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Airlines aiming to transform need modern Observability.

The last decade has been nothing but a roller coaster ride for the airline industry. The pandemic has transformed it forever and now it needs to reevaluate its digital transformation priorities on how to manage traveler expectations. Taking it a step further, travelers buying behavior is changing farther as now they will want to book tickets while chatting with an AI interface. The transformation was already underway. In 2020, Google Cloud and Sabre announced a partnership to modernize Sabre.


What is System Hardening? Definition and Best practices

System hardening means locking down a system and reducing its attack surface: removing unnecessary software packages, securing default values to the tightest possible settings and configuring the system to only run what you explicitly require. Let’s take an example from daily life.


How Domain Name Security Helps Prevent DNS Hijacking

You're probably aware of some security best practices to keep your business's digital presence safe. This might include uptime monitoring, security checks, and many others. But what about domain name security? Securing your business's domain name helps prevent commonplace domain hijacking and the associated chaos that comes with this specific type of cybercrime.


Ultimate Security Checklist to Launch a Mobile App in the United States - iOS & Android

Over 4 million mobile apps (Android and iOS combined) are available to download. A majority of those apps store and process confidential user information such as contact number, email, age, gender, banking details, etc. No wonder mobile apps are one of the most lucrative and sought-after targets for hackers, and app fraud volumes are expected to double by 2026.


Empowering SecOps Admins: Getting the Most Value From CrowdStrike FDR Data With Cribl Stream

In this live stream, Sidd Shah and I discuss how Cribl Stream can empower Security Operations Admins to make the most of their CrowdStrike FDR data. They address the challenges faced by CrowdStrike customers, who generate a vast amount of valuable data each day but struggle to leverage it fully due to complexity and size.

Air-Gapped Kubernetes with D2iQ (AFCEA West 2023)

From secure air-gapped environments to ease of use John Sickle, President and General Manager of D2iQ Federal, shares some of the reasons why the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform works for our partners at the Department of Defense and in the military. We provide the support, training and military-grade security required to help our government partners quickly and easily get into production and complete the mission at hand.

How Are SASE and SD-WAN Related?

SD-WAN and SASE both build on traditional network models, such as those used to connect a company’s offices. While the two models share some features and advantages, they have different structures and approaches. In the simplest terms, an SD-WAN inspects and routes data more efficiently, while a SASE combines networking and security functions into a single service. Here’s what you need to know.


Outlook Zero-Day (CVE-2023-23397) Fix for N-central and N-sight

As you likely be all too aware, there is a Microsoft Outlook zero-day vulnerability listed under CVE-2023-23397. With the increased attacks on Outlook this month, Microsoft has pushed out fixes for about 80 Windows flaws. More information on some of those patches can be found in my colleague Lewis Pope’s March 2023 Patch Tuesday blog. Lewis was also kind enough to send over the remediation script for both N-able N-central and N-able N-sight.

eg innovations

Control and Audit Remote Control Actions for Security

In an article a few months ago, my colleague covered the functionality within eG Enterprise that ensures secure and traceable audit trails for both users and admins of eG Enterprise allowing automated auditing and reporting for regulatory compliance and security, see Auditing Capabilities in IT Monitoring Tools | eG Innovations. Today, I will follow from this article and cover how eG Enterprise also controls and audits the execution of Remote Control Actions and scripts.