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Introducing dashboard variables

We’re excited to announce the general availability of dashboard variables in SquaredUp. With this new feature, dashboards you create are flexible and reusable. Instead of hardcoding specific objects within the tiles on a dashboard, you can use variables to create just one dashboard to be reused across all your objects of the same type – be it your pipelines, apps, or microservices. Viewers of the dashboard can then select which objects they are interested in on the fly.

Notifications feature deep dive

In this blog, I wanted to take a deep-dive into our Notifications feature and explain some of the product design decisions we made. Notifications is one of the most frequently used features of SquaredUp. We designed this feature to be quick and easy to set up, with a primary focus on delivering timely notifications to the appropriate audience.

Announcing... Markdown magic

We're excited to share a small but mighty new feature. Our Text tile now supports Markdown! This allows you to include rich content on your dashboards such as headings, links, lists, images and more. At SquaredUp we know that a useful dashboard is more than just a few charts. With this update you can now provide key context to the data on a dashboard to help tell the right story. For example you might want to: You can easily do all that now, and more.

IT Monitoring News | July Edition

Welcome to our July edition of the NiCE bi-monthly newsletter! We’re thrilled to share the latest updates, insights, and events to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving IT monitoring landscape, especially revolving around Microsoft System Center. Whether you’re looking to stay current with new features, understand best practices, or network with fellow professionals, our newsletter has you covered.

Microsoft Announce System Center 2025

First released in 2008, Microsoft System Center is a suite of products which simplify the deployment, configuration and management of IT infrastructure for both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. System Center products assist with infrastructure monitoring, infrastructure provisioning, software deployment and patching, automation, backup and IT service management.

Azure DevOps success with out-of-box dashboards & monitoring

In previous roles I have been both an Engineering Manager responsible for a team, and a Program Manager responsible for branching strategy and process around CICD pipelines. In both of those roles (but for very different reasons), my product's build quality has been critical to product success. The obvious "why" to this is no builds, no product, but the real why is much more nuanced.

Azure Virtual Machine out-of-box dashboard makes it easier to get started

I first started my career in IT support back in 2003 when VMs where something that was “coming” rather than mainstream, so I had the privilege of witnessing the birth of VMs first hand when my company made the switch from bare metal to VMware GSX running on top of Windows Server 2003.

Self-Built vs Third-Party Management Packs for Microsoft SCOM

This whitepaper explores the comparative advantages and disadvantages of self-built versus third-party SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) management packs. It delves into the essential aspects of these solutions, including cost analysis, performance and efficiency, customization, and support. Additionally, it provides a decision-making framework to guide organizations in selecting the most suitable option for their specific needs.
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Microsoft Unveils System Center 2025

Microsoft recently announced the upcoming release of System Center 2025, the next Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) iteration of its comprehensive suite of management tools for IT infrastructure. Building on the legacy of System Center, which was first introduced in 2008, this new version is slated for general availability in Fall 2024, aligning with the release of Windows Server 2025.