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Looking back at five years of React at Instana

This article marks the start of an article series in which we would like to look back at one of our earliest technology choices: The selection of React. React is being used since day one as our core UI library to develop Instana’s user interface. Since Instana recently celebrated its fifth birthday, we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on this architecture decision.


How and why we chose React

This article is part of a blog series in which we look at back at five years of React usage at Instana. Most of the early Instana employees moved to Instana from a German software consultancy called codecentric. These first employees experimented, used and trained customers in various UI libraries and frameworks while working for this consultancy. This background allowed us to have a broad understanding of the web development space and Zeitgeist.


Reimagine All You Have Learned: APM and the Skills Gap

APM tools have been formerly and primarily siloed in the application development arena, with only the most important and mission-critical applications having their APM instrumentation extended into production use due to complexity and cost. In the modern world of application monitoring, the requirements for Dev and Ops need to be tightly integrated.

Site24x7 Application Performance Monitoring

Site24x7 APM Insight provides you with unmatched visibility into the way your web applications behave. It is the developer's handy tool to better visualize web transactions end to end, with performance metrics of all components starting from URLs to SQL queries. Identify and resolve performance degradation no matter where they originate. It's a one-stop solution for monitoring your Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Node.js web transactions.

How to Ensure and Optimize Application Performance

Application performance management (APM) involves managing the availability and efficiency of software applications by obtaining and translating IT metrics into business outcomes. Because application performance hiccups are inevitable, it’s crucial to have a robust APM solution in place so IT teams can resolve problems faster and more efficiently, lessening the impact on users and the bottom line. One factor muddling application performance optimization is the speed of change.

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Evaluating Deployment Options for Citrix Cloud

I recently published an article around the Virtual Apps and Desktops service, a Citrix Cloud offering that allows customers to host backend Virtual Apps and Desktops management components in the cloud. With Citrix Cloud, while the VDAs remain in the customer’s network / control, the control plane is hosted by Citrix and managed by them. There are several advantages of Citrix Cloud.


Life of an SRE at Instana - Things break all the time in distributed systems - Part 2: Cassandra

This post is a continuation of the previous blog “Things break all the time in distributed systems: Part 1 ClickHouse” In these blog posts I want to give some details about what happened, how we discovered the problems and how we resolved them. Source: https://twitter.com/MarcelBirkner/status/1301399614503911425 This time we got several built-in warnings from Instana that alerted us about problems with one of our Cassandra nodes.