Power Up Helm Charts: Using Kustomize to Manage Kubernetes Deployments

Operations teams need to automate deployment of applications, and Helm is the industry-standard solution for deploying to Kubernetes. Like many software vendors, we provide Helm charts for installing Artifactory and other JFrog DevOps platform products, designed for the standard/recommended configurations most teams will need. These templates provide customers a limited set of configuration options.


Live or Die by 2022: DevOps in the Digital-First Economy

For companies to survive until 2022, they’ll need to focus on two things: Binaries and Edges. We’ve just wrapped up swampUP 2020, where we showcased this bold idea. We heard from you firsthand how DevOps Fast Forward is a must, and how software must be able to be distributed anywhere to enable the continuity of any business. Your experience confirmed how the global crisis has accelerated the digital transformation in your companies.

DevSecOps for Kubernetes-based Applications

In this webinar, we will discuss concerns over security, privacy, and compliance holding back organizations from making the move to fully cloud-native initiatives. As more and more companies orchestrate their containerized applications in Kubernetes, enabling DevSecOps and continuous security becomes a must. We will look at the end-to-end SDLC process - from the first line of code up to an application running in a Kubernetes cluster - to examine the importance of DevSecOps.

We've Raised $27 Million in New Funding, Here's How We're Investing It

Today we’re announcing a new round of funding that brings an additional $27M to help us invest in growing and building Codefresh. When we started, we wanted to revolutionize the way people build and deploy software with continuous integration and delivery. I’m proud to say that we were the first platform to see the game-changing value of containers and Kubernetes.