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The latest News and Information on Digital Experience Monitoring for End Users, Employees and Remote Working.


ICMP Required for Traceroute and Network Diagnostics

As previously detailed on the Exoprise blog, the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is crucial for troubleshooting, monitoring, and optimizing network performance in today’s Internet-connected world. Despite historical security concerns, disabling ICMP is unnecessary and hampers network troubleshooting efforts. Modern firewalls can effectively manage the security risks associated with ICMP.


The Importance of ICMP in Today's Digital Landscape

In today’s interconnected world, where network performance is crucial for business operations, understanding the significance of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) becomes paramount. Today’s post sheds some light on the critical role of ICMP and why it should not be disabled despite legacy security concerns. By implementing proper security measures, businesses can leverage the benefits of ICMP while mitigating potential risks.


EXperience Level Agreements (XLA), the Next Step with SLAs

The importance of the network to businesses has increased over the years (obviously). Nowadays, they are the main way that work gets done – they’re the main way anything gets done. Consequently, how organizations measure their performance needs to change as well. Rather than just focus on network availability or simple uptime, they need to dig deeper and monitor User Experience.

Troubleshooting Salesforce with Exoprise

In this tutorial video, we'll be walking you through troubleshooting end user experience issues with Salesforce utilizing Exoprise CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch. With how Important salesforce is to organizations using it, it is critical to ensure its uptime and availability. Salesforce issues are extremely costly due to potential revenue loss, the cost of downtime for both customers and internal users, customer dissatisfaction, and many other impacts.

Digital Experience Monitoring: What it is and Why it Matters

The art of monitoring the influence of an application’s performance on business outcomes is constantly evolving. It used to be directing IT teams to act on insights from an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution was enough to drive business outcomes. Now we know the user experience has a heavy hand in determining whether a digital platform survives or dies. An APM solution keeps tabs on the performance of application components such as servers, databases, and services.


What Is Digital Experience Monitoring: Benefits, Challenges & Best DEM Tools

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) is a practice that involves monitoring and analyzing the end-to-end digital experience of users interacting with websites, applications, and other digital services. By examining performance, availability, and usability from the end user’s perspective, DEM provides insights into the performance, availability, and usability of these services from the perspective of the end user.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

In this tutorial video, we’ll be walking you through troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange and Outlook issues for end users, utilizing CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch Desktop. Email is the lifeblood of most companies and any performance or accessibility issues with Exchange or Outlook are extremely impactful to end users. These issues can be extremely expensive to organizations whether it be the cost of downtime or the cost of time spent troubleshooting the issues.

Troubleshooting Microsoft SharePoint

In this tutorial video, we’ll be walking you through troubleshooting Microsoft SharePoint issues for end users, utilizing CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch Desktop and Service Watch Browser. Any performance or accessibility issues with SharePoint are extremely impactful to end users. There is also the support cost to consider as most organizations using SharePoint heavily have dedicated app owners focusing solely on making sure SharePoint is working optimally.

A Comprehensive Guide to Internal Digital Experience Monitoring

With employees relying heavily on network connectivity and digital tools to carry out their day-to-day tasks, monitoring the network experience of internal users has a direct impact on their productivity, efficiency, and overall satisfaction. Effective internal digital experience monitoring involves tracking and analyzing various aspects of the network performance and connectivity that employees rely on to perform their jobs effectively.

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Three Simple Steps to Improve Digital Workplace Collaboration

The pandemic sparked a dramatic uptick in corporate use of collaboration and cloud solutions. A related perpetual challenge is that enterprises do only a mediocre job of providing remote users, especially those working at home, with robust Digital Workplace experiences. As part of improving the enterprise Digital Workplace, Enterprises' must begin to conduct thorough digital inventories, focus on network observability, and enforce strong SLA's with cloud providers to address the shortcomings.