What is a Micro App: Monitoring an Emerging Trend

In the approximately two years since joining the DreamFactory team, I’d estimate I’ve conversed with more than one thousand companies about their API-based projects. These conversations provide a great opportunity to peer inside the IT operations of organizations large and small, not to mention pick up on emerging technology trends.


What Are Containerized Microservices?

Most people know that containerized microservices are essential to cloud migration and digital transformation, but do you have a clear picture of what containerized microservices are and why they’re important? In this guide, we’ll explain containers, microservices, and how they work together in simple terms – so you finally know what everyone is talking about at the office.


Womply: Helping small businesses compete through API management

Editor's note: Today we hear from Brad Plothow and Mihir Sambhus from Womply, a software-as-a-service company that makes CRM, email marketing, and reputation management software for small businesses. The company recently developed APIs to help small businesses use data to gain a clearer picture of their markets—and how to compete in them.


Infrastructure as Code without Infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a powerful process – replacing manual, error prone and expensive operations with automated, consistent and quick provisioning of resources. In many cases, IaC is dependent on existing infrastructure, typically including a configuration management system. Chef, Puppet and SaltStack are all commonly referenced players in this market, each requiring resources to be in place and having their own difficulties in setup and maintenance.


New feature: API monitoring with Custom Metrics

Imagine that your API response includes data that you would like to track and get regular reports on, and you may even want to generate alerts when values hit certain thresholds. You’re already monitoring for API performance and function, but how about grabbing the other data at the same time. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture the data, evaluate it, and store it in your Uptrends account? You can with Uptrends’ newest Multi-Step API feature, Custom Metrics.