How MSPs Can Future-Proof Their Business in the Era of Remote Work

The new era of remote work has accelerated the need for businesses to adopt digital transformation strategies faster than ever to ensure their relevance and longevity in the marketplace. As priorities shift in this direction, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are quickly adapting to better serve their customers. Recently, LogicMonitor commissioned a research study of 500 IT decision-makers around the globe to understand how organizations are evolving in the face of unexpected crises.


What is an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)?

Some organisations fully outsource their cyber security requirements to MSSPs, while others only outsource specific aspects. MSSPs differ from MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in that they specialise in cyber security. By contrast, MSPs are more focused on the remote management of IT infrastructure. Many MSPs do offer security services but, owing to the highly specialised nature of cyber security, some chose to partner with MSSPs.

OneDesk for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Learn how you can utilize OneDesk's helpdesk and project management features for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). OneDesk combines Help Desk & Project Management software into a single application. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

Making Co-managed IT Work In the Real World (From Pros Who've Walked the Walk)

An IT director and an MSP walk into a bar… Well, it wasn’t actually a bar, it was a panel session on the second day of the Protect & Streamline Summit for IT Leaders. And they didn’t so much walk in as hit join meeting from their respective home offices. Nevertheless, the discussion between Bryan Schultz and Bob Coppedge, moderated by Datto’s Rob Rae, felt a lot like a candid conversation between friends.