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Practical Demo How Ivanti Maps to CIS Controls Version 8 #ivanti

The webinar introduces the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and its mission, focusing on how Ivanti solutions map to CIS controls. Demonstrations include Ivanti Neurons for External Attack Surface Management, Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, and Incident Response Management. The session also clarifies Ivanti's non-affiliation with CIS, the difference between VRS and VRR, and the integration of EASM with other Neurons products.

Why BAC-PFN-GYP Fire Rated Access Doors Are Essential for Every Sustainable Building Project

In sustainable construction, addressing environmental concerns is just as important as ensuring the structural integrity of the building. BAC-PFN-GYP fire rated access doors provide a solution by combining functionality and sustainability into a single important building component.

Managing IT Network Disruptions In Your Company Like A Pro

Let's face it, tech meltdowns are the worst. In today's world, a healthy computer network is like the plumbing in your office-you barely notice it when it works, but when it goes kaput, everything grinds to a halt. Emails stop flowing, files disappear, and suddenly, your most productive employees are reduced to staring at useless screens. The good news? There are ways to be a hero and keep your business running smoothly even when the tech gremlins strike. This guide will show you how to be a network-disruption ninja, ready to tackle any tech trouble like a pro.

What Are the HIPAA Data Backup Requirements?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) enforces how you must retain and protect sensitive user data in a healthcare setting. Compliance is mandatory, and knowingly breaching HIPAA rules (including disclosing health information of individuals) comes with hefty fines and even jail time. It is important that your data practices and infrastructure and the third parties you trust to store and protect sensitive information, recognize and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Complete Guide: Understanding and Preventing DCSync Attacks

Gaining insights into DCSync attacks is key to fortifying your Active Directory (AD) against these sophisticated threats. By exploiting legitimate AD replication protocols, attackers can discreetly extract sensitive information, such as password hashes and Kerberos tickets. Recognizing these attack vectors enables you to implement more effective monitoring and auditing tools, enhancing your overall security posture.

Feature Friday #14: variablesmatching() & variablesmatching_as_data()

Did you know you can find variables by name and tag? Like the ability to find currently defined classes (as described in Feature Friday #13: classesmatching()) that match a name or tag, you can find variables by name and tag. It’s a nifty capability. variablesmatching() returns a list of variable names that match the name and tag criteria.1 variablesmatching_as_data() returns a data container of the matching variables along with their values2.

Comprehensive Cloud Security Solutions in the Bay Area

As businesses increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud, ensuring the security of cloud-based assets has become a top priority. In the tech-savvy Bay Area, where innovation meets enterprise, the demand for robust cloud security solutions is paramount. This article explores what cloud security solutions entail, their importance, and how businesses in the Bay Area can benefit from these services.

5 Security Logging and Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid

As cybersecurity attack vectors evolve, security logging and monitoring are becoming even more important. Effective logging and monitoring enables organizations to detect and investigate security incidents quickly. Cloud-based attackers are getting more sophisticated, and often rely on stolen credentials to escalate privileges and move laterally within corporate IT networks.