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With Grafana and InfluxDB, CSS Electronics visualizes CAN IoT data to monitor vehicles and machinery

Martin Falch, co-owner and head of sales and marketing at CSS Electronics, is an expert on “CAN bus” data. Martin works closely with end users, typically OEM engineers, across diverse industries (automotive, heavy-duty, maritime, industrial). He is passionate about open source software and has been spearheading the integration of the CANedge with InfluxDB databases and Grafana telematics dashboards.


Top 10 Open Source Data Analytics Tools [ 2021]

Data analytics refers to analyzing an enormous amount of data to gather useful information. Moreover, it plays a significant role in the decision-making of business operations. But, the process of collecting and transforming data into meaningful insights can be challenging until you are familiar with some meaningful Data analytics tools. In addition, it is a bit difficult to choose the best data analytics tool for your business from the crowded list.


Open-Source Monitoring With SolarWinds AppOptics

In software terms, “open source” means applications and their source code are available for the public to download and modify free of cost. Anyone can access, edit, and supplement the code to create an enhanced version of the application. Vendors often do this by forking the source code to create their own version of the application, marketing their version commercially.


A Developer's Perspective: Lessons from Open Source with FireHydrant and Backstage

We’re proud to announce that our front end FireHydrant plug in has been open-sourced as part of Backstage, an open platform for infrastructure tooling, services, and documentation created at Spotify. We introduce FireHydrant’s incident management and analytics in Backstage, where you can quickly and efficiently manage your incidents.

OpenSearch Queries: Query DSL and Beyond

OpenSearch has evolved rapidly since its fork from the source code of the last truly open source version of Elasticsearch. So far, the community’s work has focused on removing proprietary code from Elastic, including a number of things that were never purely open source themselves. These include some aspects of the querying languages and capabilities of Elasticsearch.


KVM hypervisor: a beginners' guide

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is the leading open source virtualisation technology for Linux. It installs natively on all Linux distributions and turns underlying physical servers into hypervisors so that they can host multiple, isolated virtual machines (VMs). KVM comes with no licenses, type-1 hypervisor capabilities and a variety of performance extensions which makes it an ideal candidate for virtualisation and cloud infrastructure implementation.


Introducing our open source SLO Tracker - A simple tool to track SLOs and Error Budget

One of the tools we use internally at Squadcast for SLO and Error Budget tracking is now open-source. In keeping up with the SRE ideology of automating as many ops tasks as possible, we built this SLO Tracker. We made this open-source so that the SRE community can also use it too. Looking forward to get your feedback, suggestions and patches :)


Taming Rails Logging with Lograge and LogDNA

Rails is a classic on Ruby for a reason. The framework is powerful, intuitive and the language has a low entry bar. However, being designed when systems existed on a single server, standard Rails logging is excessively fractionalized. Even on a single server, a straightforward call can quickly turn into seven unique, unconnected logs.


Monitoring Junos OS with Prometheus vs. Graphite

When you plan monitoring strategies, the first thing you need to consider is the characteristics of the target systems. Depending on the resources you want to monitor, you will have to apply different architectural designs such as data collection, metrics generation, visualization, refresh schedule, and more. When you want to monitor network systems, making these considerations will allow you to achieve the right monitoring solutions.