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Streaming conversion of Apache Kafka topics from JSON to Avro with Apache Flink

Pushing data in JSON format to an Apache Kafka topic is very common. However, dealing with messages not having a predefined structure can create some problems, specifically when trying to sink the data via connectors, like the JDBC sink, which require the knowledge of the message structure. Transforming the messages from JSON to AVRO can enforce a schema on messages and allow the usage of a bigger variety of connectors.

Ultimate Security Checklist to Launch a Mobile App in the United States - iOS & Android

Over 4 million mobile apps (Android and iOS combined) are available to download. A majority of those apps store and process confidential user information such as contact number, email, age, gender, banking details, etc. No wonder mobile apps are one of the most lucrative and sought-after targets for hackers, and app fraud volumes are expected to double by 2026.

The Ultimate Guide to Accessing & Using APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are interface software programs that enable applications to communicate with one another through a series of protocols and definitions. They offer a standardized and secure way for apps to work together and provide the functionality and information requested without user intervention. You can think of an API as an entry point for an app or website.

API observability: Leveraging OTel to improve developer experience

APIs provide a way to simplify development, reduce costs, and create more flexible and scalable applications. Much of today’s development relies on APIs – in the integration of third-party services, in the communication between microservices, in mobile app development, and in other use cases. Some APIs even exist as products themselves for customers to use.

Add ChatGPT to Mattermost in 2 minutes

We're highlighting a ChatGPT/Mattermost bot project created by Mattermost community member Sebastian Müller. Try out ChatGPT on your own Mattermost server with this easy integration. If you have your own interesting Mattermost integration that you'd like us to highlight, join the Community server and message

Open sourcing the CircleCI Language Server

The official CircleCI extension for Visual Studio Code is now available for anyone to download on the VS Code Marketplace. This extension was developed by the Developer Experience team of CircleCI and it includes two sets of features: the pipeline manager and the config helper. The config helper provides language support for CircleCI YAML files.