How to configure Grafana as code

Grafana dashboards can do a lot, but do you know how much more you can get out of them by configuring them as code? That was the topic of a recent FOSDEM 2020 talk by Grafana software developer Malcolm Holmes and Julien Pivotto, an open source consultant at Inuits. In their presentation, the pair discussed Grafonnet (a Jsonnet library to generate Grafana dashboards), provided tips and tricks about how to use it efficiently, and explained how to fully manage your Grafana instances from code.


Connecting Prometheus-Ksonnet to Grafana Cloud

In a previous post we showed how to install Prometheus and Grafana using the prometheus-ksonnet library along with Tanka. This is great for getting a well-managed monitoring install going, but sometimes it isn’t enough for monitoring larger clusters. If you have multiple clusters that you want to monitor on a single dashboard, or need long-term storage, or need a high-availability setup for your monitoring data, then this installation won’t be sufficient on its own.


An Inside Look at the Life of a Technical Writer at Grafana Labs

People think technical writing is boring, but sometimes documenting software is an adventure. It’s not an adventure like “whee, got my sword and shield, adventure time!” No, it’s more like taking a nice stroll down a path to an unfamiliar-but-known destination when the ground suddenly opens up under your feet. As you’re falling down into the depths, that’s when you realize you are about to have an adventure. I’m a technical writer at Grafana Labs.


Everything You Need to Know About the Splunk Plugin for Grafana

Last week on Slack: Eldin: Hey Christine, do you remember the first time you viewed a log file? Christine: Oh yes. I used Splunk as a support engineer and I remember. You? Eldin: I believe it was early 2000s. I was installing Slackware and a few network cards for a DIY router, and logs were critical. Hello again! We are Eldin and Christine from Solutions Engineering – a team at Grafana that is passionate about connecting people to our products – reporting back for duty.


Pro Tip: Instantly Turn Slack Messages into Grafana Annotations with the Memo Tool

I have been a Grafana power user since almost the day it was conceived. During this time, I’ve gotten acquainted with a few quirks but also many features, some of which are rather obscure. One of these features that few know about but I absolutely love is annotations.


Monitoring Setup Made Simple with Tanka and the Prometheus-Ksonnet Library

As mentioned in a previous post, at Grafana Labs we make heavy use of Tanka and the Jsonnet programming language to manage our Kubernetes infrastructure. One of the benefits of the use of Jsonnet is the depth of collaboration that it allows with others outside of your company. For example, the open source prometheus-ksonnet library can be used to install both Prometheus and Grafana.


Sentry Integration Platform: Get Insights on the Integrations You Build

Early last year, we launched the Integration Platform to enable any developer to easily create integrations and workflows on top of Sentry. As we continue to build out the platform, we want to give developers visibility into how their integrations are doing. With that, we present the Integration Dashboard!