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Eight Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses in 2023

The online playing field for businesses in multiple niches has expanded, with the internet enjoying an overarching presence in various facets. New and larger markets have become more accessible through online platforms. All an established business needs is computer-based tools and an internet connection that won’t falter. Expansion is often rewarding but has its fair share of risks; thus, melding a nice blend of cybersecurity with a growing company is the safe way to go about it.


Monitor your mobile tests with Sofy's offering in the Datadog Marketplace

As your apps scale, testing can become repetitive, manual, and time-consuming, leading to slower release cycles and lower-quality code. Sofy is a SaaS platform that enables you to create and run automated tests on your mobile apps without writing any code. Sofy will automatically test your mobile apps on real iOS and Android devices, so you can optimize their performance and debug end-user experiences without setting up or maintaining your own test infrastructure.

Datadog On Mobile Software Development

Understanding the health and user experience of your mobile application is critical in order to avoid user frustration, understand application crashes, and reduce bugs mean time to resolution. To help with that task, Datadog has a mobile monitoring solution that allows developers to better understand and improve their application. But what are the things to take into account when building observability mobile SDKs? How can we gather the right telemetry without affecting the underlying application?

Know These 3 Things Before You Dive Into the World of Forex

To those of you who have never been part of the Forex trading world, we assume that there are certain aspects of it that you may find confusing. And that's okay, however, it would be wise to get familiar with them before you take any further steps. The truth is, these basics are not as complex as they may appear to be, however, just like with anything else that's new to you, it's always essential to get your facts straight first. If you need some guidance when it comes to this, then pay attention to the advice below.

The Role of BSS Products for Telecom Operators

BSS - Business Support Systems - is a software application set that enables service providers to manage their business operations and support their customers. BSS products for telecom are designed to streamline operational activities and improve the customer experience. After reading this article, you will learn more about how BSS products are revolutionizing the telecom industry by enabling CSPs to prioritize customers and offer modern services.

How Gaming Analytics and Player Interactions Enhance Mobile App Development

The number of mobile game users is expected to increase to 2.3 billion users by 2027, with a CAGR of 7.08%. The resulting projected market volume is a staggering $376.7 billion by 2027. Competition is fierce, and differentiation is key to winning out in this rapidly growing market. To understand their users and build better games, gaming companies need to use data analytics to interpret how players interact with their games. Effective use of video game data can help companies.

How Transtira Delivers Improved Productivity for its Fleet with Remote Access and App Management

Discover how Transtira, an innovative logistics company, overcame the challenges of providing timely technical support, monitoring data usage, and ensuring driver safety with the help of AirDroid Business. With AirDroid Business, Transtira improved productivity, reduced labor and costs, and ultimately enhanced their logistics operations.