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How to Load Test OAuth secured APIs with k6?

The outline of this article is as follows: Most systems are designed to treat users differently based on their identity. Therefore, users are authenticated via various mechanisms and it's often equally important to test the performance of anonymous and authenticated endpoints. One of the most widespread authentication standards used by today's applications is OAuth. In OAuth, we use a trusted third party to verify the identity of the user.


As Ecommerce Expectations Increase, Will Consumer Trust Do the Same?

“Consumer loyalty is not just a program” Last week, I had the chance to meet with Triquestra, a SmartBear customer providing innovative technology solutions to retailers around the globe. Their head of delivery said the above line to me as we discussed the rising challenges for retailers to meet modern user expectations. Full transparency—I told him I was definitely stealing that line for this blog.


Kong for Kubernetes 0.10 Released With Ingress v1 Resource, Improved Ingress Class Handling, and More!

Kong for Kubernetes is a Kubernetes Ingress Controller and a full-fledged edge-router which can route traffic to any destination of your choice. In addition to Ingress management, it provides enhanced security and management capabilities. With Kong, you can use Kubernetes not just for running your workloads but also for securing and monitoring connectivity between your workloads – all managed via Kubernetes manifests .


SQL and REST - Working with Related Data

As a follow up to our previous blog post about retrieving related data from that REST API, I wanted to dive deeper into the power of the “related records” feature of DreamFactory’s database-backed APIs. One of the powerful features of SQL databases is the ability to relate separate data records and perform queries that retrieve that related data all at once. One problem is that this requires a fairly in-depth knowledge of your database, it’s schema, and SQL syntax.


How to build a serverless API from scratch

API is the most important part of any customer facing web application since it’s directly tied up to the satisfaction of customers and the health of the business. Among numerous alternative ways of creating an API, serverless is one approach gaining popularity during the last few years because of its cost efficiency, scalability, and relative simplicity.


Repository Webhooks: Notifications for DevOps

Webhooks, so what are they good for? Well, quite a lot as it turns out! Webhooks are great for integrating Cloudsmith with other systems that you use, by sending data or notifications to other tools in your stack and helping to enable automation across your workflows. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds a lot like an API right? Well, not quite. Webhooks are almost like a sibling of an API call. So, what’s the real difference?


Faster, more powerful apps for everyone: What happened at Next OnAir this week

Week nine of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir is in the books—and what a week it was! From Google Cloud GM/VP Amit Zavery’s keynote to product announcements to customer demos to Google SVP Urs Hölzle presentation and Q&A, we explored multiple ways enterprises are leveraging APIs and no-code application development to accelerate their digital transformations. There was a lot to absorb, so let’s take a look back.