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Integrate SCOM with your tools using Webhooks Webinar 9-Sep-2021

In this webinar, we demonstrate how our latest product, Connection Center, uses Webhooks to seamlessly integrate SCOM with any of your other IT tools. Now you can integrate SCOM with anything using Webhooks. Our SCOM integrations are 100% code-free, meaning you can make your SCOM alerts truly actionable using real-time synchronization. We'll demonstrate the simple setup process, our plug and play integrations mean it only takes a matter of minutes to get SCOM working in unison with your enterprise applications,.

Why integrate SCOM with anywhere?

While SCOM is a valuable monitoring tool, you may also be using a suite of monitoring tools, such as SolarWinds to monitor network devices, VROps to monitor VMware, and Nagios to monitor your Linux devices, as all these tools are best in class. But, you don’t want to be looking in numerous different consoles to gather all your monitoring data!


Bi-Directional Integration for SCOM & your ITSM Tools

Bi-directional sync enables data to be sent to and from SCOM and your ITSM tools, in the following ways: a) OUTBOUND Notifications (PUSHES alerts from SCOM to another tool) b) INBOUND Notifications (PULLS updates on alerts into SCOM from another tool) This means you can choose which SCOM alerts to send across to your ITSM tools (Cherwell or ServiceNow), they are then raised as incidents, and then using bi-directional sync, info relating to the incidents is pulled back into SCOM (Incident ID, Configurat


NiCE Domino Management Pack 8.10

The NiCE Domino Management Pack is an enterprise-ready Microsoft SCOM add-on for advanced HCL Domino monitoring. It supports Domino system and application administrators in centralized Domino health and performance monitoring to improve user experience and business results. The Management Pack provides clear and precise performance indicators and timely alerts enriched by pinpointing problem identification and troubleshooting information.

Effortlessly connect SCOM to teams and Slack with Connection Center Webinar

See how easy it is to connect SCOM to Teams and Slack with Cookdown Connection Center in this webinar recording originally aired 26-Aug-2021. The Teams and Slack integrations demoed here are part of Cookdown Connection Center, your one-stop-shop for all your integration needs to and from SCOM without writing a line of code. Connection Center lets you raise Alerts in SCOM from anywhere and push alerts to ITSM platforms, notifications tools, and more.

NiCE Oracle Management Pack 5.2 for Microsoft SCOM

TThe Management Pack provides clear and precise performance indicators and timely alerts enriched by pinpointing problem identification and troubleshooting information. It streamlines the workflow and helps for better planning based on detailed reports. The integration into System Center enables a single pane of glass view into your Oracle environment, secured by Microsoft technologies.


Citrix Monitoring on SCOM | New Management Pack by NiCE & Teqwave

NiCE and Teqwave join forces to enable next-level Citrix monitoring on Microsoft SCOM. Both companies have a long-standing relationship in delivering SCOM-based monitoring services to large-scale enterprises. Our companies are partnering to help Citrix solution owners and administrators providing even better services and end-user experience. The Citrix Management Pack by Teqwave is a proven solution enabling discovery, monitoring, advanced analytics, and reporting on essential Citrix components.

squared up

How to screen capture dashboards on a schedule with PowerShell

SquaredUp helps customers create dashboards that connect the dots. They do this by assisting users in visualizing and sharing data. And, for the most part, they do this by displaying in dashboards what is happening now. Of course, some visualizations show some historical values or whatnots, but tiles like the WebAPI tile only display a specific value at one particular moment in time. But have you ever wanted to “see” what your application looked like right before an outage?