Incident Management


Get More From Sentry With Our PagerDuty Integration

Much like the pagers of yore, PagerDuty immediately notifies the right person when something goes wrong. That means that no matter when there’s an issue in your application, the right people on your team will hear about it. But as much as we love PagerDuty, we’re not using valuable company time and resources just to tell you about it. We are, however, using valuable company time and resources to tell you all about our new integration with PagerDuty.


Popular Mass Notification Solutions Used in Schools

OnPage BlastIT is a mass notification system that allows organizations to enhance their crisis communications. It streamlines communication in emergency situations, ensuring that critical, urgent alerts are never missed. Additionally, BlastIT allows organizations to improve mass messaging operations by 30- to-40 percent. Here, I’ll highlight BlastIT’s features and how they outweigh competitor functionalities.


"Homegrown" May Be Good for Tomatoes, Not So Much for IT Ops

In the past, many organizations grew and managed their own data centers. Some still do. And many are still developing their own automated incident management (aka Autonomous Operations) tools. But as IT grows and becomes evermore complex and fast-moving, the reality of what it means to do so kicks in, and organizations are re-evaluating their strategies.


Using Splunk Dashboards for an Analytical Approach to Incident Response

“Data-driven.” It’s a somewhat vague term you hear across all industries and disciplines. Oftentimes, teams find themselves with either too much data and no way to analyze it, or not enough data to make accurate decisions. In IT operations and DevOps, data is generated by the people who help build and maintain your systems as well as the systems themselves. Data is all around us in software development and IT Ops, but the question remains, how do we harness it?