Why would Modern Businesses need Event Correlation?

February 25, 2020 Network management is undoubtedly crucial as there is a constant need to pin-point as well as fix the issues quickly whether it’s on premise or on cloud. The more complex and distributed a network becomes, the more alarms or alerts the system generates. Just knowing that something has gone wrong in your network is not enough, you should know the details like why it happened, when it happened, where it started, and what triggered it.


How to improve your network to meet MS Teams requirements?

In this series of articles on Office 365 connectivity, we are explaining in detail each principle as recommended by Microsoft. In this article, we will check how you can improve your network in order to reach MS Teams requirements. Of course, before doing anything to improve your network, you should deploy Robot Users in your critical locations to see and understand the impact of the changes you want to implement on your end-user experience.

How to Stop the Use of Anonymizer Websites on Your Network With SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Your organization has internet use policies in place for multiple reasons: protecting your network against security breaches, keeping organizational costs down, and protecting your employees, end users, or customers. Anonymizer websites provide a workaround to these policies that can put your organization at risk. In this video we'll show you how to identify and stop the use of anonymizer websites on your network with SolarWinds Security Event Manager.

Istio vs. Linkerd vs. Envoy: A Comparison of Service Meshes

In a previous article, we examined service meshes in detail. Briefly, a service mesh takes care of network functionality for the applications running on your platform. As Kubernetes has matured as a technology, service meshes have become a hot topic, with various products being developed to solve the challenges associated with areas like traffic management, security, and observability. This article will compare three service meshes.


Office 365 Connectivity: Principle #1 differentiate your traffic

In this series of articles on Office 365 connectivity, we are explaining in detail each principle as recommended by Microsoft. In this article, we will take a look at Office 365 traffic optimization. The first principle is the mother of all best practices (MOAB-P) for two good reasons. Firstly, just applying this principle should provide your users a significant improvement in performance and user experience.

How to Quickly Identify Suspicious Network Behavior With Intuitive Dashboards in SolarWinds SEM

Log and event data are a boundless and valuable resource for identifying suspicious network activity and stopping potential breaches. However, analyzing lines and lines of text-based data can make this resource more trouble than it's worth. In this video, we'll explore the different ways you can customize log data in an easy-to-understand and visual dashboard in Security Event Manager to help turn it into something you can act on.

7 Important Service Desk Metrics to Measure

February 14, 2020 Service desk or IT teams are critical to organisations for ensuring business continuity and service delivery. Hence, it becomes important for IT organizations to use a slew of metrics to measure how efficient their service desk is. With the recent advancement in IT Service Management (ITSM), the reporting capabilities offer multiple KPI metrics that can be measured and monitored.

[Online Meetup] Learning Service Mesh From Scratch: from 0 to 100

Service Mesh is the future of application connectivity. It delivers immediate value to any architecture by increasing the security, reliability and observability of our application traffic. At the same time our industry made it challenging to understand and deploy it in production: but it doesn't have to be this way.

Application Compatibility Issues Make OS Migration a Headache for 75% of IT Professionals

New findings released by SolarWinds, following a survey of just under 200 IT pros via its THWACK community platform, reveal that most IT professionals migrating OS due to Windows 7 EOL expect it to cause a myriad of problems.