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CircleCI Technical Demo + Q&A

Join us for a high level tour of CircleCI, and learn how to most effectively utilize the platform’s features and capabilities. Every first and third Wednesday, we’ll be offering a technical demo so you can learn best practices and have all your CircleCI questions answered. Topics Covered: How it works: the nuts and bolts of the product Why CircleCI can make developers’ jobs easier and more rewarding How CircleCI can support your security posture by ensuring organizational policies and guardrails are met Greater visibility by surfacing trends and status across your organization

Intro to Config Migration

In this webinar, you will learn from real life case studies how to avoid migration roadblocks and how CircleCI is set up to support you in implementing a predictable migration strategy. In addition, Brian O’Halloran, Senior Solutions Engineer, and Zan Markan, Senior Developer Advocate, explain how CircleCI is built differently, and how it can adapt to the needs of your software delivery process.

Amazon and Atlassian layoffs, Curl is 25 and more news

Amazon lays off 9,000 more workers, and that's just scratching the surface of recent job cuts. Back in 2008, Atlassian bucked trends and increased hiring when everyone else was firing. This time, they cut 5 percent of their workforce. Is Amazon using return to office mandates as a way to cut jobs? On a lighter note, Happy 25th Anniversary to command line tool, Curl!

5 tips on how Developers, DevOps and security teams can work together

As we all know, team collaboration can sometimes be a bit complicated. Especially when different teams in the organization strive to achieve their own individual goals. This is where new organizational practices, such as DevOps and DevSecOps, have paved the path for us to work together and achieve our mutual goals. Take a look at these three trying to make it work… Triple Therapy for your Dev, Sec AND Ops Teams


Open sourcing the CircleCI Language Server

The official CircleCI extension for Visual Studio Code is now available for anyone to download on the VS Code Marketplace. This extension was developed by the Developer Experience team of CircleCI and it includes two sets of features: the pipeline manager and the config helper. The config helper provides language support for CircleCI YAML files.

Merging to Main #1: Modernizing your CI/CD

Modernizing your CI/CD can turn into a Sherlock-Holmes-style mystery if your organization or team is not fully prepared. And when migrating from monoliths to microservices, people tend to only focus on the really technical nitty gritty details, and don’t focus enough time on questions like: With experience as a consultant, architect, engineer, DevOps engineer, and developer evangelism, JJ Asghar, Developer Advocate at IBM has seen every side of the modernization process. And has so many stories to share.

Identify the root causes of issues and bottlenecks in your build pipelines with TeamCity and Datadog

TeamCity is a CI/CD server that provides out-of-the-box support for unit testing, code quality tracking, and build automation. Additionally, TeamCity integrates with your other tools—such as version control, issue tracking, package repositories, and more—to simplify and expedite your CI/CD workflows.


What is Helm? A complete guide

Helm is a tool that automates the creation, packaging, configuration, and deployment of Kubernetes applications by combining your configuration files into a single reusable package. In a microservice architecture, you create more microservices as the application grows, making it increasingly difficult to manage. Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration technology, simplifies the process by grouping multiple microservices into a single deployment.


Gain real-time observability into your software supply chain with the New Relic Log Analytics Integration

JFrog’s new log analytics integration with New Relic brings together powerful observability capabilities to monitor, analyze, and visualize logs and metrics from self-hosted JFrog environments. The integration is free for all tiers of self-hosted JFrog customers and utilizes the powerful, open source log management tool, Fluentd, to collect, process, and surface data in New Relic dashboards.