Athleticism and AIOps: What’s your checklist?

Here at Devo’s Cambridge, MA office, we’ve been steeped in news of national sports league playoffs for several weeks. The games are great, even with the stress and uncertainty of overtime, but it’s gotten me thinking about the professional hockey and basketball players, and how they’ve become as successful as they are.


BizOps Pros Waste 70% of Time on Basic Analytical Tasks — IDC Report Suggests a Better Way

Mattress marketers love to remind us how much time we spend in bed. It’s a simple value proposition; who wants to spend a third of their lives being uncomfortable? According to research by IDC, CFOs say that up to 70% of time spent with data is devoted to formatting and presenting it in a way that can support decision making. Why are companies okay with spending nearly three-quarters of their time doing busywork?


Move Beyond Legacy IT: The Unwinnable IT Ops Arms Race

At the dawn of the 20th century in South America, regional powers Chile and Argentina enjoyed dominant naval positions, driven by the best and latest technology available. The remaining chief power on the continent found itself far outstripped in capabilities, and in 1905, newly emerging Brazil responded to this naval imbalance by ordering three new battleships from Britain. However, the appearance of the revolutionary new warship HMS Dreadnought in 1906 caused Brazil to quickly scrap these plans.


Using Security Essentials 2.4: Analytics Advisor

In the latest release of Splunk Security Essentials (Version 2.4) (SSE), we added a new set of features centered on choosing the most relevant analytics called the Analytics Advisor. If you would like to learn more about what it does (and you most certainly do!), head over here to go into greater depth about Analytics Advisor. In this post, I will show how you would benefit from using this awesome new feature!


Historical data analytics with Logz.io

Have you ever found yourself trying to reconstruct an event from the past only to come up blank because you cannot go so far back in time? If only you could bring back that missing piece of the puzzle! In the world of IT, logs are the way machines and software record events. They help us understand when an event happened, where they happened and most importantly, why they happened.


Customers Declare Success with Splunk Business Flow

It’s finally here! On April 30th, Splunk announced the general availability of Splunk Business Flow, a process mining solution that empowers business operations teams to easily discover and explore business processes in order to improve them. The reaction from customers has been consistent: WTF! Everyone wants to know, What The Flow?