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Integrating Prometheus AlertManager with PagerDuty in Calico

In the fast-paced world of Kubernetes, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability of underlying infrastructure is crucial, such as container and Kubernetes networking. One key aspect of achieving this is by effectively managing alerts and notifications. This blog post emphasizes the significance of configuring alerts in a Kubernetes environment, particularly for Calico Enterprise and Cloud, which provides Kubernetes workload networking, security, and observability.

Tips for Finding Reliable, High-Quality Flame Resistant Clothing

In the evolving field of safety apparel, advancements in technology and materials are constantly improving the protection and comfort offered to those working in hazardous environments. Yet, not every piece of flame-resistant clothing (FRC) meets the same standards of safety and quality. Certified and tested garments adhere to established safety codes, ensuring your personal protective equipment (PPE) provides the necessary defense against hazards. This guide will highlight key aspects of selecting superior FR clothing and the proper flame resistant clothing maintenance to extend its protective lifespan.

Navigating User Experience, Performance & Security

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where users expect lightning-fast, seamless experiences, a thoughtful balance needs to occur between creating a unique website experience and achieving optimal performance whilst tackling the mounting threats posed by cybercriminals. This predicament places website owners and developers at a crossroads: How can they achieve great user experience (UX) while upholding stringent security protocols with a well-performing website?

Detecting Cryptojacking with Progress Flowmon

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, cryptojacking has emerged as a stealthy and financially motivated attack method. In attacks of this type, cybercriminals hijack servers (or endpoint devices) to use the computing resources to “mine” cryptocurrencies. They get a financial benefit from this activity when they sell the newly minted currencies.

How to train your team to use out-of-band communication systems

Out-of-band communication systems are critical to keeping IT, operations, and security teams securely connected during emergencies and mission-critical scenarios. By equipping team members with a communication channel that exists outside the organization’s primary network, decision-makers and leaders can rest assured that their teams can collaborate effectively when main communication channels are inaccessible or have been infiltrated.
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Threat Hunting Frameworks and Methodologies: An Introductory Guide

Establishing an effective cyber threat hunting program is among the top priorities of enterprise security leaders seeking a proactive approach to detecting and counteracting potential threats. Furthermore, implementing a proactive threat hunting program, security teams that leverage formalized frameworks or threat hunting methodologies are far more likely to detect vulnerabilities or in-process malicious activities in their environments than those that do not. However, data from a 2023 threat hunting survey revealed that while 73% of organizations have adopted a defined threat hunting framework, only 38% actually follow it.

13 Essential Components of a Robust Data Protection Strategy

In a world where information is more valuable than gold, businesses, both large and small, must have a comprehensive strategy to protect their digital treasure trove. In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the 13 essential components of a robust data protection strategy. These components will fortify your organization's data fortress. They can also help stop breaches before they happen.

Google's latest email policy and safer, more secure inboxes

Say that you're a bulk sender (in Google's terms, a user who sends more than 5,000 emails at once). You send a couple of emails and are baffled with alert messages that state your emails are unauthenticated; it can be shocking and annoying. In 2022, a staggering 333 billion emails were sent daily. According to data released by Google, unauthenticated messages received by Gmail users plummeted by 75%.

Your Cyber Safety Checklist for Business Travel

As we roll into 2024 proper, the events are starting to appear in the calendar again. In an era where connectivity is ubiquitous and threats are omnipresent, safeguarding sensitive data and digital infrastructure demands extra attention, especially during business travel. As MSPs, your role extends beyond mere provision of services; you’re entrusted with the security and integrity of your clients’ networks and systems—and, of course, that includes protecting your own.