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High MongoDB Lock Percentage

Are you experiencing high queues or slow response times in your MongoDB database? Well then, you may have a deeper issues within your database… a high MongoDB Lock Percentage. MongoDB can be a large and complicated database to manage and maintain, which means you will probably have multiple team members accessing and working on data at the same time.


Establishing a Complete Database Monitoring System

Observability and collaboration are commonly referenced as two of the most important aspects of software delivery and IT service management (ITSM). Data flows between services, applications and infrastructure, fueling the systems built and maintained by DevOps and IT teams. Resilient, fast data pipelines and the constant uptime of connected servers and applications are a must in order to remain competitive in today’s modern world of DevOps, CI/CD and complex cloud-based services.


View SQL Queries From Your Code With Prefix

Have you heard the saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure?” The phrase is often attributed to management thinker Peter Drucker, and less often to other authors as well. It can also slightly vary in its wording, depending on the source. At the end of the day, the exact wording of the sayer and who said it first doesn’t matter as much as whether it’s true or not. We’re here to tell you that yes, it’s true for a lot of things in life.

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Quick Guide to Redshift

Redshift is a fast, managed, data warehouse solution that's part of AWS. Although it is traditional SQL and meant for BI (Business Intelligence), it is designed for scalability and can support many workloads typically reserved for Big Data tools. It is protocol-compatible with PostgreSQL and is available through JDBC/ODBC, opening it up to a huge range of existing SQL tools.


How our tiger team reduced SQL query latency by 300% using automation

Some development problems are too complex, some timelines too tight, and some projects too greenfield for established teams to tackle. When you need to create a new team of developers for an ambitious project, the venerable cross-functional or tiger team provides the perfect model for bringing a ragtag crew together to achieve a shared goal.


Elasticsearch as a system of engagement in financial services

One thing you can always count on is that as technology advances, data volume and usage will keep growing. More data can lead to more informed, faster decisions and optimizations. That growth is not always equally distributed, though. Often, read-side queries far outweighs write-side actions, meaning we search for answers in data much more often than we create, update, or delete our datasets. So while many data stores can store petabytes of data, they often can’t use data at that scale.


Monitor Vertica analytics platform with Datadog

Vertica is a platform that uses machine learning capabilities to help you analyze large amounts of data. Vertica provides high availability and parallel processing by replicating data onto multiple nodes in a cluster, and uses a column-based data store for efficient querying. You can deploy Vertica in the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid of the two.


Why DevOps Matters for Database Admins (Despite What You May Think)

If you’re a database admin, you may not have paid much heed to the hype surrounding DevOps over the past decade. The DevOps movement has focused primarily on making work more efficient for developers and IT operations teams. For better or worse, database admins have not been a major part of the DevOps conversation. That’s a shame because database admins have a lot to gain from DevOps, too. Keep reading for a list of reasons why.


Expanding SQL Server Support

Support for relational databases is a growing focus for Kubernetes users, and the release of Windows Server 2019 is expanding options for .NET applications and SQL Server. SQL Server workloads, however, often rely on Active Directory and Windows Auth, and storage arrays, which will not be supported by SQL Server containers on Windows Server 2019. Fortunately, a new Rancher Labs partner, Windocks, offers new options for SQL Server on Kubernetes and Rancher.


How to Get Stronger Consistency Out of a Datastore

Welcome to our series of blog posts about things Sentry does that perhaps we shouldn’t do. Don’t get us wrong — we don’t regret our decisions. We’re sharing our notes in case you also choose the path less traveled. In this post, we stretch technologies to their limits to see real-time data while handling traffic spikes.