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How We Use Sloth to do SLO Monitoring and Alerting with Prometheus

One of the most challenging tasks for Site Reliability Engineers is to align the reliability of the systems with the business goals. There is a constant battle between delivering more features—which increases the product’s value—and keeping the system reliable and maintainable. A significant ally to achieve both objectives is the Service Level Objective Framework.


Differences between Site Reliability Engineer Vs. Software Engineer Vs. Cloud Engineer Vs. DevOps Engineer

The evolution of Software Engineering over the last decade has lead to the emergence of numerous job roles. So how different is a Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer and a Cloud Engineer from each other? In this blog, we drill down and compare the differences between these roles and their functions.


SRE and Fighting Games

When learning SRE, you might find its principles a bit unintuitive. For example, it might be difficult to learn why aiming for 100% reliability is wasteful, or how reliability isn’t the same as availability, or why failure ought to be celebrated. Believe it or not, there is a method to these ideas. My goal in this article is to shed light on the principles and to leave you a believer, such that you’ll take steps towards starting SRE practices.


Top 13 Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Tools

The role and responsibilities of a site reliability engineer (SRE) may vary depending on the size of the organization. For the most part, a site reliability engineer is focused on multiple tasks and projects at one time, so for most SREs, the various tools they use reflect their eve-evolving responsibilities. A typical SRE is busy automating, cleaning up code, upgrading servers, and continually monitoring dashboards for performance, etc., so they are going to see more tools in that toolbelt.


SRE vs. DevOps: What Are the Differences and How Can They Work Together?

The growing importance of technology in business success has forced practically all companies to hire competent, experienced IT professionals. As technology ecosystems become increasingly complex, organizations need a broader range of professionals to focus on tasks like product development, troubleshooting, and customer services. SRE and DevOps have emerged as two of the most critical approaches to success.


How Important is SaaS Reliability? 90% of Business Leaders Say "Very Important"

A couple of weeks back, Blameless attended SaaStr 2021, the go-to event for any business Go-to-Market (GTM) team which has been running since 2012. Our decision to sponsor was made in early 2020. Back then, we had no idea how long the pandemic would last or that it would be a full 18 months before we’d be able to do a physical event.


SREs: Will AI automate me out of my job?

Automation is something that shouldn’t be looked at as a threat but rather an opportunity. Did the blender automate people out of a job? Yes. Cars automated buggy drivers out of a job, but look at the productivity gained. If you see your job as one similar to the elevator operator who only presses buttons, you’re already a dinosaur. You want an automation tool so you can pursue higher-value tasks and differentiate yourself.