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SolarWinds Day September 2023 Database Session

Now more than ever, it is important for professionals across various roles, levels, and functions to easily access and use operational tools designed to add value and accelerate the business. To achieve this, tools must be simple to use and integrate. This SolarWinds day you can: Discover how we are making it easier than ever for database professionals to quickly detect, remediate, and prevent issues with the latest SQL Sentry® release.

SQL Performance Tuning: 7 Practical Tips for Developers

Being able to execute SQL performance tuning is a vital skill for software teams that rely on relational databases. Vital isn’t the only adjective that we can apply to it, though. Rare also comes to mind, unfortunately. Many software professionals think that they can just leave all the RDBMS settings as they came by default. They’re wrong. Often, the default settings your RDBMS comes configured with are far from being the optimal ones.


Seamlessly correlate DBM and APM telemetry to understand end-to-end query performance

When the services in your distributed application interact with a database, you need telemetry that gives you end-to-end visibility into query performance to troubleshoot application issues. But often there are obstacles: application developers don’t have visibility into the database or its infrastructure, and database administrators (DBAs) can’t attribute the database load to specific services.


The Ultimate RDS Instance Types Guide: What You Need To Know

Amazon’s Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) offers a variety of database instances, which can be confusing at first. In this guide, we'll clarify what each RDS instance class, family, type, and size means in under 15 minutes. Let's start at the beginning.


SQL Sentry Then and Now

With the release of SQL Sentry 2023.3, I look back at the past 18 years I have worked with the product to admire where it is today versus then. It’s been an incredible experience with a lot of moving parts, but no matter what market forces or acquisitions happen along the way, the core intention of “Improving the lives of Microsoft DBAs everywhere” has stayed the same. This is a two-part blog post: below, I’ll talk about our history and where we’ve come from.

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The Future of SQL Sentry

This month, I celebrate 11 years of working on SQL Sentry. I started as employee number 15 at SentryOne and then moved through various roles in support, customer success, and professional services to my current role as product manager. In an industry where innovation and adaptation are key, the journey of SQL Sentry and its team has been remarkable. SQL Sentry has come a long way since its early days.


Amazon RDS: managed database vs. database self-management

Amazon RDS or Relational Database Service is a collection of managed services offered by Amazon Web Services that simplify the processing of setting up, operating, and scaling relational databases on the AWS cloud. It is a fully managed service that provides highly scalable, cost-effective, and efficient database deployment.

Deploying Scalable Next.js Applications on Netlify with PostgreSQL and Redis

Deploying an application at scale can be challenging. In this video, we address this challenge using Netlify and Aiven. Dewan Ahmed, a developer advocate at Aiven, assists a fictional developer (Alex) who has limited knowledge of production-grade databases and deployment. Together, they master the process of deploying robust, secure, and scalable Next.js applications on Netlify, integrating seamlessly with PostgreSQL and Redis on the Aiven platform.