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Microsoft Teams Monitoring by Exoprise

Whether migrating from Skype for Business or embarking on an enterprise collaboration and communications upgrade, Microsoft Team's deployments require planning, assessment and continuous visibility for network optimization. CloudReady Teams Monitoring executes synthetic video, audio and messaging conference calls against an Exoprise AV Bot for end-toend Quality of Service (QoS) and WebRTC metrics. Easily deployed for 24x7, steady-state visibility into your infrastructure.

Service Watch Digital Experience Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions like Exoprise Service Watch provide the ultimate measure of how IT services and assets are enhancing - or not - the productivity of the business and employees no matter where they work. In this day and age, monitoring is crucial. The future of work is all digital, all connected, and all kinds of complicated.

It's Here! Monitor Microsoft Teams Audio Video Conferencing

Exoprise released its long awaited Teams Audio Video Conferencing sensor. This sensor fully tests Audio/Video end-to-end capacity, throughput, and network performance through the actual underlying Microsoft Teams and Azure infrastructure. The Teams AV sensor provides deep insight into a network’s capability to handle the Teams/Skype Unified Communications (UC) platform.


Troubleshooting Office 365 Issues Made Simple

Do you often ask yourself the question – Is there an Office 365 problem today? While you try to find the answer, your customers (end-users) complain because they can’t access their business applications. Apart from all this, your boss needs an immediate status update. Trust me. It doesn’t feel great to be in that situation. And we know it. Extends Alert Communications via Microsoft Teams Integration

If you’re a DevOps practitioner working in a Microsoft-centric environment, you’ll be pleased to learn that recently added support for the popular Teams communications hub to help broadcast pressing alerts and other monitoring data. The integration comes on the heels of making the platform directly available from within the Azure Console and expands organizations’ abilities to communicate and share notifications about everything from log data to security events.


Proactive Microsoft Teams Service Monitoring

The IT department of an organization is tasked with helping maintain the productivity of their Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 services, facilitating effective service delivery for all users. The executives of the business (VIPs) are sensitive to optimized performance as they must regularly conduct very important calls and meetings.


How Streamlining ITSM Operations Can Reduce Service Remediation Costs

When using Microsoft 365 services the main benefit of having a monitoring tool that can assess performance quality and identify issues is that it sends alerts into a ticketing tool such as ServiceNow for example, to initiate the process of remediating the problem. When you don’t have a monitoring tool in place then support tickets aren’t automatically sent and users must identify issues and send in tickets manually with little to no information on where the problem came from.


Overcoming Information Barriers in Microsoft Teams

The phrase “Teams is slow” means that somewhere something isn’t working. But who in the organization should lead the charge to address the problem – especially when the problem isn’t Teams? This blog will examine the different information barriers in Microsoft Teams and how to overcome them.

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6 Use Cases for Digital Experience Monitoring

If you live and breathe in the technology industry, chances are you are hearing Digital Experience Monitoring a lot these days. So what is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), and why is IT obsessed with it? With a remote-first culture brewing in every company, IT needs to ensure that employees on their machines are productive and satisfied with the performance of typical enterprise applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Workday, etc. A DEM solution collects application and desktop user experience (UX) insights holistically, giving IT a broader context for troubleshooting performance issues. Let's discuss six use cases for DEM.