-established companies face.


The Importance of Cybersecurity Programming Languages for DevOps

In the past year, adoption of DevOps has increased by nearly 10 percent. Most business owners realize that in order to bring together the marketing and IT side of their business together during the development of new software or web-based apps, they have to use the DevOps and Agile methodologies.


Why APM Is Central to DevOps Success

Imagine you’re driving a car, but there’s no windshield. You can’t see in front of you. On top of that, your car is full of friends looking out the side windows and yelling various things to you: “We should turn left!” “No, we should turn right!” “I’m pretty sure the next turn is in two miles.” In this scenario, how likely are you to reach your destination instead of ending up in a ditch or careening off a bridge?

What is Thundra?

Thundra offers full observability for AWS Lambda environments with aggregated logs, metrics, and distributed and local traces. It helps you discover bottlenecks in your serverless environment and take rapid actions when unexpected situations occur. You can minimize your cold starts, understand the root cause of the errors in your AWS Lambda functions or any other resources and see where exactly things went wrong.