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Closing the Interconnection Data Gap: Integrating PeeringDB into Kentik Data Explorer

Kentik users can now correlate their traffic data with internet exchanges (IXes) and data centers worldwide, even ones they are not a member of – giving them instant answers for better informed peering decisions and interconnection strategies that reduce costs and improve performance.

Detecting Cryptojacking with Progress Flowmon

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, cryptojacking has emerged as a stealthy and financially motivated attack method. In attacks of this type, cybercriminals hijack servers (or endpoint devices) to use the computing resources to “mine” cryptocurrencies. They get a financial benefit from this activity when they sell the newly minted currencies.

Evaluating Traffic at IXes and Data Centers with PeeringDB Filters in Kentik

Kentik Product Marketing Manager Lauren Basile shows how to leverage Kentik's integration with PeeringDB to enhance network performance, reliability, and cost efficiency. Lauren demonstrates practical examples of how network professionals can use PeeringDB filters in Kentik to make informed decisions about internet exchanges and data centers, optimize peering arrangements, and uncover potential cost savings.

13 Essential Components of a Robust Data Protection Strategy

In a world where information is more valuable than gold, businesses, both large and small, must have a comprehensive strategy to protect their digital treasure trove. In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the 13 essential components of a robust data protection strategy. These components will fortify your organization's data fortress. They can also help stop breaches before they happen.

Troubleshooting MacOS Wifi Latency Spikes Due to Location Services

Remote work and work-from-home comes with its own set of challenges, and unexpected Wi-Fi hiccups can be a major roadblock. One often-overlooked culprit behind those latency spikes on your MacOS device? The unassuming Location Service. In this blog post, we'll shed light on how Location Service interactions might be causing disruptions in your Wi-Fi connectivity. More importantly, we'll equip you with practical solutions to restore the smooth flow of your remote work.

Gartner Lays out Three Use Cases of Network Detection and Response (NDR) Adoption

The Gartner recent report, “Emerging Tech: Top Use Cases for Network Detection and Response”, lays out three primary use case drives, which include: Before we dive deeper into Gartner findings, let’s talk about NDR from a high level.