Chef automation for infrastructure management

Infrastructure management has come a long way. (Mostly) gone are the days of manual configurations and deployments, when using SSH in a “for” loop was a perfectly reasonable way to execute server changes. Automation is a way of life. Configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible — once on the bleeding edge — are now used by most enterprises.


What Is CICD? What’s Important and How to Get It Right

We’re on the verge of something here, people. A growing number of companies are shipping software in minutes. Yeah, you read that right. Minutes. Not hours, not weeks, months, or longer. Minutes. Often, teams struggle to ship software into the customer’s hands due to lack of consistency and excessive manual labor. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) deliver software to a production environment with speed, safety, and reliability.


Building a CI/CD pipeline with Talend and Azure DevOps

DevOps is all the rage right now, and it is only the beginning. In this blog, I’ll cover how to get started with Talend continuous integration, delivery and deployment (CI/CD) on Azure. The first part of the blog will briefly present some basic DevOps and CI/CD concepts. I will then show you how the Talend CI/CD architecture and how it fits in Azure ecosystem with a hands-on example.

How to Measure DevOps Success in a Cloud-Native World?

There are entire tool ecosystem, methodologies and endless resources to guide companies along their DevOps journey: asset Management, monitoring, and CI/CD integration to name a few. This ebook will take you through the KPIs you should either evaluate or revisit and examine what you should consider when measuring your DevOps success.

Scaling up Security with DevOps and CI/CD practices

Some believe that “whatever can be automated, should be automated” and in general benefits include faster production, consistency in product and quality, rolling back from failures and all allowing employees to focus on more creative and analytical tasks. The same can be said for the automation of quality assurance and security of developer coding and programming.

An ASMR introduction to Android app development on Bitrise (2019 April 1)

Continuous integration and delivery makes building amazing Android projects easier, faster and way more efficient. Check out this quick ASMR video tutorial that explains how to onboard your Android project on Bitrise: Automate everything from the moment you commit code to the moment it hits Google’s Play Store.