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Make the Most of your System Center Orchestrator Deployment

By licensing the Microsoft System Center suite, customers unlock a comprehensive array of tools encompassing server management, virtual machine administration, and automation capabilities. Frequently, customers are observed deploying automation use cases with System Center Orchestrator to meet specific infrastructure management needs.


5 reasons to switch to the OpsLogix VMware Management Pack

5 reasons to switch to the OpsLogix VMware Management Pack When you are choosing a solution to monitor your VMware infrastructure in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), you need to consider several different factors to ensure making the best choice possible. You want to find a solution that is cost-effective, includes all of the necessary features, and that is continuously updated.


Custom Management Packs - for your needs

Each organization's IT environment has its own prerequisites and unique challenges. This also means that there are different needs for the monitoring and automation of every organization's critical applications. However, finding a monitoring solution that fits your unique needs is not always easy. Especially if your organization has particular regulations and demands that need to be taken into consideration.

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Auto-Instrumenting Node.js with OpenTelemetry & Jaeger

Six months ago I attempted to get OpenTelemetry (OTEL) metrics working in JavaScript, and after a couple of days of getting absolutely no-where, I gave up. But here I am, back for more punishment... but this time I found success! In this article I demonstrate how to instrument a Node.js application for traces using OpenTelemetry and to export the resulting spans to Jaeger. For simplicity, I'm going to export directly to Jaeger (not via the OpenTelemetry Collector).


Virtual Machine Manager and NiCE VMware Management Pack for SCOM

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and the NiCE VMware Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) are both valuable tools for managing virtualized environments. However, they serve different purposes and offer distinct features. This comparison will explore the key differences and similarities between SCVMM and the NiCE VMware Management Pack for SCOM.


Microsoft Windows 365 on VMware Horizon Cloud

The world of virtualization has been evolving at a rapid pace, transforming the way organizations manage and deliver desktop computing solutions. Windows 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based operating system, is a game-changer in this space. Combined with VMware Horizon Cloud, it opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security in their desktop infrastructure.

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Microsoft SCOM ITSM Ticketing System Connectors

SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) is a powerful tool that allows experts to monitor and manage their IT environment. However, to make the most out of SCOM, choosing a suitable ITSM connector that integrates with your existing ticketing systems is essential. In this blog post, we will explore different SCOM connectors available in the market and compare their features to help you make an informed decision.


What's New in Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2022 UR1

Automation is at the heart of modern IT operations, and Microsoft System Center Orchestrator (SCO) has long been a vital tool in the arsenal of IT professionals. With each new release, Microsoft takes a step forward in refining and expanding the capabilities of SCO. This blog post will explore the exciting features and enhancements introduced in Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2022 Update Rollup 1 (UR1).

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Rapid Performance Analysis using Developer Tools

In the world of performance testing there is a heavy focus on the practice of load testing. This requires building complex automated test suites which simulate load on our services. But load testing is one of the most expensive, complicated, and time consuming activities you can do. It also generates substantial technical debt. Load testing has its time and place, but it's not the only way to measure performance.


What's New in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2022 UR1

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) has been a cornerstone for IT professionals and system administrators for years. It provides essential tools for monitoring and managing an organization’s IT infrastructure health, performance, and security. With each new release, Microsoft introduces enhancements and updates to make SCOM even more powerful and user-friendly.