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Azure Lighthouse jumpstart

We are delighted to have a guest blog from Microsoft MVP Martin Ehrnst! Read on for Martin's expert advice on how best to use Azure Lighthouse. Afterwards, head over here to see how you can get a true single pane of glass for all your Azure tenants using SquaredUp's new Lighthouse features. Azure Lighthouse provides a unified management experience across all your customers (and internal) Azure resources. Depending on your background, you might not know why this is so big.

MongoDB Digital Experience Monitoring NiCE MongoDB Management Pack

Monitoring MongoDB User Experience on SCOM Cloud application requirements have pushed beyond the limitations of relational database management systems. As one of the classical NoSQL databases, MongoDB is a powerful tool helping companies align with new cloud-based business strategies. Ensure a perfect Digital User Experience. Every time, anytime. Ease daily administration efforts, and get pinpoint information on how to improve performance. Built-in, secure reporting options will help you and your team make better decisions for future expansions.

How much time can Easy Tune really save?

Too often companies make vague “saves you loads of time” sorts of claims about their products, without quantifying exactly how the product will save you time and how much time. I realized we have been guilty of this in the past, so I’m here to set the record straight! In this blog we will quantify exactly how much time (and effort) Easy Tune will save you.


Associating Incidents to a Problem

As defined by ITIL an ‘Incident’ is an unplanned disruption or reduction in quality of service and a ‘Problem’ is the underlying thing that caused the Incident. They are obviously related and there are endless pages on the internet going into incident and problem management as part of ITSM, so we won’t delve into this topic in any detail. The key issue is resolving the incidents themselves isn’t always enough, you need to get to the route cause of the problem.

Get going with Azure SQL Managed Instance MP in SCOM

Earlier this year Microsoft released a new Management Pack for Azure SQL Managed Instance - their new PaaS offering of SQL giving you all the benefits of traditional SQL without the hosting. We take a look at the new Management Pack: what it is, how it compares to the SQL version agnostic pack and how to set it up.

Why the difference between hosted & contained relationships matters with ServiceNow

Are you designing or working with structured configuration management data? No matter the technology platform, you will have come across relationships between various objects. These relationships are critical to keep your data points in perspective and build the bigger picture. One question that often comes up, when working with relationships is: What is the difference between Hosting and Containment relationships?

squared up

NOC Operator dashboard and the Root Cause perspective How they help you get actionable insights in SCOM

SquaredUp for SCOM sits on top of your existing SCOM and makes managing it a whole lot easier. In SquaredUp, SCOM data is displayed in beautiful and easily readable dashboards, which are also interactive. The coolest part is that the dashboards can be drilled into, down to the unit level, providing you clear actionable insights. As we will show in this blog with just a few clicks, you can identify the exact source of an alert, isolate the problem and take the appropriate action quickly.


Announcing Easy Tune 2.0 - Everyday Tuning Made Easy

We know that tuning your SCOM alerts can be a time consuming and arduous task! That’s why the release of Easy Tune 2.0 bring with it not only, new improved features and functionality, but also a more user friendly, customer-focused portfolio of tuning packages. Our new suite of tuning products is designed to suit any business from low-budget SMEs to large scale enterprises, with endless tuning requirements.