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The latest News and Information on Digital Experience Monitoring for End Users, Employees and Remote Working.

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Monitoring Teams & Zoom on macOS Devices

When it comes to macOS, monitoring the digital experience comes with many challenges. When considering these challenges in relation to monitoring such business-critical UCaaS applications like Zoom, Teams or Cisco Webex, the challenges multiply - especially if relying solely on built-in macOS tools.

Microsoft Teams Outage, TM710344: Some users may experience multiple issues with their Microsoft Teams

Earlier today, Microsoft Teams experienced service degradation causing multiple issues for users. Users attempting to log in were presented with an “oops” page, while already-logged-in users were missing messages, experiencing issues with loading messages in channels and chats and preventing them from viewing or downloading media (images, video, audio, etc…) Exoprise proactive monitoring first detected the outage in North America starting shortly before 11 AM EST.

How SaaS Changed Network Management

Work environments, the network that supports them, and the network management tools to fix those work environments seem to have changed overnight. But the shift was one which was long in the making, several decades to be exact. With the acceleration of work from home due to the pandemic, SaaS services accelerated into a necessity. Along with this dramatic shift, network management shifted to accommodate SaaS and gone were seemingly static paradigms about work and networking.

Analyzing SASE DEM Solutions

Vendors across security sectors are now offering their own digital experience monitoring products, especially when the security products can impact customer networks and performance at various levels. While these monitoring tools can provide valuable information to customers, it raises concerns about whether there is a potential conflict of interest between the vendor and the customer.

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10 Reasons for Poor Teams and Zoom Call Quality

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platforms play a vital role in facilitating seamless communication and efficient teamwork within the modern digital workplace. This reality is particularly important in light of the growing prevalence of hybrid and remote work. Zoom and Microsoft Teams, two leading UCC applications, have gained widespread popularity across global organizations. Before the rise of Zoom, often Cisco Webex or Goto-Meeting was the collaborative and presentation platform of choice for Enterprises. What's detailed here for Zoom and Teams, also holds true for the more traditional remote meeting apps like Webex and Goto.

Optimizing macOS Digital Experience

In the realm of tech diversity, organizations face the formidable task of delivering flawless digital experiences on many devices and operating systems. The performance and reliability of these disparate systems, and their networks, significantly impacts user experience, be it web browsing, application sharing, or remote server operations. Among these challenges, macOS, Apple’s widely adopted operating system, holds particular challenges when it comes to optimizing experience and networking.