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PagerDuty goes global with national preparedness month: Preparing our workforce for crisis

The effects of climate change mean we’re increasingly seeing black swan weather events impacting our working lives. From wildfires and hurricanes to the ever-present threat of earthquakes, 2021 has seen its share of crises. This obviously raises serious questions for companies about the safety of their workforces. As a global company, PagerDuty has employees across the world. When a disaster strikes, everyone needs to have the necessary training, resources and tools to act.


How retailers are improving productivity, transforming incident response, and empowering teams with PagerDuty

For retailers, uptime is money and issues can cost thousands of dollars per minute. With infrastructure comprising complex services such as payment gateways, inventory, and mobile applications, maturing digital operations is vital for ensuring services are always on and customers get the best experience.


PagerDuty and Teleport: System access and role escalation when you need it

You may know that PagerDuty has over 600 integrations that add a wide variety of functionality to the core platform and workflows. Some integrations provide upstream data sources like metrics and monitoring. Some are for downstream capabilities like reporting. And some interesting integrations help you in the moment when you are responding to an incident. Teleport provides secure access to applications, cloud infrastructure, databases, and Kubernetes environments without getting in your way.


What's New: Introducing the PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud

In today’s world of digital everything, where customers are increasingly demanding instant updates when problems occur, it’s more important than ever to take immediate action. Seconds matter, and teams need to be empowered to proactively solve customer-impacting incidents as quickly as possible.


Has the firefighting stopped? The effect of COVID-19 on on-call engineers

With digital becoming the primary channel for work, education, shopping, and entertainment in the last 18 months, it’s no surprise that workloads for technical teams and on-call engineers have increased. Data from PagerDuty’s inaugural platform insights report, The State of Digital Operations, highlights this reality. As of July 2021, the average number of events managed daily by PagerDuty is 37 million, with 61,000 of those being critical incidents.

PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: Teleport

Just-in-time System Access and Role Escalation. Teleport provides secure access for cloud applications and infrastructure that doesn’t get in the way. When implementing strict zero-trust rules you sometimes need to escalate and elevate privileges. By leveraging PagerDuty, you are able to alert the request and approve or deny system access. Using PagerDuty’s schedule feature, you are able to dynamically assign administrative privileges based on who’s on call. This greatly reduces the scope of access. Teleport and PagerDuty together provide security best practices that are easy to enforce.

What's new: Updates to Event Intelligence, mobile, and more!

As we near the end of the Summer season, we’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty platform. These updates will help our users and customers: Make sure to view the latest PagerDuty Pulse or learn more from our community team and developer advocates who have launched new programs to help you learn more about our latest products and best practices.