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Let's Talk AIOps: Part 2: Things to Think About & the PagerDuty Approach

This is the second in a two-part blog series about AIOps where I sit down with Julian Dunn, Director of Product Marketing at PagerDuty, to level-set on the hot DevOps topic. The first post discussed whether AIOps was just marketing fluff and whether ITOps actually has an AIOps problem. Let’s continue…


Building Momentum with a Gold Stevie and Highest Ranking in AIOps Market Analysis

We are super excited this week to celebrate not just one but two major accolades: winning a Gold Stevie Award and achieving the highest ranking in every category of EMA’s new AIOps Radar Report. Resolve won the Gold Stevie in the Digital Process Automation Business Technology Solution category, which recognizes the best solutions for automating complex workflows and digital business processes.


Splunk Recognized as Value Leader in EMA Radar Report: AIOps, A Guide for Investing in Innovation

Splunk has been recognized as a Value Leader in EMA’s latest research, Radar Report: AIOps, A Guide for Investing in Innovation. Vendors were evaluated across three categories, with Splunk listed as a Value Leader in both ‘Incident, Performance, and Availability Management’ and ‘Business Impact and IT-To-Business Alignment’, as well as Strong Value in ‘Change Impact and Capacity Optimization’.


How to Use AIOps to Optimize the Capacity of Your Virtual Machine Cluster

Before containerization gained popularity, many enterprises invested heavily in virtualization – an investment that is still relevant to their core business today. Virtualization remains a part of enterprise infrastructure strategy for all the workloads that either have not been, cannot be, or do not make sense to be containerized. In order to maintain operational efficiency with enterprise virtual machine clusters, enterprises must be able to efficiently manage the capacity.


Fiserv Eliminates Ticket Overload with AIOps

Fiserv, the Fortune 500 payments and financial technology provider, needed to streamline and automate its IT incident management process to detect and fix issues earlier and more quickly. The incident management workflow was complex, primarily because mergers and acquisitions over the years had made Fiserv’s IT environment very heterogeneous. “The challenges we were facing were enormous,” IT Director Chris Kreps says.


AIOps - Done the Self-Service Way

Last week I went camping with some friends. One of them did the shopping for all of us, so I sent him my share using a payment app. It took me less than 2 minutes to complete the transaction. A few years ago, a similar transaction would have me going to the bank to complete the task, or at a minimum, calling a bank teller and having him do it. Try to imagine a bank asking its customers to do any of these things today. It would probably lose all its customers in no time.