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Streaming Auth0 Logs to Datadog | Sivamuthu Kumar (Computer Enterprises, Inc.)

Are you using Auth0 in your application for user logins? How will you monitor the Auth0 logs and detect user actions that could indicate security concerns? In this session, we will see how Datadog helps you to extend security monitoring by analyzing Auth0 User activities in the logs. And also we will see how to set up threat detection rules to trigger notifications automatically based on them.

Democratizing Delivery: Seamless Observability for Optimal Application Performance |Ekim Maurer(NS1)

When application delivery performance issues happen, observability is critical to diagnosing the problem at hand. The adage “it’s always DNS” means that observability must extend to the foundational layers of the application delivery and access networking stacks. Yet granting administrative access to core network services like DNS and DHCP may run contrary to an organization’s least-privileged access policies. In this session, attendees will learn how global internet companies and enterprises use NS1 and Datadog to provide democratized DNS observability and reach optimal application performance.

Observability for Service Organizations | Bart Scheltinga (RawWorks)

Observability is trending. Organizations that rely on cloud infrastructure and cloud applications prioritize observability initiatives to get control over their business’s applications. At the same time, we see the “gap” between the on-premises infrastructure and “non-cloud” infrastructure is becoming bigger. Examples are End User Computing (EUC) and Global networks (SD-WAN).

Metrics for Apache Kafka with Datadog and Aiven | Ryan Martin (Aiven)

Using managed services is all very well, but how do you get the data you need from the different services into Datadog so you can see it all in one place? This session will walk through the configuration for bringing your Aiven-managed Apache Kafka service metrics into your Datadog explorer. You’ll see how to filter the metrics to focus on specific topics or consumer groups, and how to use the Aiven client to create a repeatable, scriptable setup. This session is recommended for anyone living in the as-a-Service world who cares about data and is interested in using metrics to optimize their Kafka clusters.

Monitoring Open Source Success in Arduino | Silvano Cerza (Arduino)

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project, and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices. In the course of developing software downloaded and used by millions around the world, we have found it vitally important to be aware of the quality and performance of our software.

Alerting has landed: Never miss another mission-critical issue again

Time is of the essence when identifying and resolving issues in your software. The longer it takes for a fix to be deployed, the greater the consequences for your customers. Visibility and speed are core to what makes Raygun powerful and is why today we’re excited to continue this journey with our latest feature – Alerting.


Announcing the Preview of Splunk APM's AlwaysOn Profiling

For application developers and service owners who build and troubleshoot modern enterprise software, resolving production issues requires identifying poor performance across multiple networks, operating systems, servers, configs, and third party dependencies. When the problem is the code itself, code profiling helps identify service bottlenecks by periodically taking CPU snapshots, or call stacks, from a runtime environment.