Internet Outage Reveals Reach of China’s Connectivity

At 12:30 PM PDT on May 13th, China Telecom experienced a significant outage that lasted nearly eight hours. Coming as it did at a moment of heightened tensions with the United States over trade policies, it may be tempting to jump to speculation about potential geopolitical motivations. However, doing so misses some important foundational realities about China and the Internet that many folks aren’t aware of. This outage is a great opportunity to dig into the state of Chinese Internet connectivity.

Joe vs. the NetFlow Volcano - SolarWinds Lab Episode #76

Whether you’re curious if flow monitoring might be helpful, or you’ve been coalescing IPFIX streams of network-activity goodness for years, IT’s reliable, old hand has learned a few new tricks. In this episode, Head Geeks™ Patrick Hubbard and Leon Adato are joined by Principal Product Manager for NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Joe Reves, to revisit the basics and rediscover why network engineers use flow monitoring in the first place.

The 2019 State of Corporate Connectivity

From legacy internet service to 5G possibilities, Spiceworks examines the evolution of telecommunications in the workplace. The internet has been a transformative force around the globe, both at home and in the workplace. Organizations rely on internet service providers (ISPs) to provide vital access to email, the World Wide Web, and cloud services that connect us. As communications and commerce increasingly take place online, there’s no question internet access is crucial to business success.

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Network traffic analysis: from packet analysis to flow analysis

Monitoring has always relied on both network administration and network traffic analysis. Both fields provide ways to obtain data that allows us to obtain information about the general state of the platform. It is easy to understand that when faced with, for example, an application performance problem, we want to be able to observe and evaluate the traffic generated, and this is just what network traffic analysis does.


Brace Yourself—768K Day Is Coming

All over the internet, there are ominous rumblings that “768K Day” is on its way—and it’s likely going to happen before May is over. And while some ISPs think this BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) milestone is being overhyped like Y2K and Cisco assures us the sky isn’t falling, that doesn’t mean we’ll all be left unscathed. If you’re an MSP who hasn’t heard about 768K Day yet, brace yourself—you could be in for a serious connectivity headache.

Network Performance Monitor (NPM) Licensing

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, also called NPM, is a comprehensive network monitoring tool that displays real-time and historical health, availability, and performance statistics from SNMP-, API-, or WMI-enabled devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and servers. NPM is licensed based on the largest number of monitored elements - nodes, interfaces, or volumes - so you can choose the license size that best fits your environment and monitoring needs.