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BizTalk Migrator: What is new and what is coming (June 2021 Edition)

BizTalk Migrator tool is one of the latest releases of Microsoft, which helps to migrate your BizTalk solutions to Azure in a much simpler and automated way. So to keep you informed about the recent enhancements of the tool, the Azure Logic Apps team had a live remote session exclusively on that topic. Without any further delay, let us jump in as there are tons of updates are waiting


10x development speed with local serverless debugging

In this article you’ll find out how to 10x your development speed with local serverless debugging. Questions such as “what happens when you scale your application into millions of requests?”, “what to expect when going serverless?”, “how does it look like?”, or “how is it to build applications on serverless and work locally?” will be addressed.

Knative - deploy, and manage modern container-based serverless workloads - Elad Hirsch

Yalla! DevOps 2021 -- The first, in-person DevOps conference of the year! Driven by the DevOps community. All about the DevOps community. Knative is the new kid in town in the Serverless community. As Kubernetes is de facto our cloud infrastructure Knative is allowing us to focus more on our business logic and less on infrastructure ,All while committing to the new paradigm of Serverless computing.

Why You Should Stop Hoarding Metrics

Serverless lets you deploy applications far away in a data center of a cloud provider. This relieves you of the lion’s share of operational burdens. The more you buy into your cloud provider’s ecosystem, the less you have to do yourself: no more OS updates or database bugfix installations. But you still need to do some operation-related work on your own. For instance, monitoring your application to know what’s going on in that far away data center.


Testing strategies for Step Functions

AWS Step Functions is a powerful orchestration service that lets you model even the most complex business workflows. It packs a great visualization tool (which you can also use to design your workflows visually now!) and can integrate with many AWS services directly, including Lambda, DynamoDB, and API Gateway. It’s one of my favorite AWS services and I often use it to model complex or business-critical workflows.

Spotlight: Serverless spark on Kubernetes

With Apache Spark now natively supporting Kubernetes, many of our customers are looking to move big data, ML, AI applications into Kubernetes. To help you along this journey, Spot by NetApp recently launched Wave, a serverless container engine designed specifically for big data applications. Built on the same core technologies as Ocean, Wave is giving big applications automated, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.

AWS Lambda Explained: The Complete Guide To Using Lambda

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers over 200 services. But AWS Lambda continues to stand out for several reasons. This AWS Lambda tutorial will help explain Lambda in simple terms so you can decide if the service is suitable for your computing needs. We’ll cover what exactly AWS Lambda is, how it works, how it compares to EC2, use cases, benefits, limitations, and more. Additionally, we’ll cover how you can monitor and manage your Lambda costs without the burden of cost management.