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Uppwise Recognized in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Strategic Portfolio Management

- Uppwise is proud to announce its inclusion in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM). This recognition highlights Uppwise's commitment to delivering innovative and effective SPM solutions that cater to the diverse needs of organisations across various industries.
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AI-enabled observability solutions are essential to manage application performance and security in on-premises environments

For all of the focus given to cloud-native technologies over recent years, it's sometimes easy to forget that a huge number of organizations continue to run their business critical and applications on-premises. And this will undoubtedly be the situation for some years to come within the public sector and in industries such as financial services and healthcare where organizations need to adhere to strict data privacy and security rules.

OpenTelemetry, AI, and the Future of Observability with Andreas Grabner

Shubham Srivastava from our team had the pleasure of meeting Andreas Grabner at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe earlier this year. Andreas wears many hats in his daily work, primarily serving as a DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, where he has dedicated over 16 years to shape the Observability solutions we see today. He is also a Developer Advocate at Keptn – helping teams automate and orchestrate their deployments end-to-end and plays an active role as an Ambassador in the CNCF community.

Enlightning - Instant Observability: Exploring the Magic of Pixie

Pixie is an open source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Pixie automatically collects telemetry data, including full-body requests, resource and network metrics, application profiles, and more. Using Pixie, developers can view the high-level state of their cluster (service maps, cluster resources, application traffic) and also drill down into more detailed views (pod state, flame graphs) without having to modify or redeploy their code.

A Beginner's Guide to Membership Management Software

Managing a membership-based organization has become increasingly complex. Whether you're running a gym, a professional association, or a community club, keeping track of members, their subscriptions, and engagement levels can be a daunting task. This is where membership management software comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and enhance member experiences. In this guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of membership management software, helping beginners understand its importance, features, and how to choose the right solution for their organization.

Top tips: Can AI slash data center energy costs?

Top tips is a weekly column where we highlight what’s trending in the tech world today and list a few tips to explore these trends. This week, we’ll discuss how we can make data centers more energy efficient. Who knew that AI could cut energy costs? AI is everywhere, and rightfully so—with applications ranging from everyday life to IT, AI has embedded itself into our culture. Now, it can be an integral part of our data centers, too!

A Schematic Review Checklist for Firmware Engineers

Schematic reviews are a part of the hardware development cycle in many if not most, hardware development companies. Typically led by the electrical engineering team, it is easy to overlook design issues that will be important to the firmware team. This post tells of a few stories of design misses that I have made and puts some common lessons learned into a checklist for other firmware engineers.

A complete guide to LLM observability with OpenTelemetry and Grafana Cloud

In the fast-paced world of technology, change is constant — and nowhere is that more evident today than in the flood of new features and advancements involving large language models (LLMs). They power various applications, from chat bots to advanced copilots. And as these LLMs and applications become more sophisticated, it will be vital that they work well and reliably. This is where observability, with the help of OpenTelemetry (using OpenLIT), plays an essential role.

Azure API Management: Security, Governance, and the Future of APIs

This episode of "INTEGRATE expert voices - Unplugged" series from the Azure on Air podcast, dives deep into Azure API Management with Mike Budzynski, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. Discover the latest features, best practices for API governance, and insights into the future of API management. Also, learn about the evolution of API management, how to implement proper security measures, and the exciting new features coming to Azure API Management. Gain valuable insights into managing and securing your APIs effectively.