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Updates from Bugfender Q2, 2020

Welcome to the Bugfender summer newsletter! As we already announced, we achieved a major milestone recently by releasing the Web SDK, bringing the features you love using to a whole new platform. But as always we want to keep pushing to give you a better product, and we’ve introduced recently some more updates we want to share with you: We hope you find all these updates useful!


Improving Application Quality through Log Analysis

Throughout the history of software development, one statement has remained true: no application is perfect. Due to that fact, development organizations must work with all resources at their disposal to limit the impact that application problems have on the end-user. Server log files represent an important resource that should be referred to during the process for troubleshooting any application issue.


Importance of System Resource Monitoring on Graylog, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB Servers

The first thing we tell Graylog users is, “Monitor your disk space.” The core set of metrics discussed below should always be in acceptable parameters and never grow over extended periods without going back to normal levels. This is why it is critical to monitor metrics that come directly from the hosts running your Graylog infrastructure.


Join us for a Financial Services Roundtable

I’d like to invite you to join me in our upcoming Financial Services Roundtable on July 16. I’ll be co-hosting with Joerg Kleine-Gung, IBM CTO of Integrated Account Team Deutsche Bank. Together with IT and security professionals from Deutsche Bank and Stash, we will discuss the benefits of streaming observability across complex, distributed systems in the financial services industry.


The Splunk App for Infrastructure: Getting Started with Metrics & Logs Together for Easy Infrastructure Monitoring

If I asked you to describe Splunk, you’d likely reply with something about it being really good (the best!) at gathering and searching logs. You’re right! But while that’s true, you may not know Splunk is also tops at gathering and analyzing metrics. Putting the two together is very powerful; logs (events, more generically) and metrics go together like cookies and milk!


Audit Trails Are Critical for Tracking Network Activity

As networks become more distributed and complex, it’s becoming ever more challenging for IT professionals to track all the events happening on their networks. Still, it’s vitally important to do so—logging activity on an agency’s network is critical to determining who’s on the network, what applications they’re using, and whether those applications can compromise the network and user data.