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Protecting User Data When Using News Database APIs

In today's era, where information is easily accessible with just a click, news database APIs have transformed how we access news content. These APIs empower developers to tap into various news articles and data from origins. Despite the influx of user data stored on these platforms, it is paramount for businesses to prioritize the protection of user privacy and data security.

7 Must-Know Trends Shaping the Fintech Landscape

In the dynamic realm of financial technology, commonly known as fintech, innovation is the name of the game. From revolutionizing payment systems to redefining lending practices, fintech has been at the forefront of disrupting traditional financial services. As we navigate through the complexities of the digital age, several trends are emerging that are reshaping the fintech landscape. In this blog post, we will delve into seven must-know trends that are driving the evolution of fintech and shaping the future of finance.

Status data API: Now available to all!

We’ve just opened up the StatusGator API to all users on all plans — even the Free plan. Previously, our REST API was a feature only of our higher level plans. But we’ve opened up the API to all plans to allow more people to take advantage of our status data. The API limits vary by plan by are generous enough to employer real-time dashboards and other uses.

How Tech Is Changing The Financial Services Industry

The digital era has marked an exciting era in financial services industry history, ushering in rapid change and disruption. From blockchain to artificial intelligence (AI), technological innovations are revolutionizing the financial services landscape and providing unprecedented opportunities and challenges for fintech enthusiasts and financial advisors. This blog post highlights key ways technology is impacting this sector while exploring its impacts and implications professionally.

Internal vs External APIs - What is the Difference?

APIs are an important part of modern software development, allowing communication between different systems and services. However, not all APIs are the same. Internal APIs and external APIs have different purposes and characteristics that affect their management and security needs. In this article, we will look at the main differences between internal and external APIs, focusing on their definitions, purposes, advantages, and disadvantages.

5 Best Web Scraping Tools at Scale

In today's world, data is more valuable than anything else. There are many ways using which anyone can easily scrape contact information from the web. So, when it comes to extracting information from websites, we have many options, and a web scraping tool is one of them. If you are a marketing agent, researcher, or lead generation team head and need a scraping tool, then we have some for you in this article.

How to monitor your APIs with Checkly API checks

This video covers how to use Checkly's API checks and active synthetic monitoring to streamline your API monitoring process and detect issues faster. We'll set up a new API check to monitor one of Checkly's API endpoints and go step-by-step from configuring the API request to defining essential headers, monitoring details and retry strategies.