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ScienceLogic Introduces Skylar AI: The Suite of Advanced AI Capabilities Creating a New Industry Paradigm

Company unveils new AI suite, empowering organizations to automate ITOps processes, enabling more accurate, data-driven decisions that cultivates exceptional customer experiences.

What is ServiceOps?

Service operations (ServiceOps) is a technology-enabled approach that unifies IT operations and IT service (ITSM) teams and facilitates frictionless collaboration for more effective incident management. ServiceOps combines people, processes, and technology to improve visibility, workflows, and collaboration between otherwise siloed departments. Organizations of all sizes and industries worldwide have adopted ServiceOps.

3 Ways AIOps Addresses Key Barriers to Streamlined Government IT Operations

IT modernization is imperative to an agile, productive, citizen-centric, and cost-efficient government. It’s also codified as a key objective of many mandates and guidelines. But as mission-critical as IT modernization initiatives are, they are also fraught with risk and operational challenges, including: To overcome these barriers to streamlined IT operations, government leaders should rely on artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps).

What are event intelligence solutions?

As technology evolves, so does the language we use to describe it. Not surprisingly, IT operations have evolved dramatically since 2016. Given these changes and enhancements in artificial intelligence, the industry is overdue for an updated definition of AIOps platforms. AIOps isn’t going away, but we are changing some ways we talk about it. In the Gartner Hype Cycle for ITSM, 2024, Gartner announced new phrasing to describe the technology used in event management.

Addressing IT Challenges in Financial Services

Financial services companies enable a steady stream of intricate transactions—all of which are underpinned by an increasingly complex array of systems, services, and applications. Many forward-looking financial institutions have evolved to include multiple clouds, hyper-converged infrastructures, virtual machines, and containers to house massive quantities of transactional data and processes.

Autonomic IT in Financial Services: Elevate IT and Deliver a Resilient Customer Experience

Financial services firms face a multitude of complex IT challenges. Banking is a 24×7 affair, and firms must ensure their infrastructure is “always on” — consistently running at the highest efficiency and reliability. Banking customers also expect frictionless experiences across mobile and digital banking services. Slow application response times and service outages are simply not an option. Commercial banking is also competitive.

Align ServiceOps with incident context to meet ITOps goals

ServiceOps is a technology-enabled approach that unifies IT operations and IT service management (ITSM) teams to improve incident management. In a recent survey of more than 400 global IT leaders by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), 96% of respondents reported positive results from implementing the approach. Adoption rates are high: 75% have either an active effort or a formal initiative to streamline collaboration between ITSM and ITOps teams.