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Dealing With Ransomware Attacks On Your Business

At its best, technology is an absolute boon for businesses. Simple computing machines make work easier, and making use of networks provides you with connectivity that allows you to quickly reach entities within and without your business. However, technology isn't invulnerable. Truth be told, ransomware attacks are on the rise in 2021. In the first half of the year, there had been more than 149 confirmed cases of Ransomware attacking businesses around the world.

CVE-2021-38379 & CVE-2021-36756

The CFEngine engineering team has recently discovered two security issues in the CFEngine Enterprise product: While the latter one (CVE-2021-36756) only affects CFEngine Enterprise deployments using the Federated Reporting functionality, the former one (CVE-2021-38379) affects all deployments running all supported versions of CFEngine Enterprise (and many unsupported versions, 3.5 or newer, to be more precise).


Ivanti Endpoint Security Now Integrates with Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence!

It does this by delivering automated insight into your risk exposure and helps you to prioritize, based on adversarial risk. In particular, it provides real-time intelligence on vulnerability exploits that are actively trending in the wild, and those that have ties to ransomware.. Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence combines this risk-based prioritization with patch reliability data to help you focus your testing efforts and reduce the overall time to patch.


New Endpoint Manager Release Enhances Experiences, Functionality, and Security

As more organizations continue moving to hybrid work environments, endpoint security and management has never been more critical to both IT staff and employees. IT and line of business teams have too many systems to work across, forcing IT departments to spend resources and budget on fixing assets that are out of warranty/out of support. Additionally, employees are unsatisfied with their onboarding experience.


Balanced metrics: The key to success in DevSecOps transformation

When measuring the success of large-scale transformations—particularly in the technology space—it’s natural to look at hard metrics, such as cycle time, mean time to recovery (MTTR), and so on. In IT, for example, hard metrics are what we do all day long. But within any organization, change is ultimately personal. In my experience, relying exclusively on hard numbers often leads you to ignore the human side of transformation, and sometimes even action the wrong things.


The Key Benefits of Modernizing Your VPN and Bridging to a Zero Trust Model - Let Ivanti Show You

I am excited to announce the launch of our latest network security offering known as Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access (nSA). This new cloud-based management solution will allow our existing L3 VPN customers using Connect Secure to take the next step in their journey toward a zero trust architecture. And this all can happen while still utilize existing Connect Secure VPNs that are already setup and configured.


4 Ways to Automate Controlled Access to Sensitive Data

Controlling access to sensitive data is tough. Be too restrictive, and your employees run into too many roadblocks to do their jobs effectively. Too loose, and you are effectively guaranteeing that your organization will find itself on the front page as a victim of one of the many data breaches happening every day. That is why it is important to craft an effective data security strategy: one that relies on automation and oversight to ensure the privacy of your users’ data.


Don't let compliance & security haunt you: What to expect in an audit

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, and many IT professionals are being haunted by the thought of gearing up for a security and compliance audit. Preparing for an IT audit can take months of planning. It can be time-consuming, uncomfortable, and stressful. Guess what else takes a long time and can be uncomfortable and stressful? Creating a human!


Small IT Teams with Big Security Problems

Not every organization is - or even wants to be - a Fortune 500. Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t care how big your company is. In fact, they often look to target small and midsize businesses (SMBs) knowing that they might have fewer security resources. You have the same problems that the big companies have, but you also have less money and people. Using centralized log management can give you the security solution you need, at a price you can afford.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Play a Role in Endpoint Security

ML-enhanced endpoint protection can keep schools safe from cyberattacks. Here are three benefits district leaders will find when investing in this advanced technology. Long before the pandemic, K–12 cyberattacks were a serious concern. The shift to remote learning has only increased the danger.