Introducing Epsagon's Traces Based Alerts and Metrics

July 03, 2020 We’re excited to announce a major enhancement to our platform: traces based alerts and metrics that better reveal the user experience and business performance. A trace tells the story of a transaction as it moves through multiple components of the system. A trace can show you the transaction components, and metrics tell you how the components are performing.

Learning from the visible past to accelerate the observable future

Observability is a highly visible topic in DevOps and Cloud Native discussions. But does observability need a bigger vision or broader applicability to break through to the next level? Can past precedents point a way to accommodate current and future technical trends? Metrics and logs are well understood, and distributed tracing has surfaced on the global developer consciousness. OpenTelemetry is a very good starting point for the next iteration, but it only addresses a subset of the problem space.

OpenTracing for Go projects

Large-scale cloud applications are usually built using interconnected services that can be rather hard to troubleshoot. When a service is scaled, simple logging doesn’t cut it anymore and a more in-depth view into system’s flow is required. That’s where distributed tracing comes into play; it allows developers and SREs to get a detailed view of a request as it travels through the system of services.


Dogfooding Chronicles: Thinking Backward, Moving Forward

Zac Propersi, Engineering Manager at Sentry, can tell when a page is not loading as fast as it should — just by looking at it. While working on our new Metric Alerts feature, Zac noticed that the alerts pages were rendering slowly. Being the super Sentry user that he is, he wrote a custom query in Discover to see just how slow the transactions were.


Understanding Static Site Performance with OpenTelemetry

When you're building a static website, performance can be hard to measure. There are hundreds of variables and confounding conditions that can impact page load speed, everything from mundane considerations like the size of a PNG to the complex vagaries of Content Delivery Networks. How are you supposed to figure out if your users, the people that are trying to load your page, are having a good experience?


OpenTracing: State-of-the-Art For OpenTelemetry and Open Census

The term ‘Observability’ refers to the general term of inferring a particular state of a system based on its current outputs. This term was rather borrowed from the mathematical theory of linear dynamic systems, which in turn, is part of linear algebra.Don’t worry, you won’t be needing to dust off your old math books to understand what OpenTracing is.