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Implementing Backstage: Getting Started

Backstage is a platform for building developer portals. Originally developed internally at Spotify, it’s now open source and available through GitHub. Backstage allows DevOps teams to create a single-source, centralized web application for sharing and finding software (through the software catalog feature), as well as templates and documentation.

Evaluating the Security of Your Messaging Platform

Mobile messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications have revolutionized communication, providing free and convenient alternatives to traditional cellular network services. These apps have gained immense popularity, connecting millions of users worldwide. However, as we embrace the convenience, we must also be aware of the cybersecurity risks associated with these platforms.

Eight Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses in 2023

The online playing field for businesses in multiple niches has expanded, with the internet enjoying an overarching presence in various facets. New and larger markets have become more accessible through online platforms. All an established business needs is computer-based tools and an internet connection that won’t falter. Expansion is often rewarding but has its fair share of risks; thus, melding a nice blend of cybersecurity with a growing company is the safe way to go about it.


Rootless Containers - A Comprehensive Guide

Containers have gained significant popularity due to their ability to isolate applications from the diverse computing environments they operate in. They offer developers a streamlined approach, enabling them to concentrate on the core application logic and its associated dependencies, all encapsulated within a unified unit.

Build a CIS hardened Ubuntu Pro server image on the AWS Console

Learn how to elevate the security of your Ubuntu servers by creating a CIS-hardened Ubuntu Pro AMI using only the AWS web console. Join Canonical Public Cloud Alliance Director Carlos Bravo in this step-by-step tutorial as he walks through the hardening process utilizing the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG) tool to ensure your system's security aligns with industry standards including CIS and DISA-STIG.

Your Secret Weapon Against Cyber Threats: Enhancing Cyber Resiliency With Cribl

In a previous webinar, we discussed the importance of ensuring that your enterprise is cyber resilient and the politics around establishing a thriving cybersecurity practice within your organization. This week’s discussion covers specific tactics and solutions you can implement when you begin this initiative — watch the full webinar replay to learn more about how Cribl supports your cyber resiliency efforts.


Securing IoMT Devices: Best Practices for Hospitals to Prevent Cyberattacks

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has revolutionized the healthcare industry, connecting medical devices to the internet and allowing for greater patient care. However, with this new technology comes new security threats. Hospitals must be aware of these risks and understand how to find, fix and secure connected medical devices to protect their patients from cyberattacks.

No need for Infosec "Rock stars"

Have they somehow found unlimited budget for their every tech request? Do they have an uncanny ability to source the diamond-in-the-rough talent? Or, is it something else? As part of our inaugural State of Cybersecurity Preparedness research series, Ivanti asked 6,550+ cybersecurity professionals, leaders and end users what their cybersecurity teams will do in the next 12 months to secure their organizations.

Cloud Security - Indiana Bob's Server Closet Versus Data Centers | Ep.28 Security Insights Podcast

Welcome to Security Insights: where best-practice cybersecurity meets the real-world risks, workplaces, and roadblocks you face every day. Join Chris Goettl, head of Endpoint Security Product Management, and Ashley Stryker, your cybersecurity "rubber duck", as they review the security strategies and tactics that truly matter to the information security teams protecting organizations, agencies, and businesses like yours.