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Launching Performance and Error Tracing & new Vercel integration.

Today, I'm super excited to announce our new Performance and Error tracing features for all Playwright-based browser checks. One of our key initiatives is supporting you with deeper insights into what is causing issues in the web apps you monitor with Checkly. With this new set of features we give you actionable data for easy debugging; Collected automatically with no extra code needed. Of course, fixing bugs in Production is great, but catching bugs before they go live is even better!


Cloud Testing at Facebook

At Speedscale, we are on the cutting edge of defining autonomous testing for the cloud era. However, we aren’t the only company trying to solve this problem and we enjoy learning from every perspective. That’s why Facebook’s recent blog article about autonomous testing caught my eye. They’ve built a sophisticated autonomous test system that introduces many of the same techniques we utilize.


API mock testing with Nock

For the latest full-stack applications to work, a backend service is required. That is especially true when the frontend service depends on the backend service to render data. In many cases, it can be difficult to replicate the setup of the backend services so that you can test the application. This tutorial will show you how to mock HTTP requests from an API so that you can test endpoints without actually calling them in your tests. This tutorial covers these topics.


API contract testing with Joi

When you sign a contract, you expect both parties to hold their end of the bargain. The same can be true for testing applications. Contract testing is a way to make sure that services can communicate with each other and that the data shared between the services is consistent with a specified set of rules. In this post, I will guide you through using Joi as a library to create API contracts for services consuming an API.


The HTTP/2 Landscape in 2021

When the internet first came into existence in 1983, its communication channels didn’t exist, and it was just operational enough to be used for research purposes. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee had the idea to develop a system for the internet using TCP/IP protocols. That public project at CERN introduced HTTP, HTML, World Wide Web (WWW), and a client–server as communication mechanisms.


Beyond API testing with Jest

Jest is a JavaScript-based testing framework that lets you test both front-end and back-end applications. Jest is great for validation because it comes bundled with tools that make writing tests more manageable. While Jest is most often used for simple API testing scenarios and assertions, it can also be used for testing complex data structures. In this tutorial, we will go through how to use Jest to test nested API responses and hopefully have fun in the process.


Announcing the Control API Suite

As LogDNA has grown, many of our customers have too, meaning that they are bringing in more ingestion data sources and expanding their use cases for their logs. To help with managing more data, we’re excited to introduce the Control API suite. We’ve built 4 individual APIs that will help companies programmatically configure their data and how they want to ingest logs. Below, we’ll cover each new API in detail as well as why they are massively impactful for our customers.‍