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The latest News and Information on Observabilty for complex systems and related technologies.

Negotiating Priorities Around Incident Investigations

There are countless challenges around incident investigations and reports. Aside from sensitive situations revolving around blame and corrections, tricky problems come up when having discussions with multiple stakeholders. The problems I’ll explore in this blog—from the SRE perspective—are about time pressures (when to ship the investigation) and the type of report people expect.

Decoding .NET8: Unveiling Cloud-Native Observability

The.NET programming language is taking cloud native deployment and observability seriously, and most notably with the recent announcement of.NET Aspire stack unveiled at the recent.NET Conf 2023. In the latest episode of OpenObservability Talks, we reviewed the journey to making.NET a “by default, out of the box observable platform,” as ASP.NET Core creator David Fowler put it.

Critical Automation: Anomaly Detection for Application Observability

There’s no debate — in our increasingly AI-driven, lean and data-heavy world, automating key tasks to increase effectiveness and efficiency is the ultimate name of the game. No matter what job you hold today, you’re likely being pushed to not only do more with less, but also perform your work with a tighter focus on specific outcomes and SLOs.

Much Ado About OpenTelemetry

There is so much good work that OpenTelemetry has done in the software industry, specifically around the domain of observability, in the last five years. Bringing users and vendors together to define the future of telemetry? Check! Unify logs, traces, and metrics under a completely vendor-neutral API? Check! Deprecate other standards by bringing their collaborators to the table to ensure their use cases are met? CHECK!

OpsRamp and the Rise of Observability

As IT environments become more complex, cloud-based and divided across microservices, containers, and serverless computing, opportunities to optimise efficiency and improve performance open up. From cost and capacity savings to improving the speed, responsiveness and reliability of apps, it’s clear businesses are increasingly making the connection between IT and commercial outcomes.

The Next Generation of Papertrail is Here!

We are excited to unveil the next generation of SolarWinds® Papertrail™, SolarWinds Observability® logging. More powerful and faster than ever, the next generation of Papertrail, SolarWinds Observability logging aggregates log data from applications, services, infrastructure, databases, and network devices across both cloud-based and on-premise systems.

How SOCAR is driving visibility using Sumo Logic

SOCAR needed an observability solution that could parse logs, monitor ephemeral infrastructure in Kubernetes and ensure high visibility into their application, all at a price that fit their budget. Sumo Logic checked all those boxes and has already boosted team collaboration. Learn more about their purchase decision and how they're already making unexpected discoveries.

APM From a Developer's Perspective

In twenty years of software development, I did not have the privilege of being on call, of tending to my software in production. I’ve never understood what “APM” means. Anybody can tell me what it stands for—Application Performance Monitoring (or sometimes, the M means Management)—but what does it mean? What do people use APM for?