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Auto-Instrumenting OpenTelemetry for Kafka

Apache Kafka, born at LinkedIn in 2010, has revolutionized real-time data streaming and has become a staple in many enterprise architectures. As it facilitates seamless processing of vast data volumes in distributed ecosystems, the importance of visibility into its operations has risen substantially. In this blog, we’re setting our sights on the step-by-step deployment of a containerized Kafka cluster, accompanied by a Python application to validate its functionality. The cherry on top?


Run Azure Functions locally in Visual Studio 2022

Azure Functions offers a serverless solution that streamlines the development process, minimizes infrastructure overhead, and results in cost savings. The beauty of this approach is that you no longer need to grapple with server deployment and maintenance; the cloud infrastructure automatically furnishes the essential resources to support your applications.


Azure Event Grid dead letter monitoring

Microsoft Azure provides a completely managed event routing service called Azure Event Grid. It allows you to respond to events received from various Azure services and external applications and forward them to different Azure services and endpoints. Azure Event Grid provides a unified way to manage events in Azure with event-driven programming. With Event Grids, you can create event-driven applications in a serverless environment, cutting down costs and performance lags.


Is Bun the Next Big Thing for AWS Lambda? A Thorough Investigation

It’s been only a few days since the Bun 1.0 announcement and it’s taken social media by storm! And rightly so. Bun promises better performance, and Node.js compatibility and comes with batteries included. It comes with a transpiler, bundler, package manager and testing library. You no longer have to install 15 packages before writing a single code line. It creates a standardised set of tools and addresses the fractured nature of the Node.js ecosystem.


How to resubmit & delete messages in Azure Service Bus dead letter queue?

Azure Service Bus is a cloud messaging service in Microsoft Azure that enables independent applications or services to communicate and exchange data through messages stored in queues or topics. This facilitates scalable and reliable communication in distributed systems. Service Bus contains two types of messaging entities queues, and topics. Queue: Queues transmit the messages in FIFO (First In, First Out) message delivery. Each message in a Queue can be received by only one active receiver.


Auto Filter Messages into Subscriptions in Azure Service Bus Topic

Topic is a logical channel to which publishers send messages. Topics can be employed when several subscribers wish to subscribe to a specific set of messages. Messages sent to a topic are then forwarded to its associated Subscriptions.


A detailed guide on Azure architecture diagram

Azure architecture diagrams are visual representations that illustrate the structure, components, and relationships of a solution or application deployed on Microsoft Azure. These diagrams provide a clear and concise overview of the various Azure resources and services used in a specific architecture. They are helpful for design discussions, documentation, and communication among team members and stakeholders.


Azure SQL database cost optimization to maximize savings

Azure SQL is a versatile and powerful database service, and it is an increasingly popular choice for storing and managing application data due to its scalability, high availability, security, and simplicity of integration. A common demand for cloud workloads is cost optimization. To maximize cloud savings, this article discusses Azure SQL Database Cost Optimization.