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Control and Audit Remote Control Actions for Security

In an article a few months ago, my colleague covered the functionality within eG Enterprise that ensures secure and traceable audit trails for both users and admins of eG Enterprise allowing automated auditing and reporting for regulatory compliance and security, see Auditing Capabilities in IT Monitoring Tools | eG Innovations. Today, I will follow from this article and cover how eG Enterprise also controls and audits the execution of Remote Control Actions and scripts.


Introduction to Kubernetes Observability

Cloud has become the de-facto standard for new application development. Kubernetes solves many problems of modern-day cloud infrastructure. It has made microservices-based distributed software systems possible, enabling organizations to provide on-demand scaling. But at the same time, Kubernetes has also increased operational complexity. In simple terms, Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool. Container environments are dynamic and ephemeral.


Datadog Cost Optimization: 7 Cost-Saving Best Practices

As cloud systems become increasingly sophisticated, you want a cloud monitoring platform that helps you identify, isolate, and fix root-cause issues quickly. Meanwhile, engineering leaders are under increasing pressure to reduce technology costs as the global economic outlook remains uncertain. With Datadog, you can observe, monitor, analyze, and report on the health of your infrastructure, applications, and services, in any cloud, and at scale.


From Dial-Up to the Cloud: Why APM is Not Enough in the Age of the Internet

What would you be doing right now if the Internet didn't exist? The world wide web as we know it is only a few decades old, but it's hard to imagine life without it. I fondly recall the early days of the "personal" Internet, when I used a 56k modem and waited anxiously for that oh-so-familiar connecting sound to access my AOL account and check if I had mail. We've come a long way from those humble beginnings.

eg innovations

New One-click Dashboard Templates in eG Enterprise v7.2

One-click dashboard templates are among a number of tools available within eG Enterprise to allow organizations to rapidly set up targeted and bespoke views for a wide range of audiences across their organizations, whilst avoid the costs and inconsistencies of building and maintaining many individual dashboards.


Monitoring Android applications with Elastic APM

People are handling more and more matters on their smartphones through mobile apps both privately and professionally. With thousands or even millions of users, ensuring great performance and reliability is a key challenge for providers and operators of mobile apps and related backend services.


OpenTelemetry Browser Instrumentation Complete Tutorial

Browser instrumentation refers to collecting and analyzing data about a user's interactions with a web browser. This type of instrumentation involves using specialized tools and techniques to gather information about how a website is being used, such as page load times, network requests, and user interactions. The data collected through browser instrumentation can be used to improve website performance, identify and troubleshoot errors, and gain insights into user behavior.