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A Schematic Review Checklist for Firmware Engineers

Schematic reviews are a part of the hardware development cycle in many if not most, hardware development companies. Typically led by the electrical engineering team, it is easy to overlook design issues that will be important to the firmware team. This post tells of a few stories of design misses that I have made and puts some common lessons learned into a checklist for other firmware engineers.

Unified Namespace and InfluxDB: Streamlining IIoT Operations for Industry 4

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has revolutionized the way industries operate, enabling businesses to collect and analyze data from their operations in real-time. However, managing and analyzing data from diverse sources can be a challenge. While sensors and systems may use the same transport protocols, the shape and type of data generated can vary from one device to another. A lack of uniform, clean data creates challenges and obstacles when it comes to getting timely insights.

Understanding and Configuring APN Settings for IoT Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) landscape is expanding rapidly, and devices are seamlessly collecting and transmitting data. However, achieving this flawlessness requires an important element: the access point name (APN). By understanding APN settings and configuration methods, you'll enable your devices to perform flawlessly, whether you're managing an industrial sensor network or a fleet of connected logistics trackers.

IoT in Logistics: Streamlining Supply Chains

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is revolutionizing the logistics industry transforming it into an tech savvy sector. By incorporating sensors real time data analysis and automation logistics operations are becoming faster, smoother and more resilient. This shift, towards IoT in logistics, is reshaping how goods are transported from one place to another enhancing supply chain performance and adaptability.

Dealing with Mountains of IoT Data: An IIoT World Webinar Reflection

We’ve made the case many times that instrumentation is critical for understanding changes in the physical and virtual worlds. During this recent webinar, panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities of integrating IoT sensors into existing infrastructure, ensuring data quality and accuracy, and leveraging sensor data for operational efficiency and productivity.

Industrial IoT visualization: Why United Manufacturing Hub chose Grafana to power its IIoT platform

Denis Gontcharov is a data consultant who helps aluminum smelters break down data barriers. For the past five years, he has supported the aluminum industry with IT and data services as an independent consultant. Denis also works as a Developer Advocate at the United Manufacturing Hub. Jeremy Theocharis is co-founder and CTO at United Manufacturing Hub. He is an expert in industrial IoT with over seven years of experience leading large-scale IIoT projects in various industries.

Updating NVIDIA Jetson devices with Memfault

NVIDIA offers one of the most comprehensive SDKs for developers of AI-heavy products. It includes a development kit that can emulate other devices in the lineup (Jetson AGX Orin DK), a simpler development kit for “entry-level” products (Jetson Orin Nano DK), a ton of exciting software libraries, AI models and even more examples of how to use them. It’s truly outstanding and out of the box shows up as a Ubuntu workstation which will feel very familiar.

Launch Week Keynote: Introducing Product Analytics

Tune in as CEO and co-founder François Baldassari reveals Memfault's newest launch: Product Analytics. With Product Analytics, you can gain an unprecedented understanding of how your devices are used in the field. So you can go beyond building reliable products to building great products your customers love and trust. While there are many existing Product Analytics solutions available, Memfault is the only Product Analytics solution designed to work within the specific constraints of an embedded device.