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ScienceLogic Announces Integration with ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program

ScienceLogic announces it has joined the ServiceNow® Service Graph Connector Program by integrating its ScienceLogic SL1 connector with Service Graph, helping customers to quickly, easily and reliably load third-party data into the system, enabling data quality, timeliness and scalability.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Play a Role in Endpoint Security

ML-enhanced endpoint protection can keep schools safe from cyberattacks. Here are three benefits district leaders will find when investing in this advanced technology. Long before the pandemic, K–12 cyberattacks were a serious concern. The shift to remote learning has only increased the danger.


The Urgency Driving AIOps into Your Enterprise

AIOps was once considered just a back-office fundamental, a solid suite of tools simplifying routine security and network monitoring tasks that primarily served the IT shop. The accelerated pace of digital transformation is changing that. Now, IT service and operations teams are in the spotlight and tasked with enabling business performance that help their companies provide seamless digital experiences and evolve in a fast-changing economic environment.


Modernizing Your IT Operations with a Secure Foundation

This is the first of a four-part security blog series covering why ScienceLogic is listed in the DoDIN APL catalog, what this means for monitoring critical IT infrastructure, and why APL certification is relevant for all organizations. Part one is all about trust and transparency—foundations for a secure platform.


Achieving 86% Productivity Gains Through ITSM Automation

Manual incident management is an enormous challenge facing today’s enterprises. It wastes time and money, and often results in unhappy customers who have to deal with unreliable services because of persistent, unresolved issues. Manual ticket generation can take 20 to 30 minutes, and routing another 90—assuming the ticket is delivered to the right team.

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AIOps - What It Is, Why It Matters, and Advice for Adopting It

The link between DevOps and artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps) has only started to become clear within the last few years. Monitoring and alerting has evolved from a "black box approach," where you don't actually know what's happening, into observability, where you have access to data that provides everything you possibly need to know about your IT systems. How does AIOps come into play? AIOps is the practice of applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to automate and improve IT operations. Since it entered as a formal discipline with Gartner in 2016, IT teams have been trying to figure out how to employ it to make their lives easier.