Helsinki, Finland
  |  By Florian Engel
EverSQL by Aiven enables fast-growing Lili to optimize databases, pre-empting performance issues and saving valuable developer time.
  |  By John Kennedy
Discover how OSS managed services can offer protection against the challenges of skills access and innovation restriction for open source projects.
  |  By Arthur Ansquer
Execute even complex queries quickly without the risk of stale results. See what makes Aiven for ClickHouse® ideal for analytics wherever your data lives.
  |  By Serhat Yanikoglu
Aiven for PostgreSQL® adds support for major version 16. Find out what the key improvements are and how you can get the new version.
  |  By Jonah Kowall
The net result of an AI-powered optimization process is not only a better data experience, but also increased developer productivity. Once the teams are aware of what can be automated, the improvements can not only speed things up but reduce costs.
  |  By Nick Rycar
Aiven for Opensearch® is running OpenSearch® 2.11.1, bringing new AI capabilities, visual overhauls, and much more. Check out what's new and upgrade today.
  |  By Cara Baestlein
Join us, together with Revenir, Dojo and Hookdeck as we explore how businesses are pursing innovation in order to stay ahead.
  |  By Florian Engel
My Top Five Takeaways from Aiven Live, by Florian Engel, Director of Customer & Content Marketing.
  |  By Filip Yonov
Tiered Storage for Apache Kafka® delivers an improved cost-to-performance ratio, increased operational flexibility, and greater scalability for customers.
  |  By Cara Baestlein
New Kafka topics catalog in Aiven for Apache Kafka brings a topic-centric view of your Kafka environment directly to the Aiven console.
  |  By Aiven
Join our CEO and co-founder Oskari as he sits down with Delivery Hero's Director, Leadership & Managership Development, Micah Lasseter as they discuss the role of tech, AI and nurturing talent.
  |  By Aiven
Learn how to create a movie recommendation web app, using PostgreSQL® and pgvector. We'll work together to build a movie recommendation system from start to finish, utilizing NodeJS, TensorFlow, and PostgreSQL’s extension pgvector. We'll guide you through the process of creating the vector embeddings using TensorFlow right on your laptop. Additionally, we'll leverage pg-promise to efficiently handle bulk row inserts, and we'll explore the usage of Next.js for a full-stack project. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a fully functional project that generates movie recommendations.
  |  By Aiven
Discover the secrets of tech due diligence for early-stage startups with Sasha Vidiborskiy from Atomico! During this enlightening discussion, Sasha delves into Atomico's proven strategies for evaluating startups, providing invaluable insights and practical tips. AIVEN DATA PLATFORM The Aiven Platform is more than a collection of open source services for streaming, storing and analyzing data. The platform ensures that all services run reliably and securely in the clouds of your choice, are observable, and can easily be integrated with each other and with external 3rd party tools.
  |  By Aiven
Recording of the Stockholm OSDI meetup from February 7th. The video features two talks.
  |  By Aiven
How can I speed up a SQL query? This video showcases how to optimize a SQL query on MySQL or PostgreSQL for free using AI and a tool called EverSQL by Aiven. In the example shown, the query performance on a MySQL database went from 20 seconds to 0.5 seconds only by pasting the SQL and additional metadata in the EverSQL by Aiven UI and applying the indexes and SQL rewrite suggestions. Check out these resources to learn more:(links to any tools or resources you used in the video, our docs/trial if appropriate)
  |  By Aiven
What's in the Workshop Recipe? Apache Kafka is the industry de-facto standard for data streaming. An open-source, scalable, highly available and reliable solution to move data across companies' departments, technologies or micro-services. In this workshop you'll learn the basics components of Apache Kafka and how to get started with data streaming using Python. We'll dive deep, with the help of some prebuilt Jupyter notebooks, on how to produce, consume and have concurrent applications reading from the same source, empowering multiple use-cases with the same streaming data.
  |  By Aiven
During this webinar, our product team discusses: Speakers: Bob Krygowski | Product Director, Platform Filip Yonov | Product Director, Streaming John Kennedy | Product Director, Databases AIVEN DATA PLATFORM The Aiven Platform is more than a collection of open source services for streaming, storing and analyzing data. The platform ensures that all services run reliably and securely in the clouds of your choice, are observable, and can easily be integrated with each other and with external 3rd party tools.
  |  By Aiven
What can you do with data? Caching, processing, streaming, persistence... For its infrastructure, each of these components need: implementation, hosting, reliability and security. This is a lot of work and time, especially considering every project has specific requirements and specifications which translate into new data infrastructures. What if you could manage all of this in one unified platform? Watch the video and find out how with Aiven.
  |  By Aiven
Real-time demands come from decision making. Whether this is summoning a ride, ordering food, placing a trade or picking the next movie to watch. Services that cannot meet user demand at speed are going to deliver a bad experience and lose costumers' trust. How do we fix this? Data!! 📊
  |  By Aiven
In this session you'll learn how to interact with the OpenSearch cluster with the help of OpenSearch NodeJS client - create an index, add documents, search and aggregate data. At the end we’ll visualise results with OpenSearch Dashboards and sink the data from Apache Kafka. Prerequisites: During the workshop you’ll create an Aiven account using the free trial.

Aiven provides managed open source data technologies on all major clouds.

With Aiven, developers can do what they do best: create applications. Meanwhile, we do what we do best; manage cloud data infrastructure. We enable customers to drive business results from open source that trigger true transformations.

Currently, we offer Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MySQL, OpenSearch, Redis, InfluxDB, Grafana, and M3 in more than 90 regions around the world on AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, and UpCloud cloud platforms.

Make the most out of open source with Aiven:

  • Focus on development: Developers can do what they do best: create applications. We do what we do best: manage cloud data infrastructure.
  • No vendor lock-in: All solutions are open source. You can also freely move data between clouds or create multi-cloud environments.
  • Predictable pricing: Know exactly how much you’ll be paying and why. We bundle networking, storage and basic support costs together.
  • 99.99% uptime SLA: We are committed to keeping your Aiven software online. If there’s ever an issue, we’ll be there to fix it.

Freedom to build awesome applications.