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Scout APM Announces Python Application Support for Error Monitoring Tool

Traditionally an APM tool, Scout has expanded its service offerings to now include error monitoring of Python web applications for more cohesive and actionable observability insights within a single platform. This new feature supports an overall better user experience by eliminating the need for multiple web-application monitoring services; Scout APM with Scout Error Monitoring offers performance and error insight and alerting within a single, integrated dashboard.

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The New Normal for Hybrid IT Solutions

The more things change, the more things stay the same. An idiom that's oddly comforting in its assurance that everything will remain balanced and undisrupted, and the winds of change-however ferocious-are somehow futile against the staunchness of the status quo. That said, I would suggest the creator of this idiom hadn't experienced a year like 2020 (and now 2021).
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Citrix Tips for Troubleshooting

I recently saw a user asking on EUC Slack “is there a Domain controller response time in ?”. Unfortunately for him, his choice of monitoring product doesn’t include such metrics. However, it did make me wonder if Citrix admins are aware of the importance of getting metrics about Domain Controllers, simply because many EUC monitoring tools fail to monitor them.

Detect any issue with Splunk APM before it turns into a customer problem

With 100% of spans and traces captured, Splunk APM meets any necessary business KPI’s and SLO metrics while investigating and troubleshooting transaction errors related to a backend application. Easily construct error budgets that measure performance of services today - learn how with this free trial Splunk Observability Cloud.

Announcing: Greater visibility into Core Web Vitals

Raygun now gives you unrivaled control, granularity, and insights into Core Web Vitals and your real users’ experience. Today, Raygun expands on its first-class support for Core Web Vitals (CWV) by adding Google’s modern user-centric metrics into the Page performance histogram as well as the ability to hover and click into any cohort on your CWV Page load distribution.