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SaaS and Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreement Credit Recovery

In this article, we will be covering Service-Level Agreement (SLA) credits and the general steps Software-as-a-Service customers must take to recover them. We’ll also go over the typical information required by SaaS vendors, how to collect this information, and how CloudReady synthetics can expedite the SLA credit recovery process. SLA credits are a type of compensation to customers by service providers when service providers fail to achieve the agreed-upon service levels.

5 Key Feature Updates In The New Teams Client And What They Mean For You

The Teams desktop client has been rebuilt to prioritize performance and offer a faster, more streamlined, and adaptable experience for users. It’s a fairly sizeable update and there’s a bunch of new features that are worth taking a look at but here are our top 5 and why they’re important for you.

The Best Practices For Microsoft Teams Hybrid Meetings

Bad meetings in the age of hybrid aren’t just annoying, they’re a huge cost sink. They drop productivity, reduce employee happiness, and sometimes, in the worst cases, lead to missed business opportunities. All that can be avoided with the right approach to making hybrid work the right way. Here are the best practices for Teams hybrid meetings that you need to know.
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Troubleshoot WiFi and Wireless Networking Issues Everywhere

In today's varied workspace dynamics, wireless networking issues can greatly impact user experience and productivity. Whether it's slow download speeds, poor wireless coverage, connectivity, or collaboration problems during virtual meetings, wireless troubleshooting is crucial to ensuring remote and office productivity.

Build Dashboards for Monitoring the Remote Workforce

Remote workforce management is driving the business landscape, requiring cloud-based tools for monitoring to maintain productivity and user satisfaction. Real-User Monitoring (RUM) and synthetic transaction monitoring are powerful tools that enable organizations to diagnose and fix network issues faster for their employees wherever they work.

Simple Steps To Test And Optimize Your Microsoft Teams Video And Audio

Pixelated cameras, robot voices, tinny sound coming out of your speakers. This is the peak Teams experience when your settings aren’t on point, and your hardware doesn’t cut the mustard. Here are the simple steps to get on top of your Microsoft Teams video and audio quality as well as how to make it better in your whole company.

Introducing a Brand New Microsoft Teams Integration

We’ve gotten clear feedback from our customers that we’ve needed a strong Microsoft Teams integration. Responders want a full suite of incident management functionality, no matter what chat application their organization uses. We heard you. That’s why we’re proud to announce a brand new MS Teams integration with fully robust incident management lifecycle capabilities.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Performance Issues in a Specific Office Location

Welcome to the debut of Tales from the Trenches, a ‘boots on the ground’ series written by Richard Ashbee, a seasoned pre-sales engineer and consultant with over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Read on for practical insights straight from the frontline!

Digital Experience Monitoring for macOS

In this overview video, we'll be walking you through Service Watch Desktop for macOS. We'll cover the benefits of utilizing Service Watch for macOS and the configuration and deployment process. We'll then review the data being collected by Service Watch and some additional functionality in Active Tests, Device Groups, and Alarms.